JMU Libraries Grant Guidelines

All grant fund purchases should be directly related to the recipient’s project.
Any request falling outside of these parameters can be submitted, but will be reviewed and approved on an individual basis per JMU and state guidelines.


  • Libraries will purchase hardware. Grant recipients should provide a list with descriptions and links for specified products.
  • We have contract pricing with B&H Photo and they are our first preferred vendor.
  • Other preferred vendors include (but are not limited to):

B&H Photo (technology) – Preferred Vendor
CDWG (technology)
Newegg (technology)
Camcor (a/v, projectors, classroom technology)
Monoprice (various technology)
Adorama (camera, audio, video)
Newark (electronics)
Grainger (industrial supplies)


  • Due to the current state of software product licensing, all software will be reviewed and approved on an individual basis.
  • Libraries will purchase the software. Grant recipients should provide a list with descriptions and links for specified software products.
  • We are unable to make in-app software purchases where a credit card is held in the account.
  • We cannot make subscription purchases where the credit card is held for auto-renewal. (Software that is prepaid for a set term and one-time payment is acceptable).
  • Some software will need to be approved by JMU IT before purchase. This will add extra time to the purchase.


  • For Aramark catering, grant recipients will make the arrangements and can either submit the contract to be paid with the Libraries ORG, or Libraries will reimburse the grant recipient’s department after the event.
  • For JMU defined Business Travel (JMU Financial Procedures Manual), the grant recipient’s department secures pre-approval and processes the reimbursement in Chrome River. Libraries will reimburse the grant recipient’s department. 


  • Grant recipient’s travel will be arranged through their department. All approved grant funds will be transferred to the recipient’s department upon confirmation of expected travel. 


  • Libraries will process the payment for either outside or internal JMU speakers. 
  • The grant recipient will obtain the fully signed Skilled Services Contract for any speakers before the event and send to Libraries.
  • The grant recipient will obtain a fully signed COVA W-9 (instructions) for speakers outside of JMU.

Payments for Services

  • It is the grant recipient’s responsibility to recruit, hire, and process time entry for any persons providing services. Libraries will transfer funds to the department after the services have been arranged.  

Course Buyout

  • Libraries will transfer funds for full or partial course buyout to the grant recipient’s department through a budget revision at the beginning of the semester.


  • Grant funds cannot be used to pay grant recipient a stipend for participation in this program.

Updated: 10-21-19