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How do I print in Carrier Library and Rose Library?

If you are using a public workstation in Carrier or Rose Libraries and clicked on "print” from the application you are using, what happens next?

  1. Please take note of the printer choices on your workstation and choose Black & White or Color. The default is duplex (double-sided) printing.
  2. Black & White prints cost $0.05 each or $0.08 per sheet for double-sided prints. Color prints cost $0.40 each or $0.78 per sheet for double-sided prints.
  3. Go to either of the monitors next to the printers. These are the print release stations.
  4. Swipe your JAC or DART card through the card swipe located in front of the monitor (stripe down, facing you). You will see the list of print jobs in chronological order.
  5. Your FLEX balance will display at the top of the window. $0.00 means you need to add money to your FLEX account.
  6. Look in the User column for your eID that you used to log into the computer. The Document column will display the name of your file.
  7. Click on the Print link to the right of your file. Then click Yes to confirm.
  8. Your pages will now print at one of the nearby printers.

This page last reviewed by Sheila Newman on 10/17/2012.

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