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Can I download an ebook from the library to my mobile device?

Yes! Currently, it is possible to download full-text ebooks from two of the library's ebook platforms: ebrary and MyiLibrary. Users must be authenticated as JMU users and follow some initial setup instructions with a free software called Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions manages the 14 day checkout period and some of the options set by publishers, like copying and printing. Please see our ebrary FAQ and MyiLibrary FAQ for download instructions, apps, and more information.

It is also possible to download individual ebook chapters from other ebook providers like Elsevier and Springer. PDF chapters are retrieved and downloaded one at a time, similar to journal articles, and do not require Adobe Digital Editions. Elsevier (ScienceDirect) allows users to download ebook chapters in ePUB or MOBIPOCKET via the eReader tool in the Tools & Applications pulldown menu.

Please see our ebooks help guide for more information or feel free to contact Mark Lane.

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