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As a professor, can my T.A. or other student check-out materials on my account?

Professors may give permission for a sponsored student to check out materials on their library account. 

  • 1-time use permission can be given by the professor in written notice that can be sent with the student.
  • Ongoing permission must be given by the professor in person at the Circulation Desk of Carrier Library, Rose Library, ETMC in Memorial Hall or the Music Library.
  • Proxy permission will expire July 31 of the current year; the professor must request an earlier expiration. The professor must resubmit their request for successive academic years.
  • Upon check-out the sponsored student will be required to provide their own ID and the professor’s name. 


  • The professor is responsible for any materials on their record checked-out out by their proxy
  • Spouses can be put in the system under the Community Borrower Policy
  • For special requests see the Circulation Manager
This page last reviewed by Karen Snively on 05/18/2012.

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