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Video back to 1968 now on Vanderbilt Television News Archive!

Extra, extra read all about it!  Ever wished you could get free streaming video of old news programs?

Vanderbilt Television News Archive now offers streaming video from NBC and CNN!

Streaming video of NBC nightly news broadcasts (August 1968 to present) and CNN broadcasts (1995 to present).
Requires RealPlayer.
Content is added to the databases approximately 72 hours after it was broadcast.

900,000 abstracts of evening news broadcasts from ABC, NBC, and CBS (August 1968 to present); daily news programs from CNN (1995 to present), FOX News (2004 to present) and ABC Nightline (12 September 1988 to present); and a selection of special programs, including coverage of elections, political conventions, events related to September 11, 2001, and more. To see the video of these additional news programs, you have to put in a request for the material and pay a fee.

Check it out here Vanderbilt Television News Archive or visit our Research Databases & Resources to find it at any time.

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