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Faculty/Student Requests

Course ReservesCourse Reserves

Faculty and Staff can use course Reserves to make available video or nonprint media for study outside of class time. To set up course reserves, complete this form.


Schedule a Video for Class UseSchedule a Mini-Workshop

Would you like a quick start video instruction for shooting and capturing video customized for your multimedia assignment? Do your students know what video equipment to use and how to use it? Do they need a mini-workshop on video editing on iMovie? Find out more.


Request a Streaming VideoRequest a Streaming Video

Reviews your request for Canvas use of audio/video media that we own, or you own, and if approved, provides access in streaming form within your course site. To set up a streaming video, complete this online.


Request a Collection PurchaseRequest a Collection Purchase

To reqest a purchase, complete this form.


Request an Interlibrary LoanRequest an Interlibrary Loan

To request an interlibrary loan, complete this online form.


Student Software Request

Request Faculty, Staff, and Student Software

The following software packages (SAS, SPSS, Mathematica, and Synthesis) are available for download to authorized users. Please visit the JMU Computing Support Software web page for more information.