Information Literacy Program

We collaborate with faculty to develop information literate students.

"What is "Information Literacy"?

Consider how you find, evaluate, and use information. Information literacy blends the abilities to ask questions and be curious; identify where and how to find information in different formats; evaluate the content, intent, and value of information; and create your own work that builds on and is informed by the ideas of others.


The library collaborates with instructional faculty to help students develop information literacy at the basic and field specific levels.

Basic Skills

Information literacy is integrated into the curriculum of General Education Cluster One (Foundational Skills). The components of the instruction program are:

Skills in the Major Field of Study

The library liaison program provides a librarian for each academic department to support integrating information literacy into the curriculum of the major.  Liaison librarians collaborate with faculty to design assignments, deliver instruction (in person and online), and assess learning.