Find Articles by Citation / Check For Full Text

This page offers tools for those who need to locate the full text for a citation.

Find Articles with the Check for Full Text Form

NOTE: To link directly to the full text of an article, you need to include:

  • Article Title, Journal Name, Author (last), Volume, Issue, Start Page


  • DOI.

Otherwise, you will link to the entire journal or journal issue and need to search/browse to locate your article.

Article Title: ?
Journal Name: ?
Volume: Issue:
Start Page: ? Date: ?
Author (last name):
Author (first name):
Author (full name):
Author (corporate):
DOI: ?


Find Articles with Google Scholar

Be sure to enable “Check for Full Text” in your Google Scholar preferences [show me how]. You can paste an entire citation into Google Scholar, but the article title is usually all you need. Google Scholar provides a broad search for scholarly literature, including: peer-reviewed papers, theses, and books. Sources include academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations. Google Scholar does not reveal specific source lists.

Google Scholar