changing to LinkedIn Learning on Aug. 6

Posted on: August 5, 2019

JMU Libraries and JMU Information Technology previously announced that will become LinkedIn Learning on August 6, 2019. LinkedIn Learning is a learning and development resource that offers a wide variety of streaming video tutorials and courses. Here is more information about the change, both in terms of next steps for updating links in Canvas courses and changes in privacy policies.


As a reminder, will be inaccessible for about 24 hours during the migration period on August 6. Once the change is complete, all account holders will receive an email from LinkedIn Learning that outlines instructions for activating a new LinkedIn Learning account. The email will also encourage account holders to connect their LinkedIn Learning (JMU) accounts with their personal, Member (social media) accounts, if applicable. Please note that this is optional. Connecting LinkedIn Learning and Member accounts may result in more relevant course and video recommendations, but can also result in more information sharing between the two platforms.  LinkedIn Learning users will retain full functionality of the platform whether or not they choose to connect Member and Learning profiles.

JMU Libraries is concerned with patron privacy. To that end, please be aware of the following:

  • JMU Libraries administers JMU’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning and has access to personal course information. JMU Libraries collects aggregate, anonymized usage statistics from LinkedIn Learning, but never collects personally identifiable information or personal course information, per the JMU Libraries Privacy Policy.
  • Even if account holders choose to connect their LinkedIn Member profiles to LinkedIn Learning, LinkedIn Learning information will not be visible by default on the open web. We encourage you to check and adjust your privacy settings.
  • Once created, LinkedIn Learning accounts cannot be deleted.

Before deciding whether to connect your LinkedIn Learning and Member accounts, please review the following resources to understand the use and display of your personal information.

Link Migration

If you have posted links to courses and videos in Canvas or elsewhere, here’s what you need to know about your existing links:

Only JMU-specific links will redirect to LinkedIn Learning. You can identify a JMU-specific link by the ? at the end of the URL, as shown in the example below.
  • JMU-specific links to courses will redirect to the corresponding LinkedIn Learning course.
  • JMU-specific links to course videos will only redirect to the course home page in LinkedIn Learning, not the specific video.

Generic links, without the organization tag, like the one shown below, will not redirect at all.

All links, both JMU-specific and generic, will need to be manually replaced by December 31, 2019 when all redirects will expire and the platform will be officially decommissioned. Please identify that you may have in Canvas or elsewhere and replace with the new LinkedIn Learning URL after the migration.

If you need assistance updating your links in Canvas, please contact Learning Technologies Support or stop by their offices in the Carrier Library basement, Suite 8. For other questions, please refer to the Ask the Library page.

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