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Music Library Collections

We offer over 90,000 reference sources, scores, serials, and sound recordings. Additionally, users have access to over a million tracks of online audio, video and musical scores. Books and some other material are housed at Carrier Library.

ON THE SHELVES To access, search our catalog to retrieve call number and bring to the desk. Please ask for assistance searching or refer to our Music Searching Guide!

CDs: Our collection contains around 10,000 CDs (and growing!) of mostly classical and jazz, but we also offer much folk, word, punk, rock and metal, rap, and more!
LPs: About 30,000 historical classical and jazz recordings (and a few pop recordings)
Audio Cassettes: A little over 100 classical recordings.

Periodicals (in library use only):
Current issues on the shelves in the reference area (self service and in library use only). Back issues bound in Carrier or available full text online. See Periodical Locator to locate a specific title and issue.

Music Scores:
Around 30,000 print scores.

Reference books:
Over a thousand available in our reference area (self service but in library use only) as well as in Carrier Library reference area.

Special Collections:
*All available for in-library use only; must see library staff to obtain

ONLINE: Access from the Music Library Homepage. Anyone can access online collections from the library computers... and JMU users can access from their home computer using the Proxy Server.

Hundreds of thousands of audio tracks of classical, jazz, world, folk

Thousands of digitized classical scores.

Volumes of information sources!