Journal Articles Search

Four-step plan on finding music articles at JMU.
  1. Use RILM to begin your search.
    • RILM indexes more journals, and is more international in coverage (more foreign language journals).  It includes full text for few journals, but links to hundreds of thousands of full-text in IIMP, JSTOR, and others.
    • Click on Check for full textand follow directions to get articles either online, or on paper.
  2. If you still need more, try general journal indices
    • all have easy-to-use interfaces and lots of information about music.
    • Make note (print citations, make notes, or cut and paste into a document) of the articles that you want and go to 4, below..
  3. Search for journal titles if you already have citations
    • Search for the journal titles you have citations from.  This search will tell you where to access the particular title.  Some titles we will have paper, others online access, and some we will not have.
  4. Request through ILL those articles you can’t get full-text online.
    • Using the “Find Full-Text at JMU” button, above, or taking your citations manually of (the articles you couldn’t read online (or find at JMU) and request them through ILL.  They can come as quickly as 24 hours, but usually average about 3 days for articles.