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New titles in all locations for 2015-January

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TitleAuthorCall NumberLocation
All together now : museums and online collaborative learning / by William B. Crow and Herminia Wei-shin Din Crow, William B., 1973- authorAM7 .C77 2011 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Museums and truth / edited by Annette B. Fromm, Viv Golding and Per B. Rekdal  AM7 .M874 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Life stages of the museum visitor : building engagement over a lifetime / by Susie Wilkening and James Chung Wilkening, Susie, 1974- authorAM7 .W55 2009 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Images / John V. Kulvicki Kulvicki, John V., authorB105.I47 K86 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Classical philosophy : a history of philosophy without any gaps. Volume 1 / Peter Adamson Adamson, Peter, 1972- authorB111 .A33 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Berkeley's A treatise concerning the principles of human knowledge : an introduction / P J E Kail. Kail, P. J. E. (Peter J. E.)B1334 .K35 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The end of the world and other teachable moments : Jacques Derrida's final seminar / Michael Naas. Naas, Michael.B2430.D483 B4844 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The trace of God : Derrida and religion / edited by Edward Baring and Peter E. Gordon  B2430.D484 T73 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The birth of hedonism : the Cyrenaic philosophers and pleasure as a way of life / Kurt Lampe Lampe, Kurt, 1977- authorB279 .L36 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Routledge philosophy guidebook to Kant on Religion within the boundaries of mere reason / Lawrence R. Pasternack Pasternack, Lawrence, 1967-B2792 .P37 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
After Hegel : German philosophy, 1840-1900 / Frederick C. Beiser. Beiser, Frederick C., 1949- author.B3181 .B45 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Heidegger's way of being / Richard Capobianco Capobianco, Richard, 1957- authorB3279.H49 C369 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Postmodernity and univocity : a critical account of radical orthodoxy and John Duns Scotus / Daniel P. Horan, OFM Horan, Daniel P., authorB765.D74 H67 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Waking, dreaming, being : self and consciousness in neuroscience, meditation, and philosophy / Evan Thompson foreword by Stephen Batchelor. Thompson, Evan, author.B808.9 T456 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Scholastic metaphysics : a contemporary introduction / Edward Feser Feser, Edward, authorBD125 .F47 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Colors of veracity : a quest for truth in China, and beyond / Vera Schwarcz. Schwarcz, Vera, 1947- author.BD171 .S36 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Retrieving origins and the claim of multiculturalism / edited by Antonio López & Javier Prades translated by Mariangela Sullivan.  BD175.5.M84 A4513 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Against authenticity : why you shouldn't be yourself / Simon Feldman Feldman, Simon, 1972- authorBD450 .F3885 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
What's these worlds coming to? / Jean-Luc Nancy and Aurélien Barrau translated by Travis Holloway and Flor Méchain Barrau, Aurélien, authorBD512 .B36513 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The interpersonal tradition : the origins of psychoanalytic subjectivity / Irwin Hirsch. Hirsch, Irwin.BF173 .H57 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Sigmund Freud [electronic resource] / Pamela Thurschwell Thurschwell, Pamela, 1966-BF173 .T555 2000 Internet Internet
The psychology of theft and loss : stolen and fleeced / Robert Tyminski. Tyminski, Robert.BF173 .T96 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Touch / Tiffany Field. Field, Tiffany, authorBF275 .F54 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Unifying the mind : cognitive representations as graphical models / David Danks. Danks, David, 1975-BF311 .D336 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Mistakes were made (but not by me) : why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions, and hurtful acts / Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson Tavris, Carol, authorBF337.C63 T38 2007 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The Oxford handbook of synesthesia / edited by Julia Simner and Edward M. Hubbard  BF495 .O84 2013 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Emotion : a biosocial synthesis / Ross Buck, University of Connecticut. Buck, Ross.BF531 .B783 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
The psychological construction of emotion / edited by Lisa Feldman Barrett, James A. Russell.  BF531 .P776 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Happiness : understandings, narratives and discourses / Laura Hyman, University of Portsmouth, UK Hyman, Laura, authorBF575.H27 H96 2014 Carrier Lib-Stacks
Health, happiness, and well-being : better living through psychological science / Steven J. Lynn, State University of New York, Binghamton (SUNY), William T. O'Donohue, University of Nevada, Reno, Scott O. Lilienfeld, Emory University, USA, editors. Lynn, Steven J.BF575.H27 L96 2015 Carrier Lib-Stacks
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