Library Collections Funding Framework

April 2018

JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies (LET) strives to build balanced collections across disciplines that are responsive to the changing needs of scholars and faculty at JMU. In a rapidly evolving scholarly communication environment, LET coordinates strategic collection development with innovative management of existing collections.

Over eighty percent of the library materials budget is currently committed to continuing resources (i.e., journals, databases, data sets, leased collections) and support costs (i.e., shipping, metadata, ILL transaction fees). The remaining funds are allocated to four subject clusters, Arts & Humanities, Health & Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, and Science & Technology for single monograph purchases and automated delivery of newly published materials triggered through an approval plan. The liaisons in each cluster, with the assistance of LET’s Scholarly Resources & Discovery department, manage the funds for their cluster and the approval plan profile collaboratively.

LET collections are also supplemented through participation in demand-driven acquisitions programs, whereby select book and media vendors provide JMU users access to their entire catalog of content.  For these programs, purchase of an individual title is triggered only by multiple, significant uses of the title content.

LET’s Collection Development Committee, under the direction of the Director of Scholarly Resources & Discovery, manages continuing expenditure commitments (e.g., periodicals, licensed electronic resources) and makes decisions on major purchases and licenses.

Additionally, JMU benefits from membership within VIVA (The Virtual Library of Virginia). This statewide library consortium provides significant shared resources to users at all the Virginia public universities, and access to many core JMU resources.

Source(s) of Authority: Collection Development Committee, Director of Scholarly Resources & Discovery