Reserves Copyright Guidelines

1. Books or Media - Small selections of books may be reformatted and placed on Electronic Reserve [see below]. If multiple selections [chapters] are needed, the entire book will be placed on Reserve instead. Instructors may place their personal copies of books on Reserve. This excludes custom textbooks and those with disclaimers.  Videos, DVDs and other nonprint media (either owned by JMU Libraries or by the instructor) may be placed on Reserve in the Rose Library or at Media Resources in Carrier Library.  JMU Libraries assume no liability for materials that are lost or damaged.  If neither the library nor the instructor owns the item needed, instructors must work with the Liaison Librarian assigned to their department to determine whether these materials may be acquired.

2. Periodicals - Small selections of current/bound/microfiche/microfilm periodicals may be placed on Electronic Reserve [see below]. The hard copies of periodicals owned by the library cannot be placed on reserve. Instructors may place their personal copies of periodicals on Reserve for which the library will assume no liability.

3. Electronic Reserves - The Fair Use provisions in Copyright Law [Title 17, US Code, Section 107] are broad in scope and can be difficult to understand and apply. For this reason the library has developed working guidelines for electronic reserves that apply both Fair Use and other copyright law. In general, the following may be placed on electronic reserve for ONE semester without obtaining Copyright permission:


Requests that fall outside of the routine guidelines above will be considered individually for possible Fair Use policy compliance. If necessary (because your request is not compliant), you may seek copyright permission from the publisher directly, or via the Copyright Clearance Center which offers a quick and convenient method of obtaining this permission for a fee. JMU Libraries normally does not place material on Electronic Reserve for consecutive semesters without documented copyright permission.  Materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan or otherwise not owned by JMU Libraries or the instructor CANNOT be placed on reserve.

4. Electronic books (E-books) – where licensing allows, E-books purchased by JMU Libraries can be linked to course reserve records. Printouts of e-books will NOT be placed on reserve.

5. Purchased reprints and consumables - Reprints and consumables [workbooks, exercises, published tests, answer sheets, etc] may be purchased and placed on Reserve. No photocopies may be made from either and they cannot be placed on Electronic Reserve.

6. Course Packets - Course packets purchased by students are considered to be for their personal use and may not be placed on Reserve.