Health News Resources
Description: Full text summaries describe the latest scientific discoveries and the fundamental concepts that underlie them. Draws on major scientific journals, magazines, and newspapers in the United States and abroad. Includes biographies, images, and special content for educators, including activities and menu access to articles that match specific National Science Education Standards.
Description: Alternative Press Index & Archive contains bibliographic information on over 300 international periodicals dealing with alternative, radical, and left information. Subjects covered include socialism, revolution, ecology, anarchism, feminism, homosexuality, and organized labor.
Description: Full text and indexing for ethnic, minority, and international newspapers and magazines. Ethnic NewsWatch is interdisciplinary in nature and contains titles in both English and Spanish.
Description: Access World News is a full-text database of over 600 U.S. and over 700 international sources. Search by state, country, or region of the world. This database contains full-text of the Harrisonburg Daily News Record. Special Reports provide organized introductions to the most current topics.
Description: Gateway to business resources including full text of periodicals, news photographs, company reports, financial data, and video content.  Company reports include overviews of companies from Media General, investor analyst reports and comparisons of companies to industry groups.  Factiva news pages allow users to browse current contents of major business and news sources including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, Barrons', Financial Times, Newsweek, and Business Week.  Quotes on stocks, bonds, funds, and currency exchanges are available in Factiva Quotes library.

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Description: Consumer Health Complete (CHC)  is designed to support patients' information needs and foster an overall understanding of health-related topics. CHC provides content covering all areas of health and wellness from mainstream medicine to the many perspectives of complementary, holistic and integrated medicine. This full text database covers topics such as aging, cancer, diabetes, drugs & alcohol, fitness, nutrition & dietetics, children's health, and men & women's health. All of these topics can be found in more than 200 full-text health reference books and encyclopedias.

Information provided in this database should not be viewed as a mean for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

SPONSORED BY: VIVA, The Virtural Library of Virginia.
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