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Physical Property Information Resources
Description: Indexes and abstracts periodical articles in chemistry. SciFinder Scholar provides access to Chemical Abstracts databases plus Medline. Web Version available on campus and off campus. Substructure searching module allows wildcard searching of chemical structures.

SciFinder Scholar Basic Handout
SciFinder Scholar Under the Hood
Description: This National Institute of Standards and Technology database includes a wide variety of chemical properties. 

Materials Safety Data Sheets can provide a lot of information about chemical properties and hazard alerts.

Description: This site searches over 70,000 chemicals from over 20 supplier catalogs. This directory can be searched by molecular formula, registry number, physical and chemical characteristics, chemical names, and substructure. 
Description: A great source for finding chemical property information. Searchable by name, CAS registry number, and substructure. Results usually include an extensive table of links to other databases including NIST, OSHA, and Material Safety Data Sheets. 
Description: eMolecules is the world's leading open-access chemical structure search engine. Their mission is to discover, curate, and index all of the world’s public chemical information and make it globally available.
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