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Anthropology Specific Background Info Resources
A collection of full-text reference books on anthropology. [more info]
Encyclopedia of Anthropology includes over 1,000 entries on cultural, biological, physical, and social anthropology.  Also contains articles on archaeology, linguistics, philosophy and sociology. [more info]
Contains 38 essays on the origin and development of our species, population studies, cultural aspects of civilization, and the socialization of humans.  Includes illustrations. [more info]
Use this encyclopedia to find information on the history, methods, sites, and key issues in archaeology.  Includes archaeologist biographies, site maps, and photographs of artifacts. [more info]
Contains 26 essays on the methods, purposes, and origins of archaeology.  Includes illustrations. [more info]
Includes entries on the ideas, history, and recent changes within social and cultural anthropology.  Also contains a glossary and biographies of key figures in anthropology. [more info]
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