Due to publisher restrictions, JMU users must access the PDF and HTML content of Scientific American through separate links.  This link points to the Scientific American Archive Online, which contains the entire editorial content of Scientific American with all special issues from January 1993 through to the present. The issues are presented as PDFs (Portable Document Format files), which maintains the integrity of the printed page, including all the graphics.  Details:

Scientific American: PDF Full Text: 01/01/1993 to present
Scientific American Mind: PDF Full Text: 12/01/2004 to present
Scientific American Presents:  PDF Full Text: 04/01/1997 to present
Scientific American Special Edition: PDF Full Text: 04/01/1997 to present

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make hyperlinks to the PDF versions of articles. Faculty who wish to point their class to a specific article will need to save a local copy and upload to Blackboard, being sure to follow the copyright guidelines, or, give step-by-step instructions for finding the article in this resource.

The HTML version of Scientific American, which can be linked to, can be accessed using Periodical Locator, by searching on Scientific American.

1993 - present
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