This research and reference tool provides non-biased analysis relating to all aspects of Congress and its legislation. Raw data is also available. 

  • Public Policy Legislation presents legislative information and analysis under 23 broad topics — such as agriculture, civil rights, etc.
  • Members of Congress includes biographical, political, and electoral data about every member of Congress since the 79th Congress.  Provides each member's "CQ Key Votes" voting record and interest group ratings.
  • Floor Votes presents descriptions along with the vote outcome by political party and includes links to the roll call vote, the full text of the legislation, and a state delegation vote map.
  • The Legislative Branch provides encyclopedic information, statistical data, legislative analysis, and Supreme Court case summaries relating to the structure and powers of Congress and its committees.

Other features:

  • Map It: visual representation of state delegation votes on “CQ Key Votes.” Selecting any state will link to the roll call vote of the state delegation.
  • Voting Alignment: compare voting records between two or more members, to party votes, by member demographics, and by votes across a state delegation.
  • Interest Group Ratings: view members' scores assigned by various, well-known interest groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, American Conservative Union, and the National Education Association.
  • Advanced Member Analysis: generate unique demographic analysis by Congress, political party, state, birth, religion, previous occupation, sex, and/or military service.
  • Current Committees lists congressional committees and subcommittees, their members, committee jurisdiction, and contact information
  • Congress Collection's new Export Data feature allows users to export data on Congress members and their votes.
1945 - present
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