Access full-text encyclopedias on subjects ranging from African American Studies to Sociology. This resource allows you to browse through each encyclopedia, search by topic/subject, or perform a search that will pull results from all of the encyclopedias located within this resource. A complete list of the subjects covered is below:

African American Studies Gender & Sexuality Studies
Aging & Gerontology Geography
Anthropology Health & Social Welfare
Business & Management History
Communication & Media Studies Politics
Counseling & Psychotherapy Psychology
Criminology & Criminal Justice Research Methods & Evaluation
Economics Social Issues
Education Social Work & Social Policy
Family Studies Sociology

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Communication Studies Librarian's Notes:
Reference books are the authoritative equivalent to Wikipedia!  Search for communication topics by keyword and read essays written by faculty, researchers, and other qualified experts in the field! Specific titles of interest within Communication & Media Studies include Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media, Encyclopedia of Public Relations, and Encyclopedia of Political Communication, but this resource covers other important areas like Psychology, Social Issues, and Research Methods.
1965 - present
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