Board of Visitors Collection.  PR 99-1122


JMU Historical Collection, Special Collections
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Compiled by Chris Bolgiano and Kim Johnson, February 2000

Updated October 2005, Julia Merkel

Scope and Content.  This collection contains handwritten and typed records documenting the administrative history of James Madison University, in nine records storage boxes, two Hollinger boxes and one oversize box, 1908-2004. 

The bulk of the collection is composed of minutes, correspondence, and reports of the governing board of the institution.  The Board of Trustees was created in 1908 with the establishment of the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg.  The Virginia General Assembly abolished the Board in 1914, and four state normal schools were placed under the control of the Virginia Normal School Board.  This Board’s name was changed in 1924 to the Board of the Virginia Teachers Colleges, to reflect the institution’s name change to the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg.  In 1964, the General Assembly established the Board of Visitors for Madison College (the name had changed in 1938), a group that continued after the institution changed names in 1977 to James Madison University.

The collection also contains the president’s reports to the state Board of Education, 1927-1962; minutes of general faculty meetings, 1909-1998, with some gaps in the 1970s and 80s; and a small number of legal and financial documents, 1917-1980, recording some of the institution’s leasing and insurance activities.  Several cassette tapes recording meeting minutes from the 1990s and 2000s are also included.

Provenance.  This collection was formed from the merger of several groups of materials received from Fred Hilton in JMU Media Relations (accessions 93-0107, 93-0210), Gail May in the University President’s office (accessions 99-1122, 00-0215), and Machelle Rader in the President's office (2005-0519).

Bibliography.  Dingledine, Raymond C.  Madison College, the First Fifty Years, 1908-1958.  Harrisonburg, VA:  Madison College, 1959.


Series 1.  Board of Trustees/Visitors.
           A.     Minutes.  Bound volumes include reports, budgets, lists of faculty, memos and other
                   1.  (1908-1914.  One bound volume IN BOX 8, OVERSIZE).

Box 1A           Typed Transcription and the two volumes of Series 5.
Box 1B
        2.  1964-5/1983.  Twelve bound volumes (1st vol. includes By-Laws).
Box 2A        3.  7/1983-4/1991.  Ten bound volumes.

Box 2B        4.  6/1991-6/1994.  Ten bound volumes.

Box 2C        5.  8/1994-3/1997.  Nine bound volumes.

Box 2D        6.  4/1997-6/1997.  One bound volume.      

                   7.  Five topical folders:
                         Folder 1.  Student Board Members, 1984-85.
                         Folder 2.  Russell M. Weaver Society, 1986-88.
                         Folder 3.  Honorary Degrees, 1983-90.
                         Folder 4.  BOV Resolutions, 1993-94.
                         Folder 5.  BOV Manuals, 1981-91.

               B.   Correspondence.
                     1.  1964-1971,  folders 6-8..
Box 3                2.  1972-6/1995.  Folders 1-13.

               C.   President's Reports to the Board of Visitors. 
                     1.  1964-8/1967.  Four bound volumes.
Box 4                2.  11/1967-1971.  Six bound volumes. 

Series 2.  President’s Reports to State Board of Education. Includes annual and special reports.
               A.   4/1927-4/1943.  Five bound volumes.
Box 5       B.  6/1943-5/1956.  Four bound volumes.
               C. 7/1956-1962.  Folders 1-5.

Series 3.  Faculty Minutes.
Box 6      A.     1909-1927.  Four bound volumes.
                B.     (1927-1938.  One bound volume IN BOX 8, OVERSIZE).
                C.     1938-1956.  One bound volume.
                D.  Copies of inserts in Fac. Minute Bks. 1909-1927, 1938-56: Folder 1.
                E.  Original inserts in Fac. Minute Bks. 1909-27, 1938-56:  Folder 2.
                F.  1938-46 Abstracts of Fac. Minutes:  Folder 3.
                G.   1957-1998  Fac. Minutes (gaps in 1970s and from 1982-1986): Folders 4-8.

Series 4.  Leases and Legal/Financial Documents.
Box 7      Folder 1.  Andrews, Arthur M.  Nov. 3, 1975.
               Folder 2.  Baker House. July 1, 1966.
               Folder 3.  Blue Ridge Gas Co. Nov. 1966.  
               Folder 4.  Colonial Dr. Apartments.  Feb. 1973.  
               Folder 5.  Dingledine Property.  1940-1943.  
               Folder 6.  Lincoln House/951 S. Main Str. House.  1940-1975.  
               Folder 7.  Masters Property.  1978-1980.  
               Folder 8.  Nicholas House.  1957-1959.  
               Folder 9.  Old Agrico Bldg. and area.  Jan., 1973.  
               Folder 10.  Old Nurses Home.  1963-1966.  
               Folder 11.  Shenandoah Apartments.  1922-1949.  
               Folder 12.  SPE House.  1978-1980.  
               Folder 13.  Sprinkel House. 1917-1966.  
               Folder 14.  Steele Property/131 Warsaw Str.  1964-1965.  
               Folder 15.  VA Natl. Bank and JMU.  July, 1981.  
               Folder 16.  16 Walnut Lane.  1973-1974.  
               Folder 17.  Wellington Hall Apartments.  1924-1969.  
               Folder 18.  Wolff, Mr. And Mrs. Frank A.  June, 1978.  
               Folder 19.  Wright Estate (scholarship).  1964, 1980.  
               Folder 20.  Fire Insurance Report. 1932 (incl. 1924 Schedule of Buildings).

Series 5.  Two Oversize Volumes in Box 1A
                A.     Board of Trustees Minutes, 1908-1914, one bound volume.

                B.     Faculty Minutes, 1927-1938, one bound volume.

Series 6.  Non-print media .

Box 9        A.      Board of Visitors minutes, [4/1995-4/2004]-undated, on 67 cassette tapes

                          (including 2 micro-cassettes).