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List of JMU Archival Collections

A collection number that is highlighted has a more detailed inventory listing of contents linked to it.
R = Indicates that a collection has restriction on its use.
For alumni and faculty manuscript collections, see the collections in Manuscripts in Special Collections denoted with asterisks and printed in purple font.

Academic Affairs: Academic Program Reviews, 1993-present
UA 0002. 8 boxes; 8 cubic feet.
Collection contains Academic Program Reviews (APRs) internal self-study reports and external team reviews for JMU degree-granting departments, programs, and academic administrative areas. The collection contains both paper and digital files.

Admissions Office
AD 94-0113 - Annual reports; 1961-19-- (gap '62-64), 2 Hollinger box.
AD 94-0316 - Preview, Viewbk. brochures, Newsletter.; 1972-1994 (gaps), .5 Hollinger box.

Alumni Association Records, 1934-2015
UA 0022. 13 boxes; 4.29 cubic feet.
The collection consists of the administrative files of the James Madison University Alumni Association, all referring to the individual graduated classes of JMU, Madison College, and the State Normal School.

Black Student Alliance Scrapbook, 1994-1995.
UA 0041. 1 box, .17 cubic feet.
Scrapbook contains
photographs, event flyers and a newsletter documenting Black Student Alliance activities at James Madison University during the 1994-1995 school year.

Annual Events Office
AN 92-0915 - Commencement videos; Dec. 1989-1998.
AN 93-0916 - Commencement programs; 1910 - (kept current), 1 storage box.

Anthony Seeger Campus School
AS 91-1016 - Inventory, enrollment, misc.; 1970s-80s, 1 Hollinger box and 3 oversize folders housed with AS 93-0303 box 3
AS 93-0303 - PTA minutes, scrapbooks; 1958-1979, 1 Hollinger and 2 oversize manuscript boxes.

College of Applied Science & Technology
CAS 2004-0604 - 7 reports/proposals on development of College, 1988-99, 1/2 Hollinger box

College of Education
CED 94-0112 - Teacher ed. accreditation report; 1993, 1 Hollinger box.

Diplomas, 1912-1936
UA 0036. 1 folder; .3 cubic feet.
Thirteen diplomas and certificates issued to graduates of the State Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg, later called the State Normal School for Women, and the State Normal School Summer Session.

Debating Club Records, 1928-1940
UA 0031. 2 folders; .12 cubic feet.
Collection is comprised of a record book and papers, containing meeting minutes, membership lists, and attendance records that document club activities from its founding in 1928 until 1940.

Department of History: Raymond C. Dingledine, Jr. Papers, 1950-1983
UA 0037. 3 boxes; 1.2 cubic feet.
Collection is comprised of the professional and academic papers of Dr. Raymond C. Dingledine, Jr., a professor of Social Studies and History at James Madison University (formerly Madison College), and correspondence and research materials for the book, “Madison College: the First Fifty Years, 1908-1958,” published in 1959.

Facilities Management
FM 2006-1207. 1 box and 2 folders; 7 linear feet.
Collection is comprised of blue prints, pencil tracings, and linen drawings of various JMU buildings, their corresponding mechanical systems, and campus grounds.

Faculty Senate Minutes, 1969-2007
UA 0001. 1 box; 1.0 cubic feet.
Collection is comprised of minutes of the James Madison University Faculty Senate meetings.

Field Services & Placement
FI 93-0909 - Liaison with public schools; 1951-70 (gaps), .5 Hollinger box.

Freshman Class Scrapbooks, 1945-1949
UA 0033. 8 folders; .17 cubic feet.
Collection is comprised of four disassembled scrapbooks, containing correspondence, programs, invitations, telegrams and ephemera that document class elections and campus activities of the Madison College freshman class, from 1945-1949.

Furious Flower Poetry Center Records, 1990-2014
UA 0017. 16 boxes; 8.7 cubic feet.
Collection documents the departmental and administrative records of the Furious Flower Poetry

Furious Flower Poetry Center Conference Records, 1970-2009
UA 0018. 1 Hollinger box, 1 record storage box, 1 rolled storage container, 1 flat folder; 6.03 cubic feet.
Collection contains materials related to the decennial Furious Flower Poetry Center conferences beginning with the inaugural confereince in 1994.

Graduate Council Minutes, 1958-1995
UA 0024. 2 boxes; .66 cubic feet.
Collection is comprised of minutes of the Madison College Graduate Council.

JMU Women's Club Records, 1977-2103
UA 0035. 6 boxes; 1.75 cubic feet.
Newsletters, yearbooks, directories, papers, scrapbooks, media files, realia and photographs that document the activities of the JMU Women’s Club, from 1977-2013.

Alpha Chi Chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi, 1928-1947
UA 0030. 4 folders, .3 cubic feet.
Collection is comprised of a record book, account book, an original charter, and collected papers that document the history of the Alpha Chi Chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi, at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg, from 1928-1947

Kappa Kappa Psi Records, 1958-2009 (bulk 1979-2009)
UA 0021. 14 boxes; 5.86 cubic feet.
Contains organizational files of and pertaining to the Eta Omicron chapter of the band service fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi at James Madison University. In addition to these administrative files is a large collection of photographic and ephemeral material.

Lanier Literary Society Records, 1911-1931
UA 0026. 2 boxes; .33 cubic feet.
Collection contains two record books, posters, and ephemera related to the Lanier Literary Society, from 1911-1931.

Lee Literary Society Records, 1909-1912
UA 0027. 1 box; .33 cubic feet.
Collection contains bound posters and programs created by the Lee Literary Society, 1909-1912.

Libraries & Educational Technologies Records, 1939-2016 (bulk 1988-2009)
UA 0008. 35 boxes, 1 map folder; 11.92 cubic feet.
Contains the administrative and financial records for JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies from 1939-2016. In addition to administrative records, this collection also contains historical items relating to the history of the library.

Living Sciences Department
LS 91-0904 - Annual Reports, Five Year plans, Self-Evaluations, Scrapbooks [disassembled]; 1950 -1990, 2 1/2 Hollinger boxes

Madison Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
MA 95-1002 - Center for Science & Tech., 1984-1993; 2 fold.; Freshman Seminar, 1987-1993; 3 folders.

Marching Royal Dukes Records, 1975-2016
UA 0016. 33 boxes, 3 flat folders; 26.74 cubic feet.
Organizational files pertaining to the operation of the JMU marching band from 1975-2016. In addition to these files, the records include ephemera, photographs, and audio-video recordings of and pertaining to the Marching Royal Dukes.

Nursing Department Records, 1951-2015 (bulk 1972- 2001)
UA 0006. 20 boxes; 6.83 cubic feet.
Consists of meeting minutes, correspondence, studies, grants, and photographs documenting the creation and growth of the Department of Nursing at James Madison University.

Office of Affirmative Action Records, 1977-2009 (bulk 1977-1988)
UA 0005. 2 boxes; .5 cubic feet.
Collection contains documents and correspondence concerning the planning and implementation of affirmative action in Virginia, particularly at James Madison University. Included are reports, data and correspondence from the University and state and federal government.

Office of Institutional Research, 1975-1998
UA 0042. 1 box; .4 cubic feet.
Contains reports, newsletters, surveys and studies by the Office of Institutional Research, formerly called the Office of Planning and Analysis.

Office of the President: Board of Visitors Records, 1908-2001
UA 0010. 21 boxes; 6.94 cubic feet.
Records document the activities of the James Madison University Board of Visitors and its predecessor, the Board of Trustees. Materials include meeting minutes, correspondence, financial documents, and president’s reports.

Office of the President: Committee Records, 1909-1957
UA 0040. 1 box; .2 cubic feet.
Meeting minutes, correspondence, reports and budgetary information documenting various efforts by faculty members and administrative staff to shape and regulate student life, found student publication and organizations, promote the school in the community, and influence the design of campus buildings and landscape.

Office of the President: Disciplinary Records, 1949-1993 R
UA 0039. 6 boxes; 1.82 cubic feet.
Collection is comprised of correspondence, memos, reports, and documents that pertain to student disciplinary proceedings headed by the Honor Council, Student Council and Faculty Judiciary Committee, and Judiciary Committee spanning the G. Tyler Miller and Ronald E. Carrier administrations.

Office of the President: Faculty Minutes, 1909-1998
UA 0011. 5 boxes, 1.5 cubic feet.
Collection is comprised of minutes and memoranda of James Madison University general faculty meetings and includes bound volumes and loose minutes.

PR 2005-1115 - University Council Minutes 1972-2003.  21 folders.

President Julian A. Burruss, 1904-2005
UA 0023. 8 legal folders; .4 cubic feet.
Correspondence, reports, papers and other materials from Burruss' tenure as first president of the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg.

President Samuel P. Duke
PR 94-0330 - President Duke's correspondence with students, parents, & prospective employees, 1944-46; 1/2 Hollinger box.
PR 99-1116 - Executive Committee minutes, Oct. 1948-Aug. 1949. This committee administered the college during Dr. Duke's illness. 1/2 Hollinger box.

Office of the President: G. Tyler Miller Papers, 1949-2005
UA 0025. 8 boxes; 3.2 cubic feet.
Correspondence, reports, judicial hearing transcripts, and other materials from G. Tyler Miller’s tenure as president of Madison College 1949-1970, as well as reminiscences and interviews created following his retirement.

President Ronald E. Carrier, 1965-1998
PR 2000-0516. 6 boxes; 2.29 linear feet.
Administrative p apers of Ronald E. Carrier, President of James Madison University from 1971-1998. Also included are selections of speeches he gave to campus and community.
PR 94-0906 - Final report of Presidential Task Force on graduate education; 1994, .5 Hollinger box.

President Linwood Rose
PR 99-0928 - President Linwood Rose's inauguration: programs, speech, invitations, videos, etc.; Sept. 1999, 1 Hollinger box.

Public Relations (material from several offices)
PU 87-9022 - Press releases: 1969-1984, 8 storage boxes.
PU 88-1015 - News clippings: photocopies for 1908-21, 1930, 1933-44 in 1 Hollinger box; scrapbooks (many with indexes) for 1945-58 in 2 storage boxes; 12 binders for 1963-75 in 4 flat boxes.
PU 88-1027 - News clipping scrapbooks: 1975-1986, 12 flat boxes.

School of Art and Art History Photographs, ca. 1970-2000.
UA 0044. 1 box, .2 cubic feet.
Photographs of students and faculty at the School of Art and Art History (now the School of Art, Design and Art History) from c. 1970 to 2000.

School of Theatre and Dance Records, 1930-2011 (bulk 1981-1993)
UA 0045. 4 folders, .32 cubic feet.
Materials consist of playbills, programs and curriculum brochures relating to theatre and dance performances at and sponsored by James Madison University. 

Sister Speak Records, 1998-2013

UA 0015. 2 boxes; .66 cubic feet.
Administrative files from 1998-2013 related to Sister Speak, a feminist literary journal and organization at James Madison University.

Small Business Development Center Records, 1980-2004
UA 0009. 8 boxes, 2.48 cubic feet.
Documents the creation and growth of the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center. Comprises of financial budgets, proposals, donations, outreach programs, and articles about the Shenandoah Valley SBDC at James Madison University.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Institutional Self-Study Report Records, 1961-1992.
UA 0043. 2 boxes; .66 cubic feet.
Reports and documents related to the JMU accreditation process, administered by the SACS from 1961-1992.

State Student Loan Fund Ledger, 1928-1936
UA 0034. 1 box; .13 cubic feet.
Record of student loans at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg, from 1928-1936.

State Teacher College Class Meeting Records, 1928-1937
UA 0032. 4 folders; .24 cubic feet.
Three record books that contain class meeting minutes from 1928-1937.

Stratford Players Records, 1914-1983
UA 0029. 5 boxes; .2 cubic feet.
Record books, scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, news clippings, rehearsal scripts, and copies of yearbook pages, documenting the activities of the Stratford Players (formerly known as the Stratford Literary Society and the Stratford Dramatic Club), from 1914-1983.

Student Government Association Records (SGA), 1915-2015
UA 0007. 34 boxes; 18 linear feet.
Records contain material relating to the activities of the James Madison University's Student Government Association from its establishment as the Student Association of the State Normal School for Women at Harrisonburg in 1915 until 2015.

Student Theatre Productions Collection, 1912-1966
UA 0046. 2 folders, .16 cubic feet.
Consists of programs and playbills for student plays at the State Normal School and Madison College, including Class Plays and productions sponsored by the Athletic Association.

World War I Posters, ca. 1917
UA 0038. 1 folder; .38 cubic feet.
Two World War I posters used at the State Normal School for Women at Harrisonburg, ca. 1917: “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and a poster advertising enrollment to the State Normal School for Women in order to support the war effort.

YWCA Records 1909-1916
UA 0028. 1 box; .26 cubic feet.
Two volumes of bound posters and programs pertaining to the State Normal and Industrial School branch of the YWCA, from 1909-1916.

Recordings and Oversize Images
RE 93-0427 - Miscellaneous recordings, 1968-1986
Box 1 (Located in Media Cabinet in Special Collections)
#1 Withdrawn; video of President Carrier's inauguration 12/71 proved to be such poor quality as to be unusable and the content irretrievable. #2 A&B, Roy Nichols, Founder's Day 1968;
#3 A&B, Clark Kerr, Wilson Hall 10/8/1971;
(#4 A&B, Miller Hall Dedication 4/26/75; moved to UA 0025)
#5, The Madison College Story;
#6, R. Carrier, Orientation 7/7/75;
(#7, G. T. Miller interview 7/14/82 by R. Dingledine and M. Caldwell with transcript, moved to UA 0025).
#8, (& copy), Dr. Raymond Dingledine on the history of JMU, 1983, with transcript. (added to UA 0037).
#9, M. D. Peterson, JMU Lecture 1976;
#10, Marching Royal Dukes, 1986.
#11 (VHS video), Classroom of the 21st Century, 1993 (2 copies). Also available at Memorial Hall Library.
#12, (video) 50th Reunion of Class of 1952 in May, 2002.  (Some of graduates featured here appeared in the ca. 1955 video This is Madison#13, (video) Interview with Mary Spitzer Etter, Class of 1934, in 1996.  See also "A Social History of Student Life" (Oral History), by Monica Malinowski, SdArch no. 7, and the Mary Spitzer Etter Papers, SC #5012
Box 2 (Flat)
3 framed images:
- State Teachers College Glee Club at Winchester, 1931
- Albumen print of original campus drawing of Quad by architect Charles M. Robinson
- Albumen print of original campus drawing of academic village by Charles M. Robinson
Box 3 (Flat)
3 framed images: 
- President Burruss
- President Duke