History Harvest Collection, 1880-2012

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Compiled by:  Kayla Payne, June 2012


Descriptive Summary


Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: History Harvest Collection, 1880-2012

Collection No.: SC 0208

Creator:  JMU's HIST 363 Intro. to US Religious History

Extent: 605 digital images

Language: English, German

Abstract: Under the direction of Dr. Andrew Witmer, students in the spring 2012 Introduction to U.S. Religious History Class, in partnership with Special Collections, worked to compile a digital collection of local religious artifacts. The class hosted a "History Harvest" in which local community members brought in items of religious significance to be digitized and shared with the community via JMU Libraries.


Administrative Information


Access Restrictions:  Collection is open for research. The collection is available online through JMU's Madison Digital Image Database. High-quality TIFF versions of many of these images are available in Special Collections. There is no physical access to the scanned originals.

Use Restrictions: The copyright interests in this collection have been transferred to the James Madison University Special Collections Library. For more information, contact the Special Collections Library Reference Desk. (library-special@jmu.edu).

Reproduction of this collection for publication, exhibition, web display or commercial use is only permissible with the consent of James Madison University's Libraries & Educational Technologies' Special Collections (540)568-3612, library-special@jmu.edu

Preferred Citation:  [item], History Harvest Collection, 1880-2012, SC 0208, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

Acquisition Information: This collection was obtained during the History Harvest on April 14, 2012 from individual donors.

Other Formats Available: Digital images

Accruals: none

Provenance: Donors were interviewed on site by students for background information about their items, available in the descriptions below.

Bio/Historical Note:  Students of Dr. Andrew Witmer's Introduction to U.S. Religious History class planned and carried out a History Harvest in the spring of 2012. The purpose of this event was to gather and digitize items of religious significance from across the Shenandoah Valley so that they may be shared with the greater community via JMU Libraries. Community members were invited to East Campus Library (now Rose Library) from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, April 14, 2012 to share their items. The following excerpt from Dr. Witmer's syllabus gives a better indication of both the class and the event's purpose: "Within the new field of digital history, historians have pioneered an innovative approach to collecting and studying the past. This class will adapt a model recently developed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and work with JMU Special Collections to organize and host our own History Harvest. This event invites community members to share their records related to the religious history of Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley for digital preservation and study by our class and future scholars. In regular consultation with the professor and Special Collections Librarian, students will use their skills and creativity to plan the History Harvest."


Separated Items: The following copyrighted materials were donated and are shelved with the rare books in JMU Special Collections:

Donated by Elwood Yoder:

     Yoder, Elwood E. We’re Marching to Zion: A History of Zion Mennonite Church, Broadway, Virginia, 1885-2010. Harrisonburg, Virginia: printed by Custom Printing, 2010. BX8117.V5 Y64 2010

     Yoder, Elwood E. The Bishop’s Letters: The Writings, Life, and Times of Virginia Mennonite Bishop Martin Burkholder, 1817-1860. Harrisonburg, Virginia: Shenandoah Valley Mennonite Historians, 2011. BX8143 .Y64 2011

Donated by Frances Scruby:

     Emmanuel Church. One Hundred Years Serving Our Lord: Emmanuel Episcopal Church Greenwood, Albemarle County, Virginia. Preface by Langhorne Gibson Jr., [1960]. BX5980.G83 E63 2005

     Scruby, Frances. Neve: Virginia’s Thousandfold Man. Charlottesville, Virginia: Pietas Publications, 2010. BX5995.N37 S43 2010

Scope and Content: 

The History Harvest Collection consists of 20.36 gigabytes of scanned files, c. 605 pages of material. The items in this collection cover various communities, churches, and denominations within the Shenandoah Valley. The collection is arranged in series based upon the donor.

Series One: William Ney, 1880s to present, bulk 1923-1989, contains information about the Beth El Congregation. The items in this series tell the history of the Beth El Temple through photographs, manuscript, and newspapers, and were brought in from the temple archives.

Series Two: Martha Dofflemyer, 1999-2012, contains information about Elkton Presbyterian Church.

Series Three: Kenneth J. Weaver, 1835-2012, bulk 1969-2012, pertains to Virginia Mennonites.

Series Four: Elwood Yoder, 1817-2010, contains two books, one about a Mennonite congregation in Broadway, Virginia, and another about a Mennonite bishop.

Series Five: Jane Desper, 1901-2001, pertains to White Hill Church of the Brethren.

Series Six: Esther Yoder Stenson, 1940s-1980s, contains items relating to the Amish church.

Series Seven: James Good, 1861, 1971 and undated, contains three Civil War photocopy documents.

Series Eight: Harold E. Huber, undated, contains a photograph of White House, which is south of Luray, VA.


The arrangement of the series is as follows:


       I. William Ney

      II. Martha Dofflemyer

     III. Keneth J. Weaver

     IV. Elwood Yoder

      V. Jane Desper

     VI. Esther Yoder Stenson

    VII. James Good

   VIII. Harold E. Huber


     Public Affairs. "JMU Students Plan to 'Harvest Valley's Religous History." http://www.jmu.edu/jmuweb/fs/news/fs11964.shtml

     Witmer, Andrew. "Syllabus of Introduction to U.S. Religious History." James Madison University, 2012. Web.

Location of Originals: Most artifacts were scanned and returned to the donors while others were given as a loan or donation to Special Collections.



Series I: William Ney - Beth El Congregation, 1880s to present, bulk 1923-1989


Old and Current Building Interior and Exterior

Original Temple

1923 Confirmation of Priests

Mosaics, Temple, Torah Scrolls

Rededication Service of Congregation in 1925 (bulletin)

Mosaic (Written Document, Newspaper Articles, Pictures)

25th Anniversary Book (1989)

Series II: Martha Dofflemyer - Elkton Presbyterian Church, 1999-2012


Church (inside and outside)


Advent wreath

Church Directory (Undated)

Church publications

"Celebrating 100 years of God's Love and Faithfulness: Elkton Presbyterian Church 1899-1999" (1999)

"Chrismons – An Explanation of the Symbols on the Chrismon Tree at Elkton Presbyterian Church, Elkton, Virginia" (December, 2001)


Weekly Bulletin 2012


Scans of newspaper articles

Series III: Kenneth J. Weaver - Virginia Mennonites, 1835-2012, bulk 1969-2012

In Search of Faithfulness by Glendon L. Blosser

People of Peace by Gloria Y. Diener

Introduction to Virginia Mennonite Conference (VMC)

Letter from VMC Officer

Brochure identifying VMC current stance as a service organization

VA Mennonite Missions – 1919-1969, "Holding Forth the Word of Life"

Enlarging the Borders, 150 Years of Expansion by E. Richard Good (published 1985)

Conference minutes - Copies of the first recorded minutes from 1835, containing both the original German and a translation

Shenandoah Mennonite Historians' newsletters

Winter 2012, with lists of all Mennonite groups in VA

Spring 2012, a sample of the type of historical reporting by this group

Brochures for Breneman Turner-Mill, owned by Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center

Congregational Histories

1936-1986 Harrisonburg Mennonite Church, "Glimpses of our Past" 50th anniversary celebration, November 15 and 16, 1986

75th anniversary/75 year history of Harrisonburg Mennonite Church

Samples of brochures about VMC 2012 activities

March 2012 of "Connections", VMC Newsletter

Announcement for VMC's 2012 Annual Assembly

Series IV: Elwood Yoder - Virginia Mennonites, 1817-2012

We're Marching to Zion: A History of Zion Mennonite Church, Broadway, Virginia, 1885-2010 by Elwood E. Yoder (2 paperback copies)

The Bishop's Letters: The Writings, Life, and Times of Virginia Mennonite Bishop Martin Burkholder, 1817-1860 by Elwood E. Yoder (1 bound copy)

Series V: Jane Desper - White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001

Photocopied documents (1901-2001) concerning White Hill Church, detailing the church's original establishment, lists previous pastors with photographs, and also lists of donors and amount donated.

Series VI: Esther Yoder Stenson - Amish Church, 1940s-1980s

Images taken of clothes: black cap, white organdy cap and apron, white cap, black bonnet, beach bonnet cap

German prayer book


Series VII: James Good – Mennonite, 1861, 1971 and undated

Reprint of Mennonite Historical Bulletin article

Military Induction of Christian Good

Christian Good Virginia Militia Muster Roll


Series VIII: Harold E. Huber, undated
Photograph of White House, south of Luray, VA

Computer file names for these images in the Special Collections database:


File Name Set Title Sub-Title
SC5030.001 Beth.El.25th Cover (Front-Outside)
SC5030.002 Beth.El.25th Cover (Front-Inside)
SC5030.003 Beth.El.25th Pg. 1
SC5030.004 Beth.El.25th Pg. 2
SC5030.005 Beth.El.25th Pg. 3
SC5030.006 Beth.El.25th Pg. 4
SC5030.007 Beth.El.25th Pg. 5
SC5030.008 Beth.El.25th Pg. 6
SC5030.009 Beth.El.25th Pg. 7
SC5030.010 Beth.El.25th Pg. 8
SC5030.011 Beth.El.25th Pg. 9
SC5030.012 Beth.El.25th Pg. 10
SC5030.013 Beth.El.25th Pg. 11
SC5030.014 Beth.El.25th Pg. 12
SC5030.015 Beth.El.25th Pg. 13
SC5030.016 Beth.El.25th Pg. 14
SC5030.017 Beth.El.25th Pg. 15
SC5030.018 Beth.El.25th Pg. 16
SC5030.019 Beth.El.25th Pg. 17
SC5030.020 Beth.El.25th Pg. 18
SC5030.021 Beth.El.25th Pg. 19
SC5030.022 Beth.El.25th Pg. 20
SC5030.023 Beth.El.25th Pg. 21
SC5030.024 Beth.El.25th Pg. 22
SC5030.025 Beth.El.25th Pg. 23
SC5030.026 Beth.El.25th Pg. 24
SC5030.027 Beth.El.25th Pg. 25
SC5030.028 Beth.El.25th Pg. 26
SC5030.029 Beth.El.25th Pg. 27
SC5030.030 Beth.El.25th Pg. 28
SC5030.031 Beth.El.25th Pg. 29
SC5030.032 Beth.El.25th Pg. 30
SC5030.033 Beth.El.25th Pg. 31
SC5030.034 Beth.El.25th Pg. 32
SC5030.035 Beth.El.25th Pg. 33
SC5030.036 Beth.El.25th Pg. 34
SC5030.037 Beth.El.25th Pg. 35
SC5030.038 Beth.El.25th Pg. 36
SC5030.039 Beth.El.25th Pg. 37
SC5030.040 Beth.El.25th Pg. 38
SC5030.041 Beth.El.25th Pg. 39
SC5030.042 Beth.El.25th Pg. 40
SC5030.043 Beth.El.25th Pg. 41
SC5030.044 Beth.El.25th Pg. 42
SC5030.045 Beth.El.25th Pg. 43
SC5030.046 Beth.El.25th Pg. 44
SC5030.047 Beth.El.25th Cover (Back-Inside)
SC5030.048 Beth.El.25th Cover (Back-Outside)
SC5030.049 Rabbi.Schwarenfeld Front
SC5030.050 Rabbi.Schwarenfeld Back
SC5030.051 Billboard (Far) Front
SC5030.052 Billboard (Far) Back
SC5030.053 Billboard (Close) Front
SC5030.054 Billboard (Close) Back
SC5030.055 Mosaic Front
SC5030.056 Mosaic Back
SC5030.057 Torah.Scrolls (Big) Front
SC5030.058 Torah.Scrolls (Big) Back
SC5030.059 Torah.Scrolls (Small) Front
SC5030.060 Torah.Scrolls (Small) Back
SC5030.061 Congregation.Sign Front
SC5030.062 Congregation.Sign Back
SC5030.063 Old.Synagogue Front
SC5030.064 Old.Synagogue Back
SC5030.065 Rededication Front
SC5030.066 Rededication Back
SC5030.067 Rededication Insert (Front)
SC5030.068 Rededication Insert (Back)
SC5030.069 Mosaic.Article Top
SC5030.070 Mosaic.Article Bottom
SC5030.071 Mosaic.Printout Pg. 1
SC5030.072 Mosaic.Printout Pg. 2
SC5030.073 Mosaic.Printout Pg. 3
SC5030.074 Mosaic.Printout Pg. 4


File Name Set Title Sub-Title
SC5030.101 People.of.Peace Cover (Front)
SC5030.102 People.of.Peace pg.1
SC5030.103 People.of.Peace pg.2
SC5030.104 People.of.Peace pg.3
SC5030.105 People.of.Peace pg.4
SC5030.106 People.of.Peace pg.5
SC5030.107 People.of.Peace pg.6
SC5030.108 People.of.Peace pg.7
SC5030.109 People.of.Peace pg.8
SC5030.110 People.of.Peace pg.9
SC5030.111 People.of.Peace pg.10
SC5030.112 People.of.Peace pg.11
SC5030.113 People.of.Peace pg.12
SC5030.114 People.of.Peace pg.13
SC5030.115 People.of.Peace pg.14
SC5030.116 People.of.Peace pg.15
SC5030.117 People.of.Peace pg.16
SC5030.118 People.of.Peace pg.17
SC5030.119 People.of.Peace pg.18
SC5030.120 People.of.Peace pg.19
SC5030.121 People.of.Peace pg.20
SC5030.122 People.of.Peace pg.21
SC5030.123 People.of.Peace pg.22
SC5030.124 People.of.Peace pg.23
SC5030.125 People.of.Peace pg.24
SC5030.126 People.of.Peace pg.25
SC5030.127 People.of.Peace pg.26
SC5030.128 People.of.Peace pg.27
SC5030.129 People.of.Peace pg.28
SC5030.130 People.of.Peace pg.29
SC5030.131 People.of.Peace pg.30
SC5030.132 People.of.Peace pg.31
SC5030.133 People.of.Peace pg.32
SC5030.134 People.of.Peace pg.33
SC5030.135 People.of.Peace pg.34
SC5030.136 People.of.Peace pg.35
SC5030.137 People.of.Peace pg.36
SC5030.138 People.of.Peace pg.37
SC5030.139 People.of.Peace pg.38
SC5030.140 People.of.Peace pg.39
SC5030.141 People.of.Peace pg.40
SC5030.142 People.of.Peace pg.41
SC5030.143 People.of.Peace pg.42
SC5030.144 People.of.Peace pg.43
SC5030.145 People.of.Peace pg.44
SC5030.146 People.of.Peace pg.45
SC5030.147 People.of.Peace pg.46
SC5030.148 People.of.Peace pg.47
SC5030.149 People.of.Peace pg.48
SC5030.150 People.of.Peace pg.49
SC5030.151 People.of.Peace pg.50
SC5030.152 People.of.Peace pg.51
SC5030.153 People.of.Peace pg.52
SC5030.154 People.of.Peace pg.53
SC5030.155 People.of.Peace pg.54
SC5030.156 People.of.Peace Cover (Back)
SC5030.157 In.Search.of.Faithfulness Cover (Front)
SC5030.158 In.Search.of.Faithfulness Contents
SC5030.159 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.1
SC5030.160 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.2
SC5030.161 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.3
SC5030.162 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.4
SC5030.163 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.5
SC5030.164 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.6
SC5030.165 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.7
SC5030.166 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.8
SC5030.167 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.9
SC5030.168 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.10
SC5030.169 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.11
SC5030.170 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.12
SC5030.171 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.13
SC5030.172 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.14
SC5030.173 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.15
SC5030.174 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.16
SC5030.175 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.17
SC5030.176 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.18
SC5030.177 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.19
SC5030.178 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.20
SC5030.179 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.21
SC5030.180 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.22
SC5030.181 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.23
SC5030.182 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.24
SC5030.183 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.25
SC5030.184 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.26
SC5030.185 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.27
SC5030.186 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.28
SC5030.187 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.29
SC5030.188 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.30
SC5030.189 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.31
SC5030.190 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.32
SC5030.191 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.33
SC5030.192 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.34
SC5030.193 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.35
SC5030.194 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.36
SC5030.195 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.37
SC5030.196 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.38
SC5030.197 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.39
SC5030.198 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.40
SC5030.199 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.41
SC5030.200 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.42
SC5030.201 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.43
SC5030.202 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.44
SC5030.203 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.45
SC5030.204 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.46
SC5030.205 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.47
SC5030.206 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.48
SC5030.207 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.49
SC5030.208 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.50
SC5030.209 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.51
SC5030.210 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.52
SC5030.211 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.53
SC5030.212 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.54
SC5030.213 In.Search.of.Faithfulness pg.55
SC5030.214 In.Search.of.Faithfulness Back Cover
SC.5030.501 Assembly.2012 pg.1
SC.5030.502 Assembly.2012 pg.2
SC.5030.503 Assembly.2012 pg.3
SC.5030.504 Assembly.2012 pg.4
SC.5030.505 Assembly.2012 pg.5
SC.5030.506 Assembly.2012 pg.6
SC.5030.507 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th Cover(Front)
SC.5030.508 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th Cover(Back of Front)
SC.5030.509 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.2
SC.5030.510 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.3
SC.5030.511 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.4
SC.5030.512 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.5
SC.5030.513 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.6
SC.5030.514 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.7
SC.5030.515 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.8
SC.5030.516 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.9
SC.5030.517 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.10
SC.5030.518 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.11
SC5030.519 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.12
SC5030.520 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.13
SC5030.521 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.14
SC5030.522 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.15
SC5030.523 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.16
SC5030.524 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.17
SC5030.525 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.18
SC5030.526 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.19
SC5030.527 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.20
SC5030.528 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.21
SC5030.529 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.22
SC5030.530 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.23
SC5030.531 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.24
SC5030.532 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.25
SC5030.533 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.26
SC5030.534 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.27
SC5030.535 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.28
SC5030.536 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.29
SC5030.537 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.30
SC5030.538 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.31
SC5030.539 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.32
SC5030.540 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.33
SC5030.541 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.34
SC5030.542 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.35
SC5030.543 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.36
SC5030.544 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.37
SC5030.545 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.38
SC5030.546 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.39
SC5030.547 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.40
SC5030.548 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.41
SC5030.549 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.42
SC5030.550 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.43
SC5030.551 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.44
SC5030.552 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.45
SC5030.553 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.46
SC5030.554 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.47
SC5030.555 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.48
SC5030.556 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.49
SC5030.557 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.50
SC5030.558 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.51
SC5030.559 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.52
SC5030.560 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.53
SC5030.561 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.54
SC5030.562 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.55
SC5030.563 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.56
SC5030.564 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.57
SC5030.565 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.58
SC5030.566 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.59
SC5030.567 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.60
SC5030.568 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.61
SC5030.569 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.62
SC5030.570 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.63
SC5030.571 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.64
SC5030.572 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th pg.65
SC5030.573 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th Cover(Front of Back)
SC5030.574 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.75th Cover(Back)
SC5030.575 Connections.March2012 pg.1
SC5030.576 Connections.March2012 pg.2
SC5030.577 Connections.March2012 pg.3
SC5030.578 Connections.March2012 pg.4
SC5030.579 Connections.March2012 pg.5
SC5030.580 Connections.March2012 pg.6
SC5030.581 Connections.March2012 pg.7
SC5030.582 Connections.March2012 pg.8
SC5030.583 Enlarging.the.Borders Cover(Front)
SC5030.584 Enlarging.the.Borders Cover(Back of Front)
SC5030.585 Enlarging.the.Borders Copyright pg
SC5030.586 Enlarging.the.Borders Back of Copyright
SC5030.587 Enlarging.the.Borders Introduction(pg.1)
SC5030.588 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.2
SC5030.589 Enlarging.the.Borders Table of Contents (pg.3)
SC5030.590 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.4
SC5030.591 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.5
SC5030.592 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.6
SC5030.593 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.7
SC5030.594 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.8
SC5030.595 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.9
SC5030.596 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.10
SC5030.597 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.11
SC5030.598 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.12
SC5030.599 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.13
SC5030.600 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.14
SC5030.601 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.15
SC5030.602 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.16
SC5030.603 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.17
SC5030.604 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.18
SC5030.605 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.19
SC5030.606 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.20
SC5030.607 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.21
SC5030.608 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.22
SC5030.609 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.23
SC5030.610 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.24
SC5030.611 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.25
SC5030.612 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.26
SC5030.613 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.27
SC5030.614 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.28
SC5030.615 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.29
SC5030.616 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.30
SC5030.617 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.31
SC5030.618 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.32
SC5030.619 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.33
SC5030.620 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.34
SC5030.621 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.35
SC5030.622 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.36
SC5030.623 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.37
SC5030.624 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.38
SC5030.625 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.39
SC5030.626 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.40
SC5030.627 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.41
SC5030.628 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.42
SC5030.629 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.43
SC5030.630 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.44
SC5030.631 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.45
SC5030.632 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.46
SC5030.633 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.47
SC5030.634 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.48
SC5030.635 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.49
SC5030.636 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.50
SC5030.637 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.51
SC5030.638 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.52
SC5030.639 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.53
SC5030.640 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.54
SC5030.641 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.55
SC5030.642 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.56
SC5030.643 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.57
SC5030.644 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.58
SC5030.645 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.59
SC5030.646 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.60
SC5030.647 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.61
SC5030.648 Enlarging.the.Borders pg.62(blank)
SC5030.649 Enlarging.the.Borders Cover(Front of Back)
SC5030.650 Enlarging.the.Borders Cover(Back)
SC5030.651 Breneman-Turner.Mill.Pamphlet Front
SC5030.652 Breneman-Turner.Mill.Pamphlet Back
SC5030.653 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses Cover(Front)
SC5030.654 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses Cover(Back of Front)
SC5030.655 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses Title pg
SC5030.656 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses Back of Title pg
SC5030.657 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.1
SC5030.658 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.2
SC5030.659 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.3
SC5030.660 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.4
SC5030.661 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.5
SC5030.662 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.6
SC5030.663 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.7
SC5030.664 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.8
SC5030.665 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.9
SC5030.666 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.10
SC5030.667 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.11
SC5030.668 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.12
SC5030.669 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.13
SC5030.670 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.14
SC5030.671 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.15
SC5030.672 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses Blank Page
SC5030.673 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses pg.16
SC5030.674 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses Blank Page
SC5030.675 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses Cover(Front of Back)
SC5030.676 Harrisonburg.Mennonite.Glimpses Cover(Back)
SC5030.677 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Spring2012 pg.1
SC5030.678 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Spring2012 pg.2
SC5030.679 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Spring2012 pg.3
SC5030.680 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Spring2012 pg.4
SC5030.681 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Spring2012 pg.5
SC5030.682 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Spring2012 pg.6
SC5030.683 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Spring2012 pg.7
SC5030.684 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Spring2012 pg.8
SC5030.685 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.1
SC5030.686 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.2
SC5030.687 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.3
SC5030.688 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.4
SC5030.689 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.5
SC5030.690 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.6
SC5030.691 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.7
SC5030.692 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.8
SC5030.693 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.9
SC5030.694 Shenandoah.Mennonite.Historian.Winter2012 pg.10
SC5030.695 Meeting.Minutes.1835 pg.1
SC5030.696 Meeting.Minutes.1835 pg.2
SC5030.697 Meeting.Minutes.1835 pg.3
SC5030.698 Meeting.Minutes.1835 pg.4
SC5030.699 Meeting.Minutes.1835 pg.5
SC5030.700 Meeting.Minutes.1835 pg.6
SC5030.701 VMC.Brochure pg.1
SC5030.702 VMC.Brochure pg.2
SC5030.703 VMC.Brochure pg.3
SC5030.704 VMC.Brochure pg.4
SC5030.705 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life Cover(Front)
SC5030.706 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life Cover(Back of Front)
SC5030.707 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.1
SC5030.708 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.2
SC5030.709 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.3
SC5030.710 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.4
SC5030.711 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.5
SC5030.712 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.6
SC5030.713 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.7
SC5030.714 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.8
SC5030.715 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.9
SC5030.716 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.10
SC5030.717 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.11
SC5030.718 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.12
SC5030.719 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.13
SC5030.720 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.14
SC5030.721 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.15
SC5030.722 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.16
SC5030.723 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.17
SC5030.724 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.18
SC5030.725 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.19
SC5030.726 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.20
SC5030.727 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.21
SC5030.728 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.22
SC5030.729 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.23
SC5030.730 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.24
SC5030.731 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.25
SC5030.732 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.26
SC5030.733 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.27
SC5030.734 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.28
SC5030.735 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.29
SC5030.736 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.30
SC5030.737 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.31
SC5030.738 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.32
SC5030.739 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.33
SC5030.740 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.34
SC5030.741 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.35
SC5030.742 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.36
SC5030.743 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.37
SC5030.744 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.38
SC5030.745 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.39
SC5030.746 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.40
SC5030.747 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.41
SC5030.748 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.42
SC5030.749 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.43
SC5030.750 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.44
SC5030.751 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.45
SC5030.752 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.46
SC5030.753 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.47
SC5030.754 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.48
SC5030.755 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.49
SC5030.756 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.50
SC5030.757 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.51
SC5030.758 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.52
SC5030.759 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.53
SC5030.760 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.54
SC5030.761 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.55
SC5030.762 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.56
SC5030.763 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.57
SC5030.764 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.58
SC5030.765 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.59
SC5030.766 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.60
SC5030.767 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.61
SC5030.768 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.62
SC5030.769 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.63
SC5030.770 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life pg.64
SC5030.771 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life Cover(Front of Back)
SC5030.772 Holding.Forth.the.Word.of.Life Cover(Back)
SC5030.773 VMC.Letter.from.Officer Front
SC5030.774 VMC.Letter.from.Officer Back


File Name Set-Title
SC5030.401 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.402 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
Cover(Back of front)
SC5030.403 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.404 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.405 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.406 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.407 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.408 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.409 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.410 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.411 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.412 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.413 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.414 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.415 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.416 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.417 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.418 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.419 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
Cover(Front of Back)
SC5030.420 Elkton.Presbyterian.Church
SC5030.431 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
SC5030.432 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 1
SC5030.433 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 2
SC5030.434 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 3
SC5030.435 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 4
SC5030.436 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 5
SC5030.437 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 6
SC5030.438 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 7
SC5030.439 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 9
SC5030.440 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 8
SC5030.441 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 10
SC5030.442 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 11
SC5030.443 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 12
SC5030.444 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 13
SC5030.445 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 1
SC5030.446 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 2
SC5030.447 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
pg. 3
SC5030.448 Elkton Presbyterian Church Directory
SC5030.451 Chrismons: Explanation of the Symbols of the Chrismon Tree
SC5030.452 Chrismons: Explanation of the Symbols of the Chrismon Tree
pg. [1]
SC5030.453 Chrismons: Explanation of the Symbols of the Chrismon Tree
pg. [2]
SC5030.454 Chrismons: Explanation of the Symbols of the Chrismon Tree
pg. [3]
SC5030.455 Chrismons: Explanation of the Symbols of the Chrismon Tree
pg. [4]
SC5030.456 Chrismons: Explanation of the Symbols of the Chrismon Tree
pg. [5]
SC5030.457 Chrismons: Explanation of the Symbols of the Chrismon Tree
pg. [6]
SC5030.458 Chrismons: Explanation of the Symbols of the Chrismon Tree
pg. [7]
SC5030.461 Elkton Presybterian Church Photograph
SC5030.462  Elkton Presybterian Church Photograph
SC5030.463 Elkton Presybterian Church Postcard
SC5030.464 Elkton Presybterian Church Printed Picture
Description below
SC5030.471 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
SC5030.472 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
pg. [1]
SC5030.473 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
pg. [2]
SC5030.474 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
pg. [3]
SC5030.475 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
pg. [4]
SC5030.476 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
pg. [5]
SC5030.477 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
pg. [6]
SC5030.478 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
pg. [7]
SC5030.479 Elkton Presybterian Church2012 Bulletin
SC5030.480 Photograph:Elkton Presbyterian Church decoration
SC5030.481 Dofflemeyer Photograph: Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.801 Elkton Presbyterian Church Photograph Display
SC5030.802 Elkton Presbyterian Church Photograph Display
SC5030.803 Elkton Presybterian Church Photograph
1899 Interior
SC5030.804 Elkton Presybterian Church Photograph
SC5030.805 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.806 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.807 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.808 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.809 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.810 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.811 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.812 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.813 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.814 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.815 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.816 Elkton Presbyterian Church
SC5030.817 Elkton Presbyterian Church: 2001 Dail Resignation
SC5030.818 Elkton Presbyterian Church: 2001 Farewell Sermon by Dail
SC5030.819 Elkton Presbyterian Church: 2001 Farewell Sermon by Dail
pg. 1
SC5030.820 Elkton Presbyterian Church: 2001 Farewell Sermon by Dail
pp. 2&3
SC5030.821 Elkton Presbyterian Church: 2001 Farewell Sermon by Dail
pp. 4&5
SC5030.822 Elkton Presbyterian Church Pastor Ross Introduction
SC5030.823 Elkton Presbyterian Church Pastor Ross Introduction
SC5030.824 Elkton Presbyterian Church Brochure
SC5030.825 Elkton Presbyterian Church Brochure
SC5030.826 Elkton Presbyterian Church Newspaper Article
2002 Bullis Heeds Call
SC5030.827 Elkton Presbyterian Church
Interim Pastor Announcement
SC5030.828 Elkton Presbyterian Church
Interim Pastor Announcement 2
SC5030.829 Elkton Presbyterian Church Newspaper Article
Ross Named Pastor
SC5030.830 Elkton Presbyterian Church Newspaper Article
Ross Named Pastor 2


File Name Set Title Sub-Title
SC5030.301 Photograph: Amish Dress 1
SC5030.302 Photograph: Amish Dress 2
SC5030.303 Photograph: Amish Dress 3
SC5030.304 Photograph: Amish Dress 4
SC5030.305 Photograph: Amish Bonnet 1
SC5030.306 Photograph: Amish Bonnet 2
SC5030.307 Photograph: Amish Bonnet 3
SC5030.308 Photograph: Amish Bonnet 4
SC5030.309 Photograph: Amish Bonnet 5
SC5030.310 Photograph: Amish Bonnet and Dress 1
SC5030.311 Photograph: Amish Bonnet Inside 1
SC5030.312 Photograph: Amish Bonnet Inside 2
SC5030.313 Photograph: Amish Prayer Covering 1
SC5030.314 Photograph: Two Amish Bonnets 1
SC5030.315 Photograph: Two Amish Bonnets 2
SC5030.316 Photograph: Two Amish Bonnets 3
SC5030.317 Photograph: Small Amish Bonnet 1
SC5030.321 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder Cover
SC5030.322 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder Inside of cover & pg. [1]
SC5030.323 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [2 & 3]
SC5030.324 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [4 & 5]
SC5030.325 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [6 & 7]
SC5030.326 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [8 & 9]
SC5030.327 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [10 & 11]
SC5030.328 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [12 & 13]
SC5030.329 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [14 & 15]
SC5030.330 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [16 & 17]
SC5030.331 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [18 & 19]
SC5030.332 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [20 & 21]
SC5030.333 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [22 & 23]
SC5030.334 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder pp. [24 & 25]
SC5030.335 Permanent Record: Property of Esther Yoder Back Cover
SC5030.341 Photograph: Young Esther Yoder in Amish Dress Front
SC5030.342 Photograph: Young Esther Yoder in Amish Dress Back
SC5030.343 Printed Card with Star Sickers: "God Loveth a Cheerful Giver"
SC5030.344 Printed Card with Star Stickers: "The Lord's Prayer"


File Name Set Title Sub-Title
SC5030.901 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 cover
SC5030.902 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [1]
SC5030.903 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [2]
SC5030.904 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [3]
SC5030.905 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [4]
SC5030.906 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [5]
SC5030.907 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [6]
SC5030.908 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [7]
SC5030.909 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [8]
SC5030.910 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [9]
SC5030.911 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [10]
SC5030.912 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [11]
SC5030.913 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [12]
SC5030.914 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [13]
SC5030.915 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [14]
SC5030.916 White Hill Church of the Brethren, 1901-2001 [15]
SC5030.921 MennoniteHistoricalBulletin197233 p. 3
SC5030.922 Christian Good Virginia Militia Record 1861
SC5030.923 Christian Good Virginia Militia Company Muster Roll 1861
SC5030.931 White House, s. of Luray, Virginia