Dudley-Rexrode Collection, 1873-1998

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Compiled by Paula Weddle and Molly Schwanz, December 2012


Descriptive Summary


Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Dudley-Rexrode Collection

Collection No.: SC 5039

Accession No.: 2008-0524

Creators: E.A. Dudley, M. Dudley Rexrode, C.P. Rexrode, A.B. Dudley, Agnes Rexrode, Alberta Dudley Brand

Extent: 1.5 linear feet, 3 Hollinger Boxes

Language: English

Abstract: Collection of personal papers and ledgers relating to the Dudley and Rexrode families. Included in this collection are the receipts, invoices, and tax documents of E.A. Dudley; ledgers from the practice and pharmacy of C.P. Rexrode; ledgers from the agricultural business of A.B. Dudley; family photographs; and documents from the Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church in Augusta County, Virginia.

Administrative Information


Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions: The copyright interests in this collection have been transferred to the James Madison University Special Collection Library. For more information, contact the Special Collections Library Reference Desk (library-special@jmu.edu).

Preferred Citation: [item], Dudley-Rexrode Collection, 1873-1998, SC 5039, Special Collections, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

Acquisition Information: The materials in this collection were purchased by Special Collections at the March 24, 2008 estate sale of Marshall Dudley Rexrode. The sale took place in Mt. Solon, Virginia and was auctioneered by Charley Whetzel.

Other Formats Available: none

Accruals: none

Provenance: The Estate of M. Dudley Rexrode

Processing Information: Student Processed, Dec. 2012


Biographical and Historical Note: The papers were acquired from the estate of Marshall Dudley Rexrode (1905-2006). Mr. Rexrode graduated from Bridgewater College and attended Virginia Tech.  He was a prominent farmer and member of the community in Mt. Solon, Augusta County, Virginia. He was a charter member of the North River Ruritan Club and served as their treasurer for 45 years. Mr. Rexrode was an elder, deacon and chairman of the board of trustees for Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church (a historic church established in 1768 in Augusta County).  Mr. Rexrode was also the secretary-treasurer of the Rockingham County Land Bank Association and assistant secretary-treasurer of Staunton Production Credit Association.  He served on the Augusta County Planning Commission three times. Additionally, he was director and president of the Augusta County Farm Bureau Federation, as well as director and president of the Augusta County Petroleum Co-op. His work on various boards, social organizations and church related activities is evidence of his active community involvement.

      M. Dudley Rexrode was in possession of the papers of Dr. Charles P. Rexrode (his father) and Edward Alexander Dudley(his maternal grandfather), which were also acquired with this collection.  Charles P. Rexrode, M.D. was a physician and pharmacist in Crab Bottom, Highland County, Virginia (now Blue Grass, VA).  The Highland Recorder (a local newspaper) contains references to Dr. Rexrode treating patients and making house calls during times of emergency.  Edward A. Dudley(1850-1927) was a prominent farmer and cattle raiser in Highland County and Augusta County, Virginia. Mr. Dudley was living in the Churchville area of Augusta County when he passed away in May 1927.

      Also included in this collection are photographs and correspondence relating to M. Dudley Rexrode’s Aunt, Alberta Dudley Brand. Mrs. Brand and her husband Dr. Louis Christian Brand were Presbyterian Missionaries in Japanese Korea from 1924-1938, during the time that Korea was occupied by Japan. Dr. Brand was a physician and third director of the Ellen-Lavine Graham Hospital (now the Kwangju Christian Hospital) in Kwangju, Korea, where he was devoted to the elimination of tuberculosis.


Scope and Content:


The collection contains financial records of the Dudley-Rexrode family, including tax records, insurance records, and ledgers of family businesses, that included C.P. Rexrode's medical practice and A.B and E.A. Dudley's agricultural business. This collection also includes 139 family photographs (including photographs of the Dudley-Brand family in Korea in the 1930s). Additionally, there is a large collection of documents from the Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church, where M. Dudley Rexrode served as a Deacon and Elder.  The content mainly deals with economic and religious life in the Shenandoah Valley during the late 19th and early 20th Century.



Items have been arranged chronologically and by creator. 

This collection has been organized into five series:

  • The Papers of E.A Dudley, 1876-1920
  • The Papers of C.P. Rexrode, 1907-1925
  • The Papers of A.B. Dudley, 1915-1961
  • The Papers of M. Dudley Rexrode, 1936-2005
  • Miscellaneous, 1913-1985


“Attempted Suicide” Highland Recorder. 1903 December 18. p.3.

Blair, Charles William. A History of Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church. Bridgewater Beacon Printing, Inc. Bridgewater, VA. 2000.

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Dudley-Rexrode Collection                                                                              Box:Folder:Item

Series 1: Papers of E.A Dudley

              IOUs & Person to Person Transactional Notes 1884-1912 - 33 items            1:1                      

              Mutual Insurance Company                                                                      1:2

                            Copy of Mutual Insurance Policy-Signed 1888 June 15                  1:2:1

                            Payment Receipts from Jan. 1893, 1896 & 1897                           1:2:2

              Tax Payments 1887-1912 - 28 items                                                          1:3

              Commercial Invoices & Receipts, 1876-1915 – 36 items                              1:4

              Land Deeds, 1873-1904                                                                            1:5

              Correspondence – 3 items                                                                        1:6

                            Letter from Congressman Henry D. Flood – 1908 March 3             1:6:1

                            Letter concerns the “Blackleg” vaccine for cattle

                            Letter from J.P. Russel to E.A. Dudley – 1920 Sept. 16                1:6:2

                            Letter is in regards to cattle sales

                            Empty envelope addressed to E.A. Dudley                                   1:6:3

Series 2: Papers of C.P. Rexrode

              Ledger- 1909-1913                                                                                    1:7

              Ledger- 1912                                                                                            1:8

              Ledger- 1913                                                                                            1:9

              Ledger- 1922-1924                                                                                    1:10

              Ledger-1923-1924                                                                                     1:11

              Medical Examiner’s Report, Life Insurance Co. of  Pittsburgh                       1:12

              C.P. Rexrode Correspondence                                                                   1:13

                            Thank You letter-1916                                                                  1:13:1

                            Check-1917                                                                               1:13:2

                                          Made to Dr. Rexrode in 1917 for examination fees.

                            Bank Receipt-1924                                                                     1:13:3

                            Pamphlet-National Balsam Ointment-1924                                    1:13:4

                            Bill from Bridgewater College, 1924                                              1:13:5

                            Card-Endocrine Preparations, 1924                                              1:13:6

                            Receipt for Neodyne, 1925                                                          1:13:7

                            Receipt from automotive dealer, 1925                                           1:13:8

              C.P and Agnes Rexrode Receipts, 1907-1959                                             1:14

Series 3: Papers of A.B. Dudley

              Ledger-1915-1930                                                                                    2:1

              Ledger-1921-1922                                                                                    2:2

              Ledger-1925-1927                                                                                    2:3

              Ledger-1957-1961                                                                                    2:4

              Financial Documents                                                                               2:5

                            Check-1916                                                                              2:5:1

                            Section 225 of the Code of VA                                                    2:5:2

                            Note from E.P. Harvey, 1917                                                       2:5:3

Series 4: Papers of M. Dudley Rexrode

              Diary                                                                                                      2:6

                   Inscribed “This book was give (sic) me by Mary Lee Long as guest prize at Polly Ann engagement party. 1936 May29th.” Diary designed to cover five years, sparsely used in 1936. May have belonged to Alice or Agnes Rexrode.

              Checkbook Stubs-1936                                                                           2:7

              Notebook-Farm Operations 1946                                                             2:8

              Receipt-Pioneer Corn Co. 1962                                                               2:9

              Ledger-Personal Finances                                                                      2:10

              Dudley/Rexrode Family Photographs - 4 Negatives; 104 Photos                  3:1

                            4 Negatives                                                                              3:1:1

                            15 VA Tech, taken by M. Dudley Rexrode                                   3:1:2

                            10 Agricultural Photographs                                                      3:1:3

                            5 Taken at a Mountain Retreat, 1930s                                        3:1:4

                            17 photos of Agnes Rexrode (possible)                                      3:1:5

                            5 photos of Agnes and her mother, Margaret                               3:1:6

                            5 Rexrode Family pictures from the 1930s                                  3:1:7

                            5 Potentially Identified Photographs                                           3:1:8

                            25 Unidentified Photographs                                                     3:1:9

                            3 Unidentified Group Photos                                                    3:1:10

                                          Possibly at Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church

                            1 Christmas Greeting photo                                                     3:1:11

                                          Ernest M. Rexrode Family, 1969

                            Two Donkeys (1 photo)                                                            3:1:12

                            Young woman in cardboard frame - circa late 1920s                   3:1:13

                                          Dean Studio, Harrisonburg VA



              Dr. Louis & Alberta Dudley Brand Photographs & Correspondence

              35 photographs; 1 postcard; 2 letters                                                      3:2

                   Contextual Note: Alberta Dudley Brand was the younger sister of Margaret Dudley Rexrode. Alberta and her husband, Dr. Louis Christian Brand, were Presbyterian missionaries in Korea from 1924-1938. Additionally, Dr. Brand was a physician and 3rd director of the Ellen-Lavine Graham Hospital in Kwangju.

                            7 Hand-colored photos of the Brand children, Korea 1927-          3:2:1


                            10 Photos of Alice and Martha Brand, Korea 1928-1933             3:2:2

                            5 Brand family photos, Korea 1933-1938                                   3:2:3

                            2 photos of the “Kwangju Graduates” Korea, 1936                      3:2:4

                            1 Martha Brand and Jim Rodgers, Korea, Christmas 1933          3:2:5

                            1 Alice Brand and “the elders baby” Korea, undated                  3:2:6

                            5 Photos of Louis “Dudley” Brand, Korea 1934-1935                  3:2:7

                            4 Photos of Louis “Dudley” Brand, Virginia, 1942                       3:2:8

                            1 Postcard, unused                                                                3:2:9

                                 “The summer resort of foreigner at Katsuma Peninsula (Korea)"

                            Letter from Alice, Kwangju, Korea, December 1935                   3:2:10

                                          See Appendix A

                            Alberta Dudley Brand Letter, Korea                                          3:2:11

                                           See Appendix B

Newspaper Clippings & Funeral Memory Books                                                     3:3

                            Funeral Memory Books – 6 Items

                                          Luther Charles Fultz – 1947                                       3:3:1

                                          J. Wayne Fairburn – January 1993                             3:3:2

                                          Agnes Rexrode – October 1993 (2 copies)                 3:3:3

                                          Maggie Elizabeth Props – 1995                                  3:3:4

                                          Richard Craig Dudley – 1998                                     3:3:5

                            Clipped Newspaper Obituaries – 22 items

                                          John H. Earhart (undated)                                          3:3:6

                                          Mabel Rexrode – 1986 March 23                                3:3:7

                                          Earl J. Shiflet – 1995 December 14                             3:3:8

                                          S. Newton Karicofe – 1996 March 5                            3:3:9

                                          Earl T. Swink –1996 September 10                             3:3:10

                                          Clarence E. May – 1997 April 15                                3:3:11

                                          Kathleen C. McFall – 1997 December 7                      3:3:12

                                          Richard C. Dudley – 1998 May 23                              3:3:13

                                          Nancy R. Lewis – 1998 August 25                              3:3:14

                                          Garland Miller – 1998 September 7                             3:3:15

                                          Rudolph B. Alexander – 1999 June 6                           3:3:16

                                          William A. Brooks – 1999 November 16                      3:3:17

                                          Francis Dudley – 2000 April 8                                     3:3:18

                                          Hiram C. Arey – 2000 April 30                                    3:3:19

                                          Hiwana C. Crompton – 2000 May 4                            3:3:20

                                          Richard J. Hevener – 2000 June 12                              3:3:21

                                          Roy R. Smith – 2000 November 28                             3:3:22

                                          Roy R. Smith – 2000 November 28                             3:3:23

                                          Arthur V. Bartenslayer – 2002 August 11                     3:3:24

                                          William J. Moffett, Jr. – 2002 August 20                      3:3:25

                                          Dr. John H. Guss – 2004 September 28                      3:3:26

                                          John A. Horn – 2005 May 15                                      3:3:27

                            2 Wedding Announcements                                                                                 

                                          Charlotte Lee Reeves Graham – Undated                     3:3:28

                                          Betty Jean Simmons Young – 1950 February 10         3:3:29

                            7 Local Interest Articles

                                          Hightown Bank President Reminisces on                     3:3:30

                                          85th Birthday.  From May 1948

                                          Mrs. Fred Whipple wins Creativity Award                      3:3:31

                                          Retiring Teachers Honored                                           3:3:32

                                          Augusta Co. Farm Bureau                                            3:3:33

                                          Farm Bureau Officers                                                   3:3:34

                                          Mt. Solon Mail Carrier Leaves Post                               3:3:35

                                          Churchville Bears –1955 July 10                                   3:3:36

                            Richmond Times-Dispatch Section F – 1968 February 4              3:3:37

                            5 “Dear Abby” and Letter to the Editor Clippings                         3:3:38

                            2 Miscellaneous Clippings                                                       3:3:39

Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church Materials                                                          3:4

                            Handbook and Directory                                                          3:4:1

                            Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting 1968 Dec 16             3:4:2

                            United Presbyterian Church of the USA Staff Information            3:4:3

                            “Confessions of our Church” Manual - May 1991                        3:4:4

                            Board of Directors Resolution 1960 June 12                               3:4:5

                            Regarding Mrs. Georgia Williams Whisman’s Property

                            Letter dated 1969 October 10                                                   3:4:6

                            From Mrs. Georgia W.Whisman to Board of Directors

                            Letter dated 1970 April 18                                                       3:4:7

                            From the Board of Directors to Mrs. Georgia Whisman

                            Mossy Creek Church Service Bulletin from 1992 April 16          3:4:8

                            M. Dudley Rexrode Trust and Will – 1993 April 2                     3:4:9

                            Handwritten instructions for arranging flowers                          3:4:10

              Mossy Creek, 200th Anniversary Celebrations, 1968                               3:5

                            Program, 1968                                                                      3:5:1

                            Script, 1968                                                                          3:5:2

                            Stage Directions, 1968                                                           3:5:3

                            Draft of Article for Newspaper or Newletter                               3:5:4

              Ruritan Club Publications                                                                     3:6

                            North River Ruritan Club Handbook, 1998                                 3:6:1

                            Woodrow Wilson District Convention, 1995                               3:6:2

Series 5: Miscellaneous

              Correspondence, 1960s                                                                        3:7

                            Addressed to Joe and Ed, concerning the illness of Alice


              Correspondence of Martha Rexrode                                                        3:8

                            “Flora Manor”-Parnassus VA 1947 (Poem and letter)                 3:8:1

                            Card, 1984                                                                             3:8:2

                            Card, undated                                                                         3:8:3

              Miscellaneous                                                                                       3:9

                            Farm Co Op News 1970                                                          3:9:1

                            Certificate of Incorporation, North River Telephone Co.                3:9:2

                            Disney Magic Kingdom Ticket Stubs                                        3:9:3

                            Handwriting Character Analysis                                                3:9:4

                            Beverly Manor Academy Final Exercises, 1913                         3:9:5

                            Christmas Card                                                                      3:9:6

                            Thinking of You Card                                                               3:9:7

                            Envelope Addressed to M. Dudley                                          3:9:8

                            Calling Card- Blanche A. Corrie                                               3:9:9

                            Postage Stamp, 3 Cents                                                        3:9:10

                            Postcard- Fort Matanzas                                                        3:9:11

                            North River Augusta Fair and Horse Show, 1939                       3:9:12

                            “Table Grace You Can Use”                                                     3:9:13

                            W-A Intestinal Antiseptic announcement                                  3:9:14

                            “Tested Light Conditioning Recipes”                                         3:9:15

                            Envelope Addressed to Agnes Rexrode                                    3:9:16

                            Picture “Pals” (Girl and Puppy) 1925                                        3:9:17

                            Picture “Autumn” 1925                                                            3:9:19

Appendix A:


Letter from Alice, Korea, 1935

Kwangju, Korea

Dec. 1, 1935

Dear Aunt Lee & the Rest,

              Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year! Are you ready for Christmas? I am not.

              Martha’s sitting over there “jabering” so I can hardly write. In fact she usually is “jabering”.

              Dudley goes “struting” around in his sailor and ski suits. The sailor suit had a whistle to it & he keeps on blowing it.

              Mother just got some Peking rugs and they are so pretty. She got some curtain material too.

              Today Mother went downtown to get my watch where it was being fixed. It is fun having it back.

              We haven’t had any snow yet and mother got some roses from the garden today. We usually have roses till Christmas. Jack Frost has come though and

              I think we will have snow soon.

                            With lots of love,



Transcribed by Paula F.G. Weddle – 2012 December 2


Appendix B:


Letter from Alberta Dudley Brand


Dec. 1st

Dear Lee & All:

              This will reach you, about Christmas week I hope – We are thinking especially of Mother and each of you at this season and wishing we could be together again. In spirit we can be, I know.

              So far, no snow here, but it’s cloudy, following a weeks good rain—

              Have had some Kraut or Korean pickle made of the Chinese cabbage, we put in nuts, ? etc. It’s very good & one thing Louie is fond of—We never tire or get sick on it. It’s used uncooked & better cold-                                  

              We were invited to Kunsaw for thanksgiving, with the Hollisters’ but Louie has two nurses very ill & wouldn’t go away—Since then the Hollister baby took diphtheria on that day. So it’s well we didn’t go.

              Then, I wondered what we could have for dinner here & a Man came along with Venison & I bought a hind quarter and invited six guests & we got along nicely. They have a run? of patients now & Louie is very busy—He spent the night there last night & most of today.

              I’m trying to get the house fixed for winter we seal windows here with paper saves coal & fuel. You can’t imagine how we enjoy the andirons in the living room—they polish up & shine nicely.

              I was glad to have the flower seeds. Some came up & those I transplanted into the hot bed.  Have lots of little pansy plants the iris out here is pretty & increases fast. mine was given? me—the golden rod has been lovely—now the poinsettias are out & bulbs are coming on—My front porch is a joy daily.

              Of course Dudley is My prettiest & sweetest flower. Bright & Sunny talking in Korean to beat any? thing.  He is still the Station “baby” and maybe—I’m the youngest married woman here— We are all looking forward to Xmas mail! I mailed a small pak? To you Nov. 21st—It wasn’t all I wished it—but the man we expect to buy from hasn’t come yet— the one white center piece was made in Manchuria by the Danish Mission—they make elaborate things.

              Am sending a few “Snaps” they are rather good of “Dudley”. We are so thankful you have a desirable woman in the house—It means a lot, at this time. You surely needed someone—Do, so wish we could help grandma, in some way—I know she is well taken care of—How is Mrs Sue Bell? She never writes. I’m glad Lil Hanger has a baby!

              Martha is on the floor & Dudley is romping over her—They get very noisy! Alice is larger & more of a lady—learning to sew. She has a green knit suit & looks nice in it.

              We are wishing for each of you a peaceful, healthy Season—

              Much love—Alberta

I certainly wanted to send Edward something.

Transcribed by Paula F. G. Weddle – 2012 December 2