Emily Lee
Emily Lee, Class of 1943


A Guide to the Emily Lee Papers, 1943-2001
Collection Number  SC# 5007

Processed by:  Julia Merkel

Revised by: Alicia Henneberry, August 2012




Descriptive Summary


Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Emily Lee Papers, 1943-2001

Collection No.: SC#5007

Creator: Emily Lee Lewis

Extent: Consists of 2 Hollinger boxes.

Language: English
Abstract: The collection includes James Madison University related correspondence, newsclippings, photographs, scrapbooks, interview, and reunion booklets.

Administrative Information


Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions: The copyright interests in this collection have been transferred to the James Madison University Special Collection Library. For more information, contact the Special Collections Library Reference Desk (library-special@jmu.edu).

Preferred Citation:  [item], Emily Lee Papers, 1943-2001,  SC# 5007, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.

Acquisitions Information: Received from Alumni Relations May, 2003

Processing Information: The photos pertaining to the ‘43 Madison group reunions and University events were added later than the rest of the collection in July, 2012.

Biographical Note: Emily Lewis Lee graduated from Madison College as part of the class of 1943 with a degree in Home Economics. After graduation, she entered Johns Hopkins in Baltimore to begin a six month internship, after which she completed another six months at Halloran Hospital on Staten Island. She then entered the Army Medical Corps as a dietician and was trained in Atlantic City. She met her husband, Luther Lee, while stationed in North Carolina when she was a first lieutenant. She was discharged from the army at the end of the war, and later on became a dietician at the Veterans Administration hospital. Since then has been a proud and active alumni of her alma mater. Emily Lee has served on the Alumni Association, the Education and Student Life Committee, the Board of Visitors from 1980-1983, and as the fund agent for the class of 1943.  In 1981, she received the “Distinguished Alumni Service Award” for her work for the university.


Scope and Content:  This collection documents Emily Lee’s work with James Madison University’s Alumni Association, the Board of Visitors, attendance at JMU events, and reunions with her classmates.  Much of her correspondence includes letters to her fellow alumnae from the class of 1943.  Her awards, appointments and accompanying news clippings are included as are booklets compiled for alumni reunion weekends and homecomings.  Of special interest is the history of the university’s processional mace, a gift of the Class of 1943, presented to the University on Founder’s Day, 1979.  Of more recent interest are a 2001 interview with journalist Nancy Bondurant Jones and two subsequent articles on World War II and plans for an Alumni Center Terrace to honor JMU's contribution to it. Many photographs are included that document reunions and special celebrations at James Madison University.

Series 1, Correspondence, 1953- (1973-1983)-2001 and undated, contains letters mainly regarding reunion planning, plus Lee's annual “Lee News” bulletins for 1981, 1983-1991, with similar reports in 1997, 1999 and 2001.

Series 2, Scrapbooks and Guestbooks, contains two large scrapbooks largely of color photographs compiled either for or after the 35th, 40th and 45th Reunions of the Class of ’43.  The first of these has a small selection of black & white photographs from the 1940s.  The three smaller guestbooks contain signatures from alumni receptions and luncheons dating from 1956-1989.  The first of these books belonged to the Madison Alumni Richmond Chapter, and the other two are most likely from on-campus alumni events.

Series 3, Ephemera, contains a clipping about Mrs. Lee from the “Alumni Bulletin” Vol. 2, No. 1; the “Home Economics Alumni Newletter,” No. 17, December 1981 with front page coverage of Mrs. Lee receiving an alumni service award; reunion booklets from the 1978 and 1979; and an undated alumni publication, “From Blue Stone Hill to You,” among other programs and flyers. Included here are an interview with Nancy B. Jones (March 15, 2001), and Jones' article in the Harrisonburg Daily News Record on April 17 and in the JMU Alumni magazine Montpelier in Summer, 2001. 

Series 4, University Mace, concerns the university’s processional mace and includes a letter from the artist, Prof. Ron Wyancko, newsclippings, fundraising for the Mace Fund, and notes on the Founder’s Day processional 1978-1979.

Series 5, Photographs, contains a 5x7” b&w print of Emily Lee presenting the mace to President Carrier in 1979, an 8x10” of her reunion group ca. 1983 and  four snap shots of awards and reunion banquets from the early 1980s. Also includes photographs from 10 scrapbooks documenting reunions and events, as well as graduation photos from her commencement in 1943.This series is broken up into three subseries (Original Collection Photos, Reunions, and University Events) which are in turn broken down into several subseries.



This collection is arranged in 5 Series



Series                                                                                                                                               Box:Folder

Series 1: Correspondence

1953, 1973-2001                                                                                                                                 1:1

Series 2:  Scrapbooks and Guestbooks.                         

Scrapbook 1, 1942-1986.                                                                                                                     1:2
 Scrapbook 2, 1980-1989.                                                                                                                    1:3

Guestbook 1 (1956-1979) and 2 (1977-1989).                                                                                         1:4
Guestbook 3 (1974-1979).                                                                                                                    2:1

Series 3: Ephemera.
              Ephemera 1956, 1973-1988, 2001, undated.                                                                            2:2

Series 4: University Mace.
              University Mace,1978-1979.                                                                                                   2:3

Series 5: Photographs.

              Subseries I: Original Collection                                                                                          2:4

-5007.05.0001 Emily Lee presenting the University mace to Dr. Carrier 

-5007.05.0002 Emily Lee and reunion group

-5007.05.0003 Four snapshots of Emily Lee

              Subseries II: Reunions

1995 and 1996 ’43 Madison group reunion                                                                                         2:5

-5007.05.0004 Cover photo

-5007.05.0005 Flower display

-5007.05.0006 Garden Club shirt

-5007.05.0007 Emily Lee with Frances Agnor Traver and Ann Valentine Pheiffer

-5007.05.0008 “The Gang” group shot

-5007.05.0009 Til Purnell w/ horse

 -5007.05.0010 At stable, group shot

-5007.05.0011 Tea Room Lunch, group shot

-5007.05.0012 Group at dinner

-5007.05.0013 Mary Jackson, Ann Valentine Pheiffer, Ethel Mason Miller, Frances Agnor Traver, and unidentified woman

-5007.05.0014 Dick and Frances Traver with Ruth Anne Herring

-5007.05.0015 Dick Traver and Ruth Anne Herring

-5007.05.0016 Space Shuttle at Cape Canaveral

-5007.05.0017 Cape Canaveral, group shot

-5007.05.0018 Group next to space shuttle

-5007.05.0019 Ladies out shopping

-5007.05.0020 Catharine Cothran Pedigo, Mary Jackson, Ethel Mason Moore, Frances Agnor Traver, Ann Valentine Pheiffer

-5007.05.0021 Group in front of restaurant

-5007.05.0022 Emily Lee, Frances Agnor Traver, Mary Jackson, Catharine Cothran Pedigo at Lee Chapel

-5007.05.0023 Emily Lee, Margaret Hoffman Gouldman, and Marcella Mears

-5007.05.0024 Frances Agnor Traver, Mary Jackson, Margaret Hoffman Gouldman, Emily Lee, Catharine Cothran Pedigo

-5007.05.0025 Emily Lee, Margaret Hoffman Gouldman, Catharine Cothran Pedigo, Frances Agnor Traver, Mary Jackson.

-5007.05.0026 RV at campground

-5007.05.0027 Group in motor home

-5007.05.0028 Group shot at dinner

-5007.05.0029 Group at dinner

-5007.05.0030 Frances Agnor Traver

-5007.05.0031 Emily Lee and Ethel Mason Miller

-5007.05.0032 Louise and Bud Hansby, Dick Traver

-5007.05.0033 Frances Agnor Traver, Mary Jackson, Til Horn Purnell, Ann Valentine Pheiffer, Ethel Mason Miller

1997 and 1998 ’43 Madison group reunion

-5007.05.0034 Cover photo, Emily Lee

-5007.05.0035 Til Horn Purnell, Ethel Mason Moore, Ann Valentine Pheiffer

-5007.05.0036 Making memory books

-5007.05.0037 Ladies with scrapbooks

-5007.05.0038 In front of Poplar Forest.

-5007.05.0039 Emily Lee, Ann Valentine Pheiffer, and unidentified woman

-5007.05.0040 Ann Valentine Pheiffer, Ethel Mason Miller, Dick Traver

-5007.05.0041 Group shot at table

-5007.05.0042 By lake at Peaks of Otter

-5007.05.0043 Avoca-Ancestral home of Col. Lynch

-5007.05.0044 Group in front of house

-5007.05.0045 Anne and Don Pheiffer

-5007.05.0046 Betty’s Kitchen

-5007.05.0047 Appomatox Battleground

-5007.05.0048 Ladies waiting to eat

-5007.05.0049 The husbands

-5007.05.0050 Ann and Don Pheiffer with nephew

-5007.05.0051 Frances Agnor Traver and Til Horn Purnell

-5007.05.0052 Til Horn Purnell and Frances Agnor Traver

-5007.05.0053 Mary and Tom Sweet wedding photo

-5007.05.0054 Ladies with Van Reese

-5007.05.0055 “The men arrive”

-5007.05.0056 Dick Traver

-5007.05.0057 Waiting in front of Olive Garden

-5007.05.0058 Ethel Mason Miller and husband?

-5007.05.0059 Lunch at Williamsburg Inn

-5007.05.0060 Music at Williamsburg Inn

-5007.05.0061 More music

-5007.05.0062 Mary Jackson and Til Horn Purnell

-5007.05.0063 Emily Lee with Mary Jackson and Frances Agnor Traver

-5007.05.0064 Entertainment at tavern

-5007.05.0065 Group at dinner

-5007.05.0066 Comfort suites

1999 ’43 Madison group reunion

-5007.05.0067 Emily Lee with the Vanlandinghaw’s

-5007.05.0068 Catharine Cothran Pedigo, Mary Jackson, Ann Valentine Pheiffer

-5007.05.0069 Ethel Mason Miller, Frances Agnor Traver, and Marion Watkins Herger

-5007.05.0070 Frances Traver, Ethel Mason Miller, Ann Brown Hutchinson, Catharine Cothran Pedigo

-5007.05.0071 Emily Lee with Virginia Tunnes Wells

-5007.05.0072 Priceless Tiffany Window

-5007.05.0073 Ethel Mason Miller, Catharine Cothran Pedigo, Ann Valentine Pheiffer, Frances Agnor Traver

-5007.05.0074 Table at dinner

-5007.05.0075 Music at farewell dinner

-5007.05.0076 Emily Lee, Mary Jackson, Ann Valentine Pheiffer, Catharine Cothran Pedigo, Ethel Mason Miller, Frances Agnor Traver

-5007.05.0077 Robin Worth and wife Joann

-5007.05.0078 Emily Lee with group at dinner

-5007.05.0079 Group at happy hour

-5007.05.0080 Ladies in front of Petersburg Country Club

-5007.05.0081 Carriage Tour of Olde Towne

2000 ’43 Madison group reunion                                                                                                            2:6

-5007.05.0082 Weighing-in at Marina

-5007.05.0083 Ann Valentine Pheiffer and Don Pheiffer

-5007.05.0084 Marina

-5007.05.0085 Frances and Don Traver

-5007.05.0086 Marge Hoskins and Mary Jackson on front porch

-5007.05.0087 Emily Lee and Mary Jackson

-5007.05.0088 Emily Lee and group at Beaufort Chamber of Commerce

-5007.05.0089 Group on carriage ride

-5007.05.0090 Marge Hoskins and husband

-5007.05.0091 Chicago painted cow

-5007.05.0092 Group in front of buses

-5007.05.0093 Emily Lee, Marge Hoskins, Frances Traver, Don Traver

-5007.05.0094 Emily Lee, Marge Hoskins, Mary Jackson

-5007.05.0095 Emily Lee with Marge Hoskins and Mary Jackson

-5007.05.0096 Frances Agnor Traver, Mary Jackson, Ann Valentine Pheiffer

-5007.05.0097 Marge Hoskins, Bob Hoskins, Dick Traver, Frances Agnor Traver

-5007.05.0098 Group shot on porch

-5007.05.0099 Til Horn Purnell, Frances Agnor Traver, Mary Jackson, Ann Valentine Phieffer, Emily Lewis Lee

-5007.05.0100 “Dolphin Watch” house

-5007.05.0101 Frances Traver, Mary Jackson, Ann Valentine Pheiffer, Dick Traver

-5007.05.0102 Marge Hoskins

-5007.05.0103 Emily Lee and Sigma sisters with Sigma plaque

-5007.05.0104 Sunrise from front porch

-5007.05.0105 Mary Jackson and others saying goodbye

-5007.05.0106 Waving goodbye

-5007.05.0107 Ann and Don Phieffer

2001 ’43 Madison group reunion

-5007.05.0108 Cover photo

-5007.05.0109 Til Purnell with dog, Kipley, and car

-5007.05.0110 Catharine Cothran Pedigo, Frances Agnor Traver, Mary Jackson, Ethel Mason Moore.

-5007.05.0111 Men group shot

-5007.05.0112 Emily Lee

-5007.05.0113 Til Purnell with Margaret Hoffman Gouldman

-5007.05.0114 Mary Jackson, Frances Agnor Traver, Ethel Mason Moore

-5007.05.0115 Dick Traver, Hart Miller, Tom Sweet

-5007.05.0116 Hart Miller, others at table

-5007.05.0117 Group at dinner

-5007.05.0118 Mary Jackson and Til Purnell

-5007.05.0119 Skip Purnell reviews appointment calendar

-5007.05.0120 Charlisa Howell, Frances Traver, Til Purnell

-5007.05.0121 Frances Traver, Til Purnell, Margaret Hoffman Gouldman

-5007.05.0122 Group with Charlisa Howell, Dick Traver, Frances Traver

-5007.05.0123 The whole group

-5007.05.0124 Frances Agnor Traver

-5007.05.0125 Til and Skip Purnell

-5007.05.0126 Emily Lee and Til Purnell

-5007.05.0127 Emily Lee and Til Purnell

-5007.05.0128 Til Purnell

-5007.05.0129 High school group

-5007.05.0130 Margaret Hoffman Gouldman

-5007.05.0131 Margaret Hoffman Gouldman

-5007.05.0132 Rhodendedrum  Bush


              University Events

1943 Commencement Ceremony                                                                                                            2:7

-5007.05.0133 graduation ceremony

-5007.05.0134 Emily Lewis Lee with diploma

-5007.05.0135 Emily Lewis Lee and group in front of Jackson Hall

-5007.05.0136 Emily Lewis Lee and group

-5007.05.0137 Emily Lewis Lee and large group

-5007.05.0138 Emily Lewis Lee and other graduates

-5007.05.0139 Emily Lewis Lee and others

Class of 1943 35th reunion 1978

-5007.05.0140 Midge and Nate Clark

-5007.05.0141 Emily Lee and two others

-5007.05.0142 Emily Lee and friends

-5007.05.0143 Margaret Hoffman Gouldman

-5007.05.0144 At table, Dr. Carrier in background

-5007.05.0145 Frances Agnor Traver, Ann Valentine Phieffer and others

-5007.05.0146 Emily Lee and others in front of hotel

-5007.05.0147 In front of hotel

Inauguration of President Linwood Rose-Sept 1999

-5007.05.0148 Harrisonburg sign from Massanutten, ‘98

-5007.05.0149 Emily Lee with Rebecca Davidson (‘47) and members of the Rose family

-5007.05.0150 Rebecca Davidson with Jane Dingledine Houston (’42)

-5007.05.0151 Sunset from “New Campus”

-5007.05.0152 Emily Lee, Kathy Jasien, and Rebecca Davidson at dinner

-5007.05.0153 Dr. Douglas Brown, VP Academic Affairs, with Betsy Brown, Bill and Kathy Jasien at dinner

-5007.05.0154 Bonnie Neff Hoover and Stanley Folk at dinner

-5007.05.0155 Campus painting being presented to the Carriers’

-5007.05.0156 Edith Carrier with painting

-5007.05.0157 Emily Lee and Rebecca Davidson with 90’s Tri Sigma t-shirt

-5007.05.0158 Jane Kinderman and Rebecca Bennett Davidson at Walton House

-5007.05.0159 Group shot at Strawderman ‘87

-5007.05.0160 Group shot, Richmond Fall ‘94

-5007.05.0161 Emily Lee and group, Petersburg Fall ‘94

-5007.05.0162 Peggy A. and family

-5007.05.0163 Emily Virginia Lewis, ‘40

Alumni Weekend-May 2002                                                                                                                 2:8

-5007.05.0164 Alumni Weekend 2002 cover

-5007.05.0165 Baseball field

-5007.05.0166 Emily Lee with VCU coach’s wife

-5007.05.0167 Emily Lee with JMU player’s parents

-5007.05.0168 Wilson Hall

-5007.05.0169 Emily Lee with ’52 alum dressed as clown and husband

-5007.05.0170 Emily Lee with Emily Long Bruce and Lois Long on bench by Kissing Rock

-5007.05.0171 Lucille June Smead

-5007.05.0172 Kathy Stafford, VP for Development, outside of Alumnae Halll

-5007.05.0173 Emily Lee with her weekend escort Catharine Cook

-5007.05.0174 Two ’52 alumni at reception at President Rose’s house

-5007.05.0175 Emily Lee with Nellie Long, Ralph and Inez Roop

-5007.05.0176 Emily Lee and Georgina Chapplear Milleken

-5007.05.0177 Catharine Cook and driver Mr. Roberts with JMU bus

-5007.05.0178 Emily Lee and Polly Long

-5007.05.0179 Emily Lee with Evelyn Jefferson and Lillian Bundy and others at 1942 table

-5007.05.0180 JMU flowers by Festival

-5007.05.0181 Emily Lee and Glenda Bennett (Sigma sisters) in front of Bluestone fireplace in Alumnae Hall

-5007.05.0182 Emily Lee with Justin Thompson, Director of Alumni Relations

-5007.05.0183 Emily Lee and Nancy Bondurant Jones

-5007.05.0184 Emily Lee and Nancy Bondurant Jones

-5007.05.0185 Carolyn Copley during candle ceremony

-5007.05.0186 Emily Lee with Ann Dechert and Nancy Hughes

-5007.05.0187 Emily Lee and others 

Homecoming Weekend-October 2002

-5007.05.0188 Emily Lee with Anna Long Watson and Emily Long Bruce, picture of Bonnie Heff attached

-5007.05.0189 Emily Lee and Bob Hoskins

-5007.05.0190 Emily Lee and Marge Hoskins

-5007.05.0191 Emily Lee and Margaret Moore

-5007.05.0192 Emily Lee with Sigma sisters in front of Sigma house

-5007.05.0193 Emily Lee with Sigmas and Cake Walk t-shirt

-5007.05.0194 Emily Lee with Sigma alumni and current officers

-5007.05.0195 Emily Lee with replica of Leeolou Alumni Center

-5007.05.0196 Emily Lee with List of Lead Donors

-5007.05.0197 Emily Long Bruce, Lisa Horsch, Steph Ann Watson, Marge Hoskins at Dedication Dinner

-5007.05.0198 Emily Lee, Ann Watson, Marge Hoskins at table

-5007.05.0199 Emily Lee with President Rose and wife Judith

-5007.05.0200 Emily Lee and Mike Dewitt from JMU Board of Visitors

-5007.05.0201 Emily Lee with the Rose’s, the McGraw’s, and Lucy Koof-Pust at post-game reception

-5007.05.0202 Emily Lee, Marge Hoskins, and friend at reception

-5007.05.0203 Emily Lee and Marge Hoskins on parking deck at reception

-5007.05.0204 JMU flowers by Leeolou Alumni Center

-5007.05.0205 Front of Leeolou Alumni Center

-5007.05.0206 Emily Lee and Lisa Horsch at Bridgeforth Stadium

-5007.05.0207 Emily Lee and field at Bridgeforth Stadium

-5007.05.0208 “Welcome Back Alumni!” sign at Leeolou Alumni Center

-5007.05.0209 Emily Lee and Lisa Horsch with Madison scrapbook

-5007.05.0210 Emily Lee, Lisa Horsch, Marge Hoskins at WWII Garden Patio

-5007.05.0211 Emily Lee and Lisa Horsch with Veterans of WWII plaque

James Madison Day Celebrations-March 2006

-5007.05.0212 Emily Lee and Marge Hoskins at graves of Emily and Mable Lee Walton

-5007.05.0213 Emily Lee with Ass. VP for Constituent Relations

-5007.05.0214 Emily Lee with Marge Hoskins and Director of Development Karen Guntharp

-5007.05.0215 Emily Lee with Dr. Phyllis Rowe

-5007.05.0216 Emily Lee with hostess and staff

-5007.05.0217 Emily Lee with Jane Dingledine Houston

-5007.05.0218 Emily Lee with Carolyn Wakr

-5007.05.0219 View of Wilson stage for Madison Day Program

-5007.05.0220 Emily Lee with Marge Hoskins and Polly Lane