Credit Women International Collection, 1984-1989

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Compiled by: Chelsea Tholen, June 2013




Descriptive Summary

 Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Credit Women International Collection, 1984-1989

Collection No.: SC 5060

Creator:  Chelsea Tholen

Extent: One Hollinger Box, 34 Folders

Language:  English


Abstract: Materials present in this collection are taken from two scrap books donated to Special Collections. This includes newsletters, photographs, flyers and articles about the organization.

It fills one Hollinger Metal Edge box and consists of 33 folders.


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Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions: The copyright interests in this collection have been transferred to the James Madison University Special Collection Library. For more information, contact the Special Collections Library Reference Desk (

Preferred Citation:  Credit Women International Collection, 1984-1989, SC 5060, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

Acquisition Information: Two Scrapbooks donated by Anne Harter on 2010 July 14.

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Bio/Historical Note:  The Credit Women International is an organization in which women who are involved in a credit union can join. The Harrisonburg chapter was influential in establishing many other chapters, including Winchester’s in 1985. The organization also put on many fundraisers and had a meeting once a month that included the incorporation of leading professionals in the area to address the organization.

Scope and Content:  Materials present in this collection are taken from two scrap books donated to Special Collections. This includes newsletters, photographs, flyers and articles about the organization. It fills one Hollinger Metal Edge box and consists of 33 folders.

Arrangement:  The collection is arranged in II series:

  • Scrapbook, 1984-1985                                                 
  • Scrapbook, 1988-1989


Series I: 1984-1985 Scrapbook

-Folder 1: November 1984:

Executive Committee of Harrisonburg CWI

Lazarus, fine fashions of Virginia

 Ron Powell

 Steve Hall

 CWI Emergency Medical Record I.D. Card

 November 1984 Newsletter

-Folder 2: December 1984

 Regular meeting CWI Harrisonburg Part 1

 Regular Meeting Harrisonburg CWI Part 2

 Newsletter #11


-Folder 3: January 1985


Picture of a Man Speaking

CWI Is Love

Regular Meeting- Harrisonburg CWI

Credit Women News Clipping

Notes from David’s Speaking on 3c’s of success (Part 1)

Notes from David’s Speaking on 3c’s of success (Part 2)

City Chamber Plans Dale Carnegie Class

What the Dale Carnegie Course can help you do for yourself pamphlet

January 1985 Newsletter

-Folder 4: February 1985

1984-1985 Dist. XII Conference- Pittsburgh PA Tour Speakers and Banquets

District XII 1984-1985 1st Flight- Pittsburgh, PA Accident for Attention

1984-1985 Dist. XII Conference- Pittsburgh Int. Pres. Anne & Int. V. Pres

1984-1985 District XII- Pittsburgh Banquets and Meetings

Two Women in a Bed

Women with Wine Bottle

Installation Banquet, February 17, 1985

Greater Pittsburgh International Airport Pamphlet

Newsletter #10

This Week in Pittsburgh Key

42nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Consumer Credit & Collection Conference (Itinerary)

Conference News

Greater Pittsburgh International Airport Stand Pamphlet

Pittsburgh Marriot Map

42nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Consumer Credit & Collection Conference (Mixer)

42nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Consumer Credit & Collection Conference (Installation and Awards Banquet)

42nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Consumer Credit & Collection Conference (Coffee and Danish)

42nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Consumer Credit & Collection Conference (Installation Banquet)

Annual Installation Banquet

Point to your Future in Credit

Elizabeth Allebaugh February Meeting on Consumer Credit Education

District Twelve Conference

February 1985 Newsletter

-Folder 5: March 1985

Hi Ann! (March 16, 1985)

Bridal Shower at Regular Meeting for Stephanie Carr

Pictures at March 1985 Meeting

Pictures at March 1985 Meeting

Pictures at March 1985 Meeting

Community Mediation Center Pamphlet

Installation Ceremony, September Meeting, 1985 Membership Drive (1984-1985)

March Meeting & Installation, Stephanie Carr & Mary Phillips

Grand Piano and Furniture Co. History of Shirley Ann Southerly

Vicky S. Wenger History

Alice Coffman Martens History

Teresa A. Breeden History

Community Mediation Center

Mary Lynn Rexrode History

Williette S. Moyers History

The Women Executive Pamphlet


Installation Ceremony March 19, 1985

Community Mediation Center Letter

March 1985 Newsletter

-Folder 6: April 1985

April 1985, Harrisonburg Daily New Record Credit Women

Valley Chatter

National Consumer Credit Education Week 1985

Easter Wishes for You

Credit Women News Clipping (Lyle Cameron)

Public Record Bulletin

April 1985 Newsletter

-Folder 7: May 1985

 ‘Grace Heatwole- Color Consultant’

Credit Women International Of Virginia, Anne L. Harter

Credit Women News Clipping John Sowers

 ‘Man At Lecture’

 ‘At a Meeting around a Table’

 ‘Man Presenting to a group’

Executive Board

Women Talking around a Table

Women at a Table

Women at a Park Bench

Front Table

Man Speaking at Front Table

Woman addressing at Front Table

VA Conference May, 1985- Omni- Norfolk Business Meeting & Election of Officers

CWI- May Meeting- Guests

Letter to Debbie from Anne Harter

Discover the Many sides of the Waterside

Virginia Retail Merchants Association

Omni Conference Itinerary

Omni Button Cover

Portside Pamphlet

Virginia Credit Women International Program

Omni International Hotel Pamphlet

Omni Hotel Receipt

May 1985 Newsletter

Awards and Installation Luncheon May 19


Women in Pink Dresses

Virginia State Conference May, 1985- Omni- Norfolk Speakers, Banquet & Tours

Ways & Means- May 1985, Bake Sale at Valley Mall

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce Report

-Folder 8: June 1985

News Letter June 1985

Prospective Member Letter June 1985

May Meeting 1985 Speaker Violet Allain Professor JMU “Management- Two Perspectives”

A Letter from Mary Miller

Thank you letter from Margaret Pitcher

Letter from Bonnie Dispanet

International Credit Conference, June 16-18, 1985 Toronto

Roanoke Executive Wins Award of Excellence

International Credit Conference Optional Tours

The Inner Circle

Bonnie C. Dispanet Stepping down letter

-Folder 9: July 1985

July Newsletter 1985

William Page Presenting at the meeting

William Page Card

July Meeting- 1985- Speaker- William Page Val Com Computer Center “Computers for Small Bus.”

-Folder 10: August 1985

August 1985 Newsletter

Education Award Certificate Credit Women (100% Passed Exam)

Letter from Esther Worthington

Criteria for Candidate Nomination, CWI Boss of the Year

CWI Officers in Training Seminar

Leadership Seminary, Dist. XII- Charlottesville Aug. 24, 1984

Itinerary August 24 1985

CWI Boss of the Year Application

Valley Chatter

-Folder 11: September 1985

September Newsletter

September Meeting- 1985, Speaker Jerry Hopkins (1984 Boss of the Year) “The Sweet Juicy Grapes Can Be Yours (Plus other topic??)

 “The Sweet Juicy Grapes Can Be Yours” Address

September Meeting- 1985 Installation New members (membership drive)

Women Inducted

Member duties

Acceptance letter from Leonard R. Shifflette

CWI Women in in the Work Force and Color Analysis Seminar

Fashion Show Pictures

Stress and Fashion Seminary Planned

 Invitation to Roanoke’s Installation

 A Seminar for Today’s women

 A Seminar for Today’s Women

 List of What Women Were Wearing & Price

-Folder 12: Installation of Winchester’s CWI

 Installation of Officer, November 12, 1985

News Clipping, 2nd meeting- Winchester Election of Officers & By Laws Dist. & State Officer in Attendance Eva Lineberry & Nancy Gibson

Newly Elected Officers- CWI Winchester, VA

 Newspaper Clipping, credit Women International

New Club Formed


Welcome CWI Letter to Deborah from Esther

Credit Women International Meeting- Winchester, VA

Presentation of Charter of CWI of the Shenandoah Valley

State Officer Nancy Gibson VA State 1st VP, District Officer, Eva Lineberry 1st VP

International Officer Veni Whill, International Secretary, CWI of the Shenandoah Valley Officers, 1985-1986

Installation of New officers CWI of the Shen. Valley, Winchester, VA. Presentation of Gavel to Winchester CWI from Harrisonburg CWI

Speaker—Finance One, Winchester VA

4th Meeting- Winchester VA, Presentation of Charter, Anna Claytor, H’burg pres. Anne Harter, H’Burg Past Pres, Debbie Wakeman, Winchester Pres, Meeting Presentation of Chapter Distrct XII President

Letter from Debbie C. Wakeman

-Folder 13: October 1985





Club Auction

Club Auction

Way & Means Project

Hampton CWI denial

Hagerstown Maryland Invitation

Petersburg CWI Bosses Banquet Invitation

Decline from Marilyn Landers

Charlottesville Invitation

Promissory Note

CWI Sixth Annual; Bosses Night and Installation

Skit for Bosses Night

CWI Sixth Annual; Bosses Night and Installation

Valley Charter

CWI Sixth Annual; Bosses Night and Installation

Presentation of Marth B. Gleason Bracelet from Immediate Past President given by Martha to H’burg Club- Installation of New Officers 1985-1986

Letter from Pat Batten

Presentation of 5 Year Perfect Attendance Award- Anne Anve

Letter from Anna

Thanks from Anne

Thanks from Anne Vance

Ron and Anne

Pilot Club installs Vance as President

Bowen is Promoted

Kline Attends Credit School

Dispanet named to NACM Board

Harrisonburg Pilot

First American Names Manager

Dinne Dean and Mary Rexrode

Phylliss Kline and Karen Thompson

Angie Arndt and Betty Propst (Credit Bureau Staff)

Karen Thompson And Sara Bailey (Credit Bureau Staff)

Anne Vance

Anna Claytor

Linda Ritche

Take It from One Who Knows, Don’t Give All to Family, Job

Penney Official Speaks on Credit

Sears Considering General Purpose Credit Card

Consumers Advised to Check Credit Files

Dun & Bradstreet Sells Data on Contractors

Employees’ Appearance Reflects on Company’s Business Image

News Letter, October 1985

-Folder 14: Pamphlets and Articles

How the New Equal Credit Opportunity Act Affects you

How to Establish and Use Credit

Your Credit Rating

What the Credit Granter needs to know about the fair credit reporting act

Consumers, Credit Bureaus and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Credit Reporting Industry Security Standards

Credit Creditability

Solving Credit Problems

$50,000 to $100,000 group Term life insurance

How the New Equal Credit Opportunity Act Affects you

Credit & Collection Clinic

Consumer Trends

Consumers, Collectors and the Fair Debt Collection practices Act

What the Credit Grantor needs to know about the fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Your Credit Rating

Electronic Fund transfer (Regulation E)

Options for Savers

Highlights of the Fair Credit Reporting Act for Credit Grantors

Bankruptcy Strategies for Creditors

Notice to Consumers

Virginia General District Courts Information Pamphlet

Virginia Courts in Brief

Consumer Credit Protection Act, Amendments

Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984

Title VI- Consumer Credit Reporting

Credit Women International- District XII- April 1985

Credit Women International- Fall 1984

Credit Women International- Spring 1985

Management Magazine, Conference/Financial Report 1984

Credit World 1985 (Vol. 73, No. 3, January/February)

Specialist must work alone

Young, Old women out of Work Find the Job Market is Still Tight

Too Old to Get Credit

Be your Own Best friend

Money Talks by Richard Blodgett

Credit Cards, Their Use, Abuse Increasing

Employers Key on Expression

Series II: 1988-1989 Scrapbook

-Folder 15: Martinsville Henry County

Women Posing (Names on Back)

Pictures at the Bosses Night in Martinsville

Bosses Night Invitation to Martinsville

Credit Women International of Martinsville and Henry County, Virginia

-Folder 16: Danville

To Anne, from Gabriela Lea

Coffee Cream, Danville Credit Women

Chewing Gum Keeps you awake BETTER than Coffee

Danville Installation of Officers

Light Your Way, Danville Credit Professionals

-Folder 17: Miscellaneous

Souvenir Impression of the Seal of the Treasurer of the Sovereign State of West Virginia

Annual Installation Banquet

A. James Manchin, Treasurer of State

CWI: Credit Professionals, Mid-Atlantic Council Newsletter #3

Luncheon, CWI, District XII, Arlington

Anne, from Mary Rexrode

Annual Installation Banquet, March 20, 1989

77th Annual International Credit Conference

Anne’s Name Tag

Photos at the 77th Annual International Credit Conference

Anne’s Name Tag

Note from Nancy Gibson

Name tag, Anne Harter

Thanks from Hazel

Congratulations from Jay

Morning Worship, April 24, 1988

Delegate Ribbon

To Anne, From Dot

Image Impact Workshop

Virginia State President Napkin

Congratulations from Divine (?) Jeannie, & Mary

Congratulations from Dot

Virginia CWI Credit Professionals Breakfast

Congratulations from Jo

Forty-Eight Installation Banquet Mid Atlantic Council District Twelve, March 20, 1988

Anne, from Eva

To Anne, from Sheryl

Congratulations from Phyllis Caffey

Virginia CWI: Credit Professionals 26th Installation & Awards Banquet

27th Annual State Conference

Anne from Venie B. Whitt

CWI Credit Professionals of Pennsylvania State Conference, September 1988

Note from Venie Whitt, re: Anne Harter’s Travels

Letter to Anne from JoAnne

Newsletter #3, March 27, 1989

Itinerary for Virginia State Conference 04/21/89-4/23/89

Spring State Conference Newsletter

Newsletter #2, November

Flyer #3, April 7, 1989

Newsletter #1, April 1988

Newsletter #8 November 1988

Newsletter #11, February 1989

Newsletter #12, March 1989

To Anne, from Phyllis

Newsletter #1 August, 1988

Newsletter #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 October 1988- April 1989

Photos of Members

Women around a Table

-Folder 18: Staunton, Winchester, Augusta County

Members at a Barbeque

Credit Professionals Officers installed

CWI Professionals, Staunton , Waynesboro, and Augusta County


First Annual Bosses Night, October 11, 1988

Folder 19: Charlottesville

Photos of Members (Description in Folder)

Photos of Members (Description in Folder)


Bosses Banquet 1988

Speech for Installation

Folder 20: Covington Clifton Forge

Bosses Night 4/15/89

Officers Installed

Photos of Members

Nancy from Janis

Covington-Clifton Forge Credit Women Professionals


-Folder 21: Hampton

Photos of Members

Invitation to Bosses Banquet

Hampton Bosses Banquet September 22, 1988

-Folder 22: Lexington Buena Vista

Anne from Doris and all members

Memo from Anne Harter

-Folder 23: Lynchburg

Officers for 87-88, Lynchburg CWI

CWI, 41st Annual Bosses’ Banquet October 5, 1988

Invitation Lynchburg’s Bosses Night

-Folder 24: Petersburg

Blank Meeting list notes

Newsletter #3, January 24, 1989

Invitation to Petersburg Installation and Bosses Banquet

Members (Two Women)

Members (Two Women)

Folder 25: Credit Women International 1984-1985 Harrisonburg VA

Photos of Members

Photos of Members

Photos of Members

Photos of Members

Photos of Members

Newsletter #3 Oct. & Nov. 1984

To Anne from Esther Worthington

Newsletter #1 October 1984

Congratulations from Kristie


Anne Harter Name Tag

Shield Pin

CWI Installs New Officers

President Installed

Credit Women International of Harrisonburg VA 1984-1985 Committees

Valley Chatter


Presidents Message

CWI October 16, 1984

-Folder 26: Suffolk

Harter Named State CWI President

Photos of Members

Thank you from Hazel

Photos of Members

Harrisonburg CWI

With Congratulations from Juanita

VP Spreads word on CWI


Speech for Installation of Officers

Update from Gail C. Williams

Fruit Basket Drink and peanuts from Gail and Lucy

Bosses Banquet Invitation

Thank you from Gail

Anne Harter Name tag

Suffolk CWI: Credit Professionals Bosses’ Banquet

-Folder 27: Northern Virginia Fairfax

Last Minute Memo

49th Installation Banquet Mid-Atlantic Council District Twelve

Anne Harter Name Tag

Installation Banquet Invitation and Photos

Thanks from Frances

You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

-Folder 28: Newport News

Saint Vincent de Paul Church, November 29, 1988

Inside Business

Photos of Members

Invitation to CWI Bosses Banquet

Bosses Banquet and Installation of Officers October 5, 1988

Membership Bulletin, January 1989

First Impressions

Join a Winning Team of Credit Professionals

First Impressions, March 4, 1989

-Folder 29: Harrisonburg

Bankruptcy Increase Costly for Consumers

Club Notes

Thank you Anne from Alice Martens

Business People and Dorothy R. Hinnant

Carrier of the Year

Certificate of Perfect Attendance to Anne Harter

Harrisonburg CWI: CP Installation October 18, 1988

CWI- Credit Professionals, Bosses Banquet/Installation October 18, 1988

-Folder 30: Norfolk

Photos of Members


Photos of Members (Description on Paper/Back)

CWI-CP Officers Norfolk, VA 1988-1989

Bosses  Night, October 4, 1988

-Folder 31: Shenandoah Valley

CWI previews, March 1989

Photos of Members

CWI Bosses Night, March 21, 1989

Thank you Anne from Cindy McClain

Invitation to Installation Meeting, October 11, 1988

Thank you Anne, from Cindy McClain

CWI Credit Professionals, Bosses Night, March 21, 1989 Invitation

CWI Credit Professionals of the Shenandoah Valley, Installation of Officers

CWI Credit Professionals of the Shenandoah Valley, Bosses Night, March 8, 1988

Anne Harter Name Tag

-Folder 32: Roanoke

Photos of Members

Photos of Members

Reach for the Stars

Thank you Anne, from Grace

Installation of Officers, September 15, 1988

Name Tag

Club News

CWI: Credit Professionals of Roanoke, 1988-1989

Invitation to President's Tea

CWI Credit Professionals elect Officers

Credit Professionals elect New officers

Grace Poff will speak for CWI

President’s Tea napkin

The Jefferson Club Napkin

Photos of members

Bosses Night, May 10, 1988

-Folder 33: Richmond

Photos of Members

Photos of members

Education Communication “Progress through Communication Strength Through Education

-Folder 34: Portsmouth

Invitation Bosses Banquet

Late Summer Luau, September 20, 1988

Photos of members

Ticket to Bosses Banquet

Name  Tag

Photos of Members