Full Transcript for the Short abstract from the reports of the synod of the Lutheran  ministerium, held in the state North Carolina. In the Year of our Lord 1817.


Compiled by: Linn Baumgardt April 2011


Short abstract from the reports of the synod of the Lutheran  ministerium, held in the state North Carolina. In the Year of our Lord 1817.



Shenandoah County, Virginia

Printed in S. Henkel Print shop.






On October 19th, which is the 3rd Sunday, preacher, candidates and assemblymen of the Lutheran community from North Carolina and bordering counties, assembled  to the pilgrim church, in Rowan County.

On Saturday before there were sermons for the preparations of the Last Supper. Mr. Storch preached about Joh. 5, 48 and candidate Daniel Scherer about Luc. 15, 2, 1. Today the first mentioned preached about Mat. 6, 38, Mr. Philipp Zenkel about Joh. 15, 14 and candidate Joseph S. Bell , later in the English language.

After the last supper was held with only a few of the crowded number of listeners, the service was concluded.


Monday. The 20th, at 9o’clock,


Assembled the preachers and assemblymen in aforementioned church and synod was started by respected Mr. Praefes with singing “Lord Jesus Christ you turn to us” praying and cordial address.

Present Preachers were:  The honorable Carl August Storch, Gottlieb Schober

Robert Johnson Miller, Jacob Scherer

Philipp Henkel.



Daniel Moser, David Henkel



Jacob Krieson, Daniel Walcher,

Martin Walther, Jacob Miller,

Joseph E. Bell, Daniel Scherer,

Michael McMadin



Mr. Kristler, Peter Lapp, Johannes Bed, Christian Helmstaetter – all from different congregations from Rowan County

Martin Herche – from Trebill County

Heinrich Holder

Johannes Noll – Stotes County

Heinrich Krant – Virginia




 Regarding the choice of officers, Mr. Storch as president and G. Schober as secretary were elected.

A committee consisting of R. Johnson Miler, Philipp Henkel and Joseph E. Bell was ordered to examine the same, and report about it.


Following donations were given:


From 3 congregations in Stotes County                                         $11           12 1/2


From Guilford County                                                                   7                 15

From a few new congregations in Tennessee       22              45

From Botetourt and Montgomery County, Virg.                     5                 98

From David Henkel                                                                        1                 00

                                                                                                                        47              70 ½



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Bill is accurate. – G. Schober was elected as treasurer again.


He made his request for compensation for his travels.


Baptized Children               Adults                         confirmed                      buried

Gefr. Carl U. Storch                                165                                                   =                  62                                                      6

= R. T. Miller,                                                 191                                                   17              57                                                      =

=Philipp Henkel,                                      83                                                      9                 50                                                      =

=G. Schober,                                                 48 one Sunday school      =                  9                                                         =

=Jacob Scherer                                           87 four do.                                 1                 59                                                      17

=L. Markert,                                                  27                                                      =                  =                                                          =

Candi. Peter Schmucker,                 127                                                   11              90                                                      =

=David Henkel,                                           169                                                   20              88                                                      15

=Daniel Moser                                            81                                                      5                 27                                                      16

Catchet Daniel Scherer,                                       65                                                      4                 =                                                          =

=Jacob Krieson,                                                            8                                                         =                  =                                                          8

=Jacob Miller,                                              9                                                         =                  =                                                          =

We really only have very small power –

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The candidates Peter Schmucker and Catechet Rothe were excused for their absence.

The day was concluded with singing and prayer.

At 12 o’clock catechist Daniel Walcher preached.


Tuesday the 21st of October

One came together at nine o’clock again. And after the song “with your merciful hand, you God guide us,” and prayer the business continued.




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Following petitions were read:


No.1 From Botetourt County, Virg, in which was asked, that the present Martin Walther (who had once before received authority from the Pennsylvanian ministerial catechist) would be sent to them as preacher.


Decided, that the Catechist would receive authority until the next Synod, if the President of the Pennsylvanian ministerium had nothing against it. And that he would start is duty in the previously named and Montgomery County. – Mister Jacob Scherer will go there once and hold the last supper.


No.2  from Pendleton County, Virg. Asking for a preacher


Decided, that Daniel Scherer will serve them, if he passes the examination and the congregations supply him sufficiently.


No 3. From Bedford County, Tennessee, asking for visitation-


Decided. That candidate Daniel Henkel, if he can go on the journey, will go and also to Cape Girardian. On the Missisippi River and for their request, the before mentioned will go serve the congregations with the sacraments and will report about everything at the next Synod. Mister R.J. Miller will meanwhile visit and preach at before the mentioned’ congregations.


No4. A letter from Mister Reck, from Winchester, in which he warns not to inducted a so called Bacty. – This was embraced with thanks and the secretary will report it.


No 5,6,7. From three new congregations in Tennessee: Union, Hope Well, and Lich-Creek, which asked to be ordinated as preacher the catechist Joseph E. Bell. Decided, that the congregations were approved and that Joseph E. Bell, should he pass the exam, will receive candidate authority and will serve the congregations.


And since he is asked for and spent a lot of his time to study and teach others, he received 22 dollars and 25 cents from our fund to support him. The treasurer will credit the amount.


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Expect to have the honor to get to know him better and the honorable minsterio.


Since the Mister Schaeffer and Maund in Baltimore, passed a community choir book which was written for the loving connection between our and the reformed church, to preachers of our church. According to the enclosed enactment of the Lutheran and Reformed Synod and the honorable preacher of both churches in Baltimore, they were recommended in all congregations. Therefore we send our thanks to aforementioned gentlemen and we are happy to agree to the usages of the books in all public churches and congregations. And we merciful ask the God of Love and Unity, that he will happily feel the same in heaven.


Then Mister Storch and Miller were ordered which were expecting examinations.


And then the day with singing and praying concluded.


Wednesday, the 22dn October


Assembled again at 9 o’clock and after the usual beginning with singing and prayer


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19.)Was decided, that Candidate Daniel Moser would be inaugurated as deacon for his congregations in the city church of Linolton, on the next Sunday Trinitatis. The gentlemen preachers Philipp Henkel, R.J. Miller und the honorable president Mister Storch, or the two first names will report this. R.B. Maybe the opportunity for a special conference is approaching.

20.)Since the question was asked how our Synod should be named from now on, was decided, that it should be named:

The Evangelical Lutheran German and English Synod, in North Carolina and bordering states.

21)Since it was asked to change the season during which the Synod would be held due to this season being prone to illnesses, it was decided: that with all assemblymen’s consensus,  from now on, the synod would be held on the first Sunday trinitas and the first one will be, on that Sunday, in the year 1819.

22.)It was also decided, that all candidates and deacons will be required to take one or multiple exams testing their industry in theology at every synod, and depending on the content of those, they will receive (if we choose to) additional examinations. Whoever neglects to do so cannot expect to be promoted and only regarding their degree of industry will we consider a promotion, with possible exceptions in extraordinary cases.

23.)Since we thought about the necessity to get to know our congregations better and the situation of our preachers, we decided that as often as possible, an old preacher would be ordered to visit all congregations, find out the condition of each, and report it to the Synod. It would be more fruitful if our President of the Synod could do this, but due to his poor health this cannot be expected of him. Therefore, preacher Paulus Henkel was asked to take care of this over the next year, if it is possible for him. The secretary will send him a report of this request if he deems it necessary. Our congregations will be encouraged to compensate him for his travels.

24.) Since Andreas Henkel did not turn in his new authority, it was decided that his father, when he finds it appropriate, may renew it in the name of the Synod until the next assembly.

24.) The same will Mister Philipp Henkel  do for is friend and old candidate Jacob Zink in Tennessee, but in the necessary case, but may revoke it if he find it necessary until the next synod, to which he is


formally invited, and asked to excuse himself for his absence.

The same will happen to all the candidates who absent.

26.) R. J. Miller will, on his visiting-travels to South Carolina, will ask all of those belonging to the minsterio about their silence and absence. He has the assignment, to renew the position for those who have a good excuse until the next synod; but to dismiss those from their duty, who do not follow our rules and constitution. He will invite those to apologize.

27.)Due to Mister Millers suggestion, it was deiced that the liturgy, which is used in New-York in our English speaking congregations, should be included as one of our symbolic books, and will be recommended to be used by the congregations.

28)Also, we recommend that during service in the English language, the English songbook, written by Preacher Paulus Henkel and printed in New Market, will be used.

29)In the future however, no book may be used for public use during service in our churches unless the synod has authorized it, and that authorization has to be printed in the book.

30.) The committee which had been asked to examine the secretaries report (see 1.), reported that they had done so and that the content was highly satisfying and that they recommend that it be printed and bound on our costs because they hope that the report will have a positive influence on our congregations and help others understand what the Lutheran church really is. This report was accepted in consensus and the treasurer was asked to order the printing and binding of 1500 of those reports .  Since our money will not suffice he should lend it on interest. Then the books will be sold, and the profit will be added to our money savings – after having paid the debt, it will only be used to support the empire of Jesus.

31.)The preachers that were ordered to examine those that were waiting for a promotion reported that Mister Joseph E Bell passed it very well and that there was great hope for Mister Daniel Scherer, and that both candidates should be promoted and given the additional authority. This was approved and done immediately, and Philipp Henkel was asked



 to officially give  Herrn Bell his authority publicly in front of the congregation.


32.) The Candidates Peter Schmucker and David Henkel had their authority renewed until the next synod.

33.) The following received catechetic authority until the next synod: Michael Rickert, Jacob Krison, Jacob Miller, Philipp Roth, Daniel Walcher and Michael McMadin.

Martin Walther also received his (see petition No.2)


Gfr. Schober will be asked to visit the Sandhill Church and the Dutchman-creek when he has time.

Mister David Henkel and Daniel Walcher will go to Wills County after this Fall, teach children, confirm them and hold the last supper.

Candidate David Henkel mentioned that it was impossible for him to visit the congregations on the Crooked Creek regularly and asked for help-but it appeared no one could help.

34.)Mister Philipp Henkel reported that in Green County in the state of Tennessee, a small Germanium was opened under his and Mister Bells supervisions and that they taught theology, geek, Latin, German and English there and that Mister Candidate Joseph E. Bell is now the main teacher. We were enthusiastic to support the small school in the hopeful anticipation that from this small start, with God’s help, will develop into a large successful establishment.  That way many industrious teachers and missionaries could be educated there, and could be send anywhere in the world to preach about the glorious evangelism and the love of Jesus. And they would be well educated so that they could talk to anybody who wants to know their reasoning. – Future members will also be well educated and will be thankful to those who supported them now and ever. And those that enjoy the new belief will say:

“Oh God! How happy must luck be,

To be the savior of a soul.”



Let us, oh Brothers, start working happily for the love to Jesus and his baptized souls,  and let us use the fortune he gave us (as is being done throughout all Christian religions) to spread our saviors empire through our world. – For that reason, we will collect next month in our congregations, however much everybody finds suitable to help the big cause. And the donations of the Christians will be taken thankfully , and every preacher will collect them and give them to our treasurer, who will have a register of all donators and their names will appear, if they do not mind, in our yearly reports, the synod will then talk about earnings and expenditures, and hopefully spread the word through print.

35.)Since business was now taken care of, in the afternoon, a public assembly was held at 3pm in  which Preacher Schober talked about the 300 year history of the evangelical Lutheran church, the condition of  Christ’s church before the reformation of Luther, the beginning and the continuing of the same, and the glorious freedom it received through Doctor Luther’s actions. He also talked about that he wished that the Lord help us to reach the right lessons and enjoy the holy sacraments, so that no one ever has to tell us as it is written: “ Oh if you were cold and warm.”

After this assembly the synod was concluded with singing, prayers, and the blessing of the Lord.


In which congregations the next synod in Rowan County will be held will be announced in time.

G. Schober, Sec.


Following preachers connected with our church:

The honorable Carl Carl August Storch, Praefes, from Rowan County  

a                 Paul Henkel                                                                    =                  =                  Point Pleasant

                    R. Johnson Miller,                                                       =                  =                  Burk County

                    Philipp Henkel,                                                                                 =                  =                  Tennessee

a                 Ludwig Markert,                                                          =                  =                  Indiana

                    Gottlieb Schober, Secretary                              =                  =                  Stokes C.

                    Jacob Scherer,                                                                =                  =                  Guilford C.

N.B.  b      J.P. Franklow,                                                                  =                  =                  Sued Carolina

           B      Gottfried Dreher,                                                        =                  =                  do.

Daniel Moser will also be ordinated next Trinitas,                                 =                  Lincoln.



Die following Candidates:

Die gentlemen                      David Henkel                           =                  from         Lincoln County

                                        Joseph E. Bell                           =                  =                  Tennessee

b                                     Jacob Zink,                                 =                  =                  do.

                                        Urban Miller,                           =                  =                  do.

a                                     Peter Schmucker,               =                  =                  Virginia

                                        Daniel Scherer                        =                  =                  do.

a                                     Andreas Henkel,                  =                  =                  Ohio

N.B b                            Michael Rauch, Rost Mitze             =                  do.




                    Jacob Krieston                                          =                  from         Guilford C.

a                 Philipp Roth,                            =                  =                  do.

                    Jacob Miller,                            =                  =                  Stokes C.

                    Daniel Walcher                                        =                  =                  Rowan C.

b                 Johannes Dreher                =                  =                  S.C.

                    Martin Walther                                        =                  =Virg.

The absence of those assigned the letter  a was excused, those with b was not.

PS: Two weeks after the Synod the secretary received a letter from Mister Candidate Andreas Henkel that was dated September 15th and in which he mentions the impossibility for him to go on the journey to the synod and he also reported that in this year, he baptized 168 children, 2 adults, and confirmed 62 children, that he had buried 10 and started 6 German schools. – The Lord send him help from Zion to help this vast amount of work, and blessed be his hands.

G.S. Sec





English History and Reform                                                                        1 u. 30

Use connections to give out religious documents               2

Day Schools                                                                                                              3

Absent  preachers may write a letter to vote                           4


How much money we have                                                                        5


Report of South Carolina                                                                             6


How many baptized and confirmed                                                   7


Message from Mister Markert, Indiana                                                            8


Absent gentlemen excused                                                                       9


Decision because of unlawful marriage                                                           10


Wedding on Sundays in church                                                               11


Who can be one of our preachers with exceptions             12


Old rules of our church decided on, petitions chosen                           13


Letter from Charleston, S.C.                                                                                          14


Preacher for Abbots Creek                                                                                             15


Johannes Wagner not accepted                                                                                                  16


J.W. Meyer was released from his duties,

 report to the president                                                                                                                      17


Community song book recommended                                                                 18


Daniel Moser’s Ordination                                                                                            19


Name of our Synod                                                                                                                 21


Candidate responsibilities                                                                                            22


Visit congregations                                                                                                               23


Regarding Andreas Henkel                                                                                             24


Regarding Jacob Zink and more                                                                                                    25


Mister Miller Report to S.C.                                                                                           26


New York Liturgy in English                                                                                             27


English songbook recommended                                                                             28


In the future no book without authorization                                                 29


Candidates examined                                                                                                         31


Renewed authorities                                                                                                           32,33


Geminarium in Tennessee with Petition for support                            34


Closing                                                                                                                                               35


PS:  Since our rules and constitutions are as much as possible summarized in one document in English, and it was recently approximated, we will refer to it. It was already send away as this was written. Another time they can be summarized in the same manner in German.