Patricia Turner Ritchie's Brocks Gap Collection

SC# 3088

Compiled by Chris Bolgiano, April 1997


Scope and Content. This collection consists of one records storage box and one Hollinger box of photocopies of deeds, wills, surveys, patents, road agreements, accounts, letters and a wide variety of other documents relevant to the Brocks Gap area of northwestern Rockingham County, VA, from the 1750s to the 1990s.

Many of the originals were brought by local residents to the Turner Hams Store on Route 259 in Fulks Run, or the nearby Mt. Carmel Church, for the "Brocks Gap Heritage Day" events first held by compiler Patricia Turner Ritchie in spring, 1991, where they were copied. Other materials were located by Ms. Ritchie through her own research.  Ms. Ritchie created an annotated list and/or index for some of the series of materials, and notes that some of the documents are not recorded in the Rockingham County Court House. The materials document many aspects of rural life.  Family names mentioned most frequently are Fawley, Fulk, Turner and Ruddle, but many others also occur. The C series are papers from the Ransom Hess estate; he was the son of Richard and Lydia Shoemaker Hess, grandson of Abraham and Amanda Custer Hess, great grandson of Richard Custer Jr. and Elizabeth Trumbo Custer, and lived on the Custer homestead on Little Dry River Road in Fulks Run. 

Provenance. Copies of documents were purchased from P. T. Ritchie beginning in May 1991.



Folder 1:         Index to BG (Brock's Gap) series; also contains Ritchie's lists of African Americans in
                      Brocks Gap, and of old place names.
Folders 2-11:   BG#1 - BG#320 (see Box 2, folder 3 for continuation of BG series with BG #338).

Folders 12:        Index to F (Fulks Run) series.
Folders 13-15:   F#1 - F#280

Folder 2 16-17:   C (Custer) series:  C#1-C#212.  


Folders 1-2         T (Turner, Herman) series:  T #1-#221.
Folder 3-4           BG #338-#359  (See Box 1, Folder 1 for beginning of BG series).