Project Concern, Inc. Records, 1969-1982

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Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Project Concern, Inc. Records, 1969-1982

Collection No.: SC 0155
Creator: Project Concern Inc.

Extent: 9 boxes; 3.32 cubic feet

Language: English

Abstract: The Project Concern, Inc. Records, 1969-1982, consist of documents pertaining to the organization's activities within Rockingham County. The documents include the organization's records, their relationships with other organizations and their programs and projects, including their annual summer camp.


Administrative Information

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Preferred Citation: [identification of item], [box #, folder #], Project Concern, Inc. Records, 1969-1982, SC 0155, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

Acquisition Information: Donated by Greg Versen, retired James Madison University sociology professor, in June 2008.
Provenance: Prior to transfer to JMU Special Collections, the collection was in the custody of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society.
Processing Information: Bank statements, bills, insurance statements, and most receipts were discarded. A representative sample of receipts was maintained to document local businesses. In order to streamline the process of applying collection numbers, Special Collections staff completed a large-scale renumbering campaign in the spring of 2017. This collection was previously cataloged as SC 4011.

Administrative History:

While visiting the homes of truant children to investigate their absence in school, John Honeycutt, a visiting teacher for the Harrisonburg schools, discovered much more deeply rooted reasons for their non-attendance. It was not simply that mothers were not waking their children on time, but rather Honeycutt found families in which children did not have proper shoes, clothing, or coats to leave the house. Honeycutt initially brought this information to his church's Sunday school. His activism resulted in the organization of Project Concern, Inc., which was formally incorporated in January 1969. Its purpose was to assist with projects for the needy of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Project Concern worked in tandem with other local groups to satisfy needs in the community, including Social Services, the Salvation Army, Eastern Mennonite College, James Madison University, and local churches. Reflective of a national movement to combat poverty, specifically among children, Project Concern, Inc., provided basic needs for families and enriching experiences for children. By the early 1980s, Project Concern's funding had vastly diminished, likely due to a national economic crisis, whereby faithful donors no longer had the means to contribute financially. In 1982 the Board of Directors of Project Concern made the decision to close their doors.

Scope and Content:

The Project Concern, Inc. Records, 1969-1982, are comprised of nine boxes, approximately 3.32 cubic feet of material. The collection represents the actions and activities of a local social work organization within the communities of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. The collection is topically arranged in eight series: Administrative Information, Financial Documents, Members, Other Agencies, Programs and Projects, Summer Camp, Miscellany, and Media.


The collection is arranged into eight series:
Series 1: Administrative Information
Series 2: Financial Documents
Series 3: Members
Series 4: Other Agencies
Series 5: Programs and Projects
Series 6: Summer Camps
Series 7: Miscellany
Series 8: Media


Series 1: Administrative Information, undated

Series 1, Administrative Information, consists of twenty folders of material related to the administrative operation of Project Concern. Of particular interest are the History, Bylaws and Articles of Incorporations folder and five folders of Secretary's Minutes and Records. Also included in this series are client profiles, which identify needs of particular individuals and families and Project Concern's actions on their behalf, Project Concern newsletters, and news clippings and press releases highlighting Project Concern events and accomplishments.

History, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation, undated
Box 1:Folder 1
Annual Meeting/Reports, undated
Box 1:Folder 2
Board of Directors, undated
Box 1:Folder 3
Comprehensive Employment Training Act (CETA) Information, undated
Box 1:Folder 4
Client Profiles/Documents (Folder 1 of 4), undated
Box 1:Folder 5
Client Profiles/Documents (Folder 2 of 4), undated
Box 1:Folder 6
Client Profiles/Documents (Folder 3 of 4), undated
Box 1:Folder 7
Client Profiles/Documents (Folder 4 of 4), undated
Box 1:Folder 8
Executive Committee, undated
Box 1:Folder 9
Executive Director, undated
Box 1:Folder 10
Miscellaneous Planning Documents, undated
Box 1:Folder 11
National Council on Voluntary Action (NCVA) Publications, undated
Box 1:Folder 12
National Council on Voluntary Action (NCVA) Organizational Profiles, undated
Box 1:Folder 13
Newsletters, undated
Box 2:Folder 1
News Clippings/Press Releases, undated
Box 2:Folder 2
Secretary's Minutes and Records: Charter, Bylaws, and Initial Meeting Minutes, undated
Box 2:Folder 3
Secretary's Minutes and Records: Minutes (Folder 1 of 2), 1969-1981
Box 2:Folder 4
Secretary's Minutes and Records: Minutes (Folder 2 of 2), 1969-1981
Box 2:Folder 5
Secretary's Minutes and Records: Public/Group Meetings, undated
Box 2:Folder 6
Secretary's Minutes and Records: Miscellaneous, undated
Box 2:Folder 7

Series 2: Financial Documents, undated

Series 2, Financial Documents, primarily consists of eighteen folders, the majority of which are receipt books from 1970-1981, with some gaps. This series also includes financial reports, donor correspondence, and a representative sample of receipts from local businesses, 1972-1981.

Financial Statements, undated
Box 2:Folder 8
Correspondence (Folder 1 of 2), undated
Box 2:Folder 9
Correspondence (Folder 2 of 2), undated
Box 2:Folder 10
Sample of Receipts, undated
Box 2:Folder 11
Receipt Book, September 5, 1970 - September 15, 1971
Box 2:Folder 12
Receipt Book, September 20, 1971 - December 30, 1972
Box 2:Folder 13
Receipt Book, December 30, 1972 - August 14, 1974
Box 3:Folder 1
Receipt Book, August 14, 1974 - May 14, 1976
Box 3:Folder 2
Receipt Book, May 28, 1976 - July 27, 1977
Box 3:Folder 3
Receipt Book, July 18, 1977 - December 15, 1978
Box 3:Folder 4
Receipt Book, February 17,1977 - April 23, 1979
Box 3:Folder 5
Receipt Book, December 22, 1978 - August 5, 1970
Box 3:Folder 6
Receipt Book, September 8, 1980 - May 11, 1981
Box 3:Folder 7
Receipt Book, July 5, 1973 -February 17, 1977
Box 3:Folder 8
Receipt Book, 1979 - 1981
Box 3:Folder 9
Records of Accounts, 1971
Box 3:Folder 10
Records of Receipts, 1972-1982
Box 3:Folder 11
Miscellaneous, undated
Box 3:Folder 12

Series 3: Members, undated

Series 3, Members, consists of three folders of applications for membership from individuals, organizations and volunteers. Membership involved a small financial donation and/or volunteer service.

General Members, undated
Box 4:Folder 1
Organizational Members, undated
Box 4:Folder 2
Volunteers, undated
Box 4:Folder 3

Series 4: Other Agencies, undated

Series 4, Other Agencies, consists of seven folders, each of which represents a local, state or national organization with which Project Concern consulted to sustain their non-profit status. In addition, Project Concern worked with Madison College (James Madison University) and Eastern Mennonite College (Eastern Mennonite University) faculty and students to facilitate programs such as Saturday Adoption, which is highlighted in the following series.

Commonwealth of Virginia Resources, undated
Box 4:Folder 4
Community Service Newsletters, undated
Box 4:Folder 5
Local (Rockingham County) and JMU, undated
Box 4:Folder 6
U.S. Federal Resources, undated
Box 4:Folder 7
United Methodist Council on Ministries, undated
Box 4:Folder 8
United Way, undated
Box 4:Folder 9
Virginia Council on Social Welfare, undated
Box 4:Folder 10

Series 5: Programs and Projects, undated

Series 5, Programs and Projects, consists of ten folders containing documentation about the different programs and projects Project Concern facilitated, organized or participated in. Some of the programs figuring most prominently are the Annual Christmas Party, the Clothing and Furniture Room, and Saturday Adoption. These programs brought members of the community together to help others in the community in need.

Annual Christmas Party, 1974-1982, undated
Box 5:Folder 1
Big Brothers/Big Sisters, undated
Box 5:Folder 2
Clothing Room, undated
Box 5:Folder 3
Food Stamp/Bank Program, undated
Box 5:Folder 4
Furniture Room, undated
Box 5:Folder 5
Harris Gardens, undated
Box 5:Folder 6
Moms & Tots, undated
Box 5:Folder 7
Saturday Adoption, Family-to-Family, Adopt-a-Grandparent, undated
Box 5:Folder 8
Standing Committees, undated
Box 5:Folder 9
Student Projects, JMU, undated
Box 5:Folder 10

Series 6: Summer Camp, undated

Series 6, Summer Camp, comprises the bulk of the collection. Consisting of forty folders of materials, this series contains documents and supporting materials relating to the USDA Summer Feeding Program, as well as documentation regarding counselor and participant applications, staff training resources, and various reports and evaluations. The series is topically arranged, then chronologically where applicable.

Nutritional Handbooks and Information, undated
Box 5:Folder 11
USDA Summer Feeding Program Planning Documents, undated
Box 5:Folder 12
USDA Summer Feeding Program Regulations, undated
Box 5:Folder 13
USDA Summer Feeding Program, General, 1977
Box 5:Folder 14
USDA Summer Feeding Program, General, 1978
Box 5:Folder 15
USDA Summer Feeding Program, General, 1979
Box 6:Folder 1
USDA Summer Feeding Program, General (Folder 1 of 2), 1980
Box 6:Folder 2
USDA Summer Feeding Program, General (Folder 2 of 2), 1980
Box 6:Folder 3
Attendance Records, undated
Box 6:Folder 4
Counselor Resources, undated
Box 6:Folder 5
Counselor Orientation, undated
Box 6:Folder 6
General Documentation, 1970
Box 6:Folder 7
General Documentation, 1971
Box 6:Folder 8
General Documentation, 1972
Box 6:Folder 9
General Documentation, 1973
Box 6:Folder 10
General Documentation (Folder 1 of 2), 1974
Box 7:Folder 1
General Documentation (Folder 2 of 2), 1974
Box 7:Folder 2
General Documentation (Folder 1 of 2), 1975
Box 7:Folder 3
General Documentation (Folder 2 of 2), 1975
Box 7:Folder 4
General Documentation (manual) (Folder 1 of 2), 1976
Box 7:Folder 5
General Documentation (Folder 2 of 2), 1976
Box 7:Folder 6
General Documentation, 1977
Box 7:Folder 7
General Documentation (Folder 1 of 2), 1978
Box 7:Folder 8
General Documentation (Folder 2 of 2), 1978
Box 7:Folder 9
General Documentation, 1979
Box 7:Folder 10
General Documentation, 1980
Box 8:Folder 1
General Documentation (Folder 1 of 2), 1981
Box 8:Folder 2
General Documentation (Folder 2 of 2), 1981
Box 8:Folder 3
General Documentation (Folder 1 of 2), 1982
Box 8:Folder 4
General Documentation (Folder 2 of 2), 1982
Box 8:Folder 5

Series 7: Miscellany, undated

Series 7, Miscellany, consists of two folders: drug abuse awareness, which contains ca.1970s pamphlets regarding various forms of drugs; and drug treatment resources, prepared by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Division of Drug Abuse Control in 1975, which provides brief overviews of facilities throughout Virginia that provided various levels of drug treatment.

Drug Abuse Awareness Publications, undated
Box 8:Folder 6
Drug Treatment Referral Guide, undated
Box 8:Folder 7
Official Seal of Project Concern, undated
Box 8

Series 8: Media, undated

Series 8, Media, consists of 353 color slides, and 383 photographs (most in color). Most are undated, although one folder of negatives and contact sheets for 1974 was identified. A cassette created to accompany slide presentations, a cassette titled "Lyndale S.S. class 5th and 6th grade, May 1975," and a reel-to-reel recording containing a public service announcement are housed separately.

Slides (Sheets 1-10), undated
Box 9:Folder 1
Slides (Sheets 11-18), undated
Box 9:Folder 2
Photographs (Folder 1 of 3), undated
Box 9:Folder 3
Photographs (Folder 2 of 3), undated
Box 9:Folder 4
Photographs (Folder 3 of 3), undated
Box 9:Folder 5
Negatives, undated
Box 9:Folder 6
Negatives and Contact Sheets, 1974
Box 9:Folder 7
Reel-to-reel Public Service Announcement, undated
Media Cabinet 1
Lyndale S. S. Class, 5th and 6th Grade, May 1975
Media Cabinet 1
Project Concern script and sound for slide presentation, undated
Media Cabinet 1

Compiled by: Heather Browne, January 2009