Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Records, 1990-2009

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Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Records, 1990-2009

Collection No.: SC 0205
Creator: Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar

Extent: 5 boxes; 1.65 cubic feet

Language: English

Abstract: This collection consists of administrative records and papers by scholars from colleges, libraries and other institutions for the monthly presentations of the Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar (SVRSS). The collection contains financial records, announcements, correspondence, information about presenters, and academic papers.


Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Collection is open for research. Researchers must register and agree to copyright and privacy laws before using this collection. Please contact Research Services staff before visiting the James Madison University Special Collections Library to use this collection.

Use Restrictions: The copyright interests in this collection have not been transferred to the James Madison University Special Collections Library. The authors retain the copyrights on their papers. The user is responsible to obtain clearance from the copyright holder for permission to use any materials in excess of fair use.For more information, contact the Special Collections Library Reference Desk (

Preferred Citation: [identification of item], [box #, folder #], Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Records, 1990-2009, SC 0205, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

Acquisition Information: The collection was donated in 2008 by Joseph Whitehorne, one of the organizers of SVRSS and a faculty member at Lord Fairfax Community College. Several papers were added after the initial donation.
Processing Information: In order to streamline the process of applying collection numbers, Special Collections staff completed a large-scale renumbering campaign in 2017-2018. This collection was previously cataloged as SC 5027.

Administrative History:

The Shenandoah Regional Studies Seminar (SVRSS) has been held during the academic year since 1988, usually at James Madison University. Papers presented have covered a wide range of historical and regional subjects from colonial developments to the details of rural life in the twentieth century. The primary goal of SVRSS has been to provide an informed and interested audience for scholars from a variety of fields such as history, archaeology, geography, folklore, and ethnography. SVRSS provides a regular forum for scholars and attendees at which to consider topics of regional interest, pertinent, but not restricted, to the Shenandoah Valley. SVRSS met monthly during the academic year, at least through the spring of 2017. Beginning in the fall of 2017, the schedule and location of SVRSS became less concrete with lectures occurring just once per semester at the Frontier Culture Museum in Stauton, Virginia.

Scope and Content:

The Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Records, 1990-2009, includes administrative records and scholarly papers organized by academic year. Some years represented in the collection have limited contents. The bulk of the collection consists of material that was distributed to a select group, likely previous SVRSS attendees and other interested persons, before a presentation. These materials generally include a copy of an academic paper with information on the presenter. The collection includes files for most of the presentations from 1995 to 2009. Additional SVRSS papers were collected prior to 1995 (and prior to the donation) by the then Special Collections Librarian. These papers were added to the collection.


The collection is arranged into two series:
Series 1: Administrative Records, 1995-2009
Series 2: Papers, 1990-2009
Series 1 is arranged chronologically by academic year. Series 2 is arranged into subseries according to academic year and further arranged alphabetically by author's surname.

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Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Collection, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, VA.


Series 1: Administrative Records, 1995-2009

Folder Title
Box : Folder
Administrative Records, 1995-1996
Administrative Records, 1996-1997
Administrative Records, 1997-1998
Administrative Records, 1998-1999
Administrative Records, 1999-2000
Administrative Records, 2000-2001
Administrative Records, 2001-2002
Administrative Records, 2002-2003
Administrative Records, 2003-2004
Administrative Records, 2004-2005
Administrative Records, 2005-2006
Administrative ephemera filed with Olson paper, 2007
Administrative Records, 2008-2009

Series 2: Papers, 1990-2009

Folder Title
Box : Folder
Subseries: Papers, 1995-1997
Joan C. Browning, Getting to the Springs of Virginia: A Survey of Transportation from Horse-Litter to Concord Coach, April 18, 1997
Robert Calhoun, The Southern Back Country Origins of Political Moderation in America, September 19, 1997

With "Political Moderation as an Anglo-American Ideology"

Thomas Costa, Paradise on the Clinch? Land Speculators and the Early Settlement of Russell County, March 21, 1997
Ann Denkler, How Others See Each Other: Skyland and the Mountain Culture, April 19, 1996

Short description of project only

Christine Devine, Crossroads of Exchange: Anglo-Indian Diplomacy and Trade in Northern Carolina, October 17, 1997

With CV

J. Brooks Flippen, The Promise of Late Antebellum Rockbridge: Overtaken by Events, February 16, 1996
Ben Fordney, Two Generals in Blue: The Reconstruction Policies of Generals John Schofield and George Stone[man] in Virginia, 1866-1969, May 17, 1996
John Frantz, The Religious Development of the Early German Settlers in the Shenandoah Valley, November 15, 1996

With published copy in "Pennsylvania History" 2001

Timothy Hanson, Cultural Commerce: Scottish Immigrants, Trade and Politics in 18th Century North Carolina, January 17, 1997
Dean Herrin, Breaking the Stillness?: The Coal Industry and the Transformation of Appalachian Virginia, 1880-1920, November 17, 1995
Christine Hoepfner, The Shenandoah National Park Displacements: Stories from Swift Run Gap, October 20, 1995
Andrew C. Holman, Professional Gentlemen…and Others: Rural Practitioners and the Transformation of the Medical Community in Rockbridge County, Virginia, 1840-1890, January 19, 1996
Audrey Horning, Material Culture and the Mountain Folk Image: Archaeological Explorations in Virginia's Blue Ridge, September 20, 1996
David C. Hsiung, Death on the Juniata: Indian-White Relations in Colonial Pennsylvania, October 18, 1996
David James Kiracofe, Claypole's Rebellion: Patriotism and Treason in a Virginia Backcountry Community, 1781-1782, May 16, 1997
Ann McCleary, Reassessing the Home Demonstration Program and its Impact on Rural Women and Communities: A Case Study of Augusta County, November 21, 1997

Several chapters from her dissertation only

L. Daniel Mouer, Rebecca's Children: New Myths and Old Myths about Indians and Virginia's History, February 21, 1997
Sheila Phipps, Of Necessity: Salt on the Virginia Frontier, 1750-1815, September 16, 1995
J. Suzanne Simmons, The Intersection of the Freed Black and Slave Communities in Augusta County, Virginia, March 15, 1996
Nancy Sorrells, A Christian Soldier for the Confederacy: Fighting the Civil War on the Home Front, December 8, 1995

Thesis chapter only

Subseries: Papers, 1998-2000
Bea Naff Bailey, A Mission from Within: The Phoebe Needles Memorial School, April 21, 2000
Charles Ballard, Dismissing the Peculiar Institution: Assessing Slavery in Page and Rockingham Counties, Virginia, April 17, 1998
Chris Bolgiano, Tanbark Harvesting as an Economic and Environmental Factor in Appalachia, January 22, 1999
Leila O. W. Boyer, Frederick County Probate Inventories, 1744-1754, February 20, 1998
Seth C. Bruggeman, The Shenandoah River Gundalow and the Politics of Material Reuse, February 18, 2000
A. Glenn Crothers, "To Make Our Youth Intimately Acquainted with their Country": Public Culture and the Diffusion of Knowledge in Post-Revolutionary Northern Virginia, April 16, 1999

With CV

Philip D. Dillard, Confederate Nationalism Meets Philip Sheridan, September 15, 2000
John Fea, Rethinking a Classic Source of Plantation Virginia: A Note on Morals, Sociability, and Reading in the Writings of Philip Vickers Fithian, March 20, 1998

With CV

Jamie L. Ferguson, Lunatics on the West Side: Dr. Francis Stribling and the Western Lunatic Asylum, November 17, 2000
Clarence R. Geier, What Went Ye Into the Wilderness to See? Military Fortification and Troop Deployment at Fort Edward Johnson, Shenandoah Mountain, April 1862, October 15, 1999
George H. Gilliam and William G. Thomas, The Ground Beneath Our Feet. Pilot Episode: The New Deal Comes to Virginia, September 18, 1998

Video script with abstract and 2 CVs

Philip A. Grant Jr., President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Dedication of the Shenandoah National Park, October 20, 2000
Dale F. Harter, The Memoirs of John T. Harris, U.S. Congressman, 1859-1861, 1871-1881: Reliable Record or Random Recollections, October 16, 1998

Includes timeline and pictures

Kevin L. Harter, Shenandoah Valley String Music, January 21, 2000

With CV

John L. Heatwole, Witch Lore of the Mountains and Valleys of the Virginias, March 17, 2000
Trenton E. Hizer, The Reform Movement and the Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1829-1830, March 19, 1999

With CV

Christian B. Keller, Old Germans and New Germans: Differing Attitudes of Persons of German Descent in Pennsylvania and Virginia during the Civil War, May 21, 1999

With CV

Stephen Longenecker, The Parameters of Presbyterian Outsiderness in the Shenandoah Valley, 1776-1861, September 17, 1999

With CV

Paul D. McDermott, Conococheague Manor: A Study of Early Frontier Settlement in the Backcountry, November 19, 1999

With CV statement

Nancy Sorrells, Muley Cows & Sandy Sows: An Analysis of the Augusta County Estray Books, 1775-1815, January 16, 1998
Jewel Spangler, "A Spring Seald, A Fountain Shut Up?": Evangelicals and Community in Southampton County, Virginia, 1774-1802, November 20, 1998
Danielle M. Torisky, Feeding the Family: Home Front Challenges in Civil War Virginia, February 19, 1999
Joseph W. A. Whitehorne, "Baptists and Yams Did Not Grow Well in the Shenandoah Valley": Regional Differences in the Baptist Movement in Colonial Virginia, May 15, 1998
Subseries: Papers, 2001-2003
Jonathan M. Berkey, When Killing Is Not Murder: The Politics of Wartime Identity in Virginia's Lower Shenandoah Valley, 1865-1870, March 16, 2001

With CV

Joan C. Browning, Mountaineers are [not] Always Free: Historical Rx for Healing with Local History by Combining and Reconciling European and African 'Histories' of Slavery and the Civil War, April 19, 2002
Ellen Eslinger, The Brief Career of Rufus W. Bailey, African Colonization Society Agent in Virginia, April 20, 2001
Douglas Gomery, Moviegoing in the Shenandoah Valley: A Case Study of Place, Transportation, Audiences, Racism, Censorship & Blue Laws, March 21, 2003
Timothy Hack, Shaping a Revolution: The County Committees in Virginia, 1774-776, February 15, 2002

With abstract

Kevin R. Hardwick, Narratives of Villainy and Virtue in Early Virginia: Governor Francis Nicholson and the Character of the Good Ruler, October 26, 2001
Warren R. Hofstra, "All Things Being Equal": The Exchange Economy of the Early Shenandoah Valley, September 20, 2002

With abstract

John C. Kincheloe, The Changing Nature of the Cherokee Trade: Cherokee and English Relations, 1673-1776, January 17, 2003
Kenneth E. Koons,Laboring Classes in the Valley of Virginia during the Age of Grain, April 18, 2003

With update to Figure 11

Creston S. Long, Corridor and Source: The Valley of Virginia and the Eighteenth-Century Migration to the Backcountry South, February 21, 2003

With CV

John R. Maas, "But What Can I Do Without Men": Nathanael Greene, Thomas Jefferson and the Mobilization of the Virginia Militia, 1780-1781, November 21, 2003

With copy containing handwritten note and CV

Paul D. McDermott, The People of Elizabeth Hundred, November 16, 2001

With abstract

Charles A. Miller, Ellen Glasgow's Shenandoah Valley Novels: Learning from Literature, October 24, 2003

With abstract and envelope containing note and computer disk

Lynn A. Nelson, 'The Coffey Gang' and the Tye River Forks Community: Evolution of Yeoman Families in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, 1800-1860, March 15, 2002

With abstract

Kip Redick, Wilderness and Communitas: Pilgrims on the Appalachian Trail NCA Panel: "New Radicals: Spiritual Communities and the Environment", October 22, 2001

With emailed abstract

Edward J. Redmond, The Mapmaker from Mount Vernon, February 16, 2001

With abstract

Stacey L. Schneider, Deconstructing Legend: The Underground Railroad in Virginia, January 18, 2002

With abstract

Patrick K. Spero, The Paxton Boy's Pamphlet War and the Restructuring of Colonial Pennsylvania's Political Landscape, October 25, 2002
Dan Stickley, John Hindman, the Racing Parson, January 19, 2001
Bradford Wineman, J.T.L. Preston, VMI and the Revolution in Virginia Education, 1834-1839, September 19, 2003

With CV and emailed abstract

Subseries: Papers, 2004-2006
Alison Bell and Laura J. Galke, Traces of Negotiation: Archaeological, Archival and Oral Historical Investigations into the Dynamics of Labor at the Longdale Mining Complex, ca. 1827-1911, March 18, 2005

With abstract

Thomas J. Christoffel, Community, Security and Regional Cooperation in the Shenandoah Valley, February 20, 2004

PowerPoint slides with CV

Casey Clabough, Mysteries of the Shenandoah Valley: Following the Warrior's Path, September 15, 2006
Christopher M. Curtis, Jefferson's Vision Altered: Charles Faulkner and the Legal Foundations of Agricultural Reform in the Shenandoah Valley, March 19, 2004

With CV

Anne Denkler, African Americans and Slavery in Page County, Virginia, October 14, 2005

Emailed abstract only

Sherman L. Fleek, Latter-Day Saints in Virginia and the Shenandoah Area, October 20, 2006
Frank E. Grizzard Jr., Origin and Preservation of the George Washington Papers, January 16, 2004

Published article with presentation abstract

Mary Ellen Henry, Institutionalizing the Valley Poor: the Rockbridge and Shenandoah Experience, 1870-1930, October 22, 2004
Anna Elizabeth Kiefer, "Through an Almost Impenetrable Wood"': Logistics and the British Army in North America, November 17, 2006

University of New Hampshire thesis

Geraldine Wojno Kiefer, The Sublimity of Battle, the Quietude of Remembrance: Paintings, Drawings, Maps and Photographs of the Shenandoah Valley as a Theater of War, February 18, 2005

PowerPoint slides, exhibit brochure, and CD

Kenneth E. Koons, Bonds of Family, Friendship, and Community: Social Life and Patterns of Leisure in the Nineteenth-Century Valley of Virginia, February 17, 2006
Greg Lekavich,Serving the People: The Role of the Judiciary and Law Enforcement in Defining the Augusta County Ordinance, April 15, 2005
Stephen Longenecker, Otelia's Hoops: Gettysburg Dunkers and the Civil War, November 18, 2005

With abstract

Sarah Meacham, "My Little Bird Is My Closest Friend": Emotions and Petkeeping in Early Virginia, March 17, 2006
Betsy Mendelsohn, Early Apple Growing on Apple Pie Ridge, 1900-1930, November 19, 2004
Byron C. Smith, The Minnick-Zirkle Newtown Wagon: Its Rediscovery and Attribution, September 16, 2005

With abstract

Scott Hamilton Suter, The Real Thing: Tradition and Technology in the Shenandoah Valley, September 17, 2004

With emailed abstract

George Thompson, Publishing in the Valley, January 20, 2006

Project proposal only

Catherine A. Tisinger, Phoenix Rising: A 20th Century Valley Tale, One Manufacturing Plant and Three Owners, April 21, 2006
Subseries: Papers, 2007-2009
Donna Dodenhoff, African Americans' Pursuit of Citizenship in the Northern Shenandoah Valley: Reconstruction to the World War II Period, April 17, 2009

With emailed abstract

Walter Ghant, "Colored" Teachers in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, Virginia, 1900-1940: Pedagogy of Service and Learning, February 15, 2008

With emailed abstract

Dale Harter, 'Hell No, We Won't Go' … Back: The Rockingham Rebellion, Spring 1862, February 20, 2009

Emailed abstract only

Mary Ellen Henry, Shuttering the Poorhouse Door: Virginia's Second District Home, 1927, March 20, 2009
Warren Hofstra and Mike Foreman, Country Music and Cultural History in 1950s Winchester, Virginia. The Life and Times of Patsy Cline, January 16, 2009

Abstract only

Wesley T. Joyner, Who Is Peter Francisco and Why Does He Matter?, October 26, 2007

With book abstract

Geraldine Wojno Kiefer, Frances Benjamin Johnston and The Ladies' Home Journal Visit the Country of Sheridan's Ride, September 21, 2007

PowerPoint slides and 2 CDs

Kenneth E. Koons, Processing the Bounty of Field and Forest: Manufacturing in the Nineteenth-Century Valley of Virginia, February 16, 2007

With abstract

Charles A. Miller, The Classics in the Appalachians – The Case of the Shenandoah Valley, April 18, 2008

With abstract

Ted Olson, Blue Ridge Folklife: The Region's Most Distinctive Verbal, Customary, and Material Culture Traditions—Past, Present, and Future, April 20, 2007

With ephemera (moved to Administrative Records 2007) and emailed biography

Laura Ping, Life in a Divided City: Women in Winchester, VA During the Civil War, March 16, 2007

Thesis with abstract and emailed biography

Scott Hamilton Suter, 'Steeped in the Traditions of the Past': Material Culture and the Marketing of the Shenandoah Valley, October 17, 2008
Matthew J. Trogdon, The Editors and the Insurrection: Political Rivalry and the Newspaper Reactions to Nat Turner's Rebellion, January 19, 2007

With abstract

Joseph W. A. Whitehorne, The Battle of Cedar Creek: Action Affecting Areas 1 and 5, Quarry Property, September 19, 2008
Subseries: Papers, 1990-1994
Terry Alford, John Wilkes Boothe and the John Brown Raid: An Episode and its Portents, October 18, 1991

Contains email re: paper not to be copied/distributed until Dr. Alford's book publication

Lisa Hill, Germanic Customs of the Easter Season: Folklore and Traditions, August 10, 1990
Warren R. Hofstra, Domestic Architecture and the Early Shenandoah Valley, February 20, 1992
Stephen L. Longnecker, Religion, Pluralism, and Democracy among Germans in the Shenandoah Valley, 1700-1850, November 15, 1991
Scott H. Suter, Tradition and Progress in Nineteenth-Century Rockingham County: The Case of Emanuel Suter, September 17, 1993
Gail S. Terry,"If it is Within My Power": Women's Experience In the Virginia Backcountry, January 18, 1991
John R. Vineyard, Virginia's Conestoga: Defining Shenandoah Freight Wagons, 1750-1850, September 16, 1992
James W. Wilson, The Mossy Creek Iron Works, February 14, 1994
Nate Yoder, Virginia Mennonites: From Traditionalists to Fundamentalists, January 24, 1994

Compiled by: Mark Peterson, February 2012