Virginia Wilderness Committee Records, 1961-2009

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Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Virginia Wilderness Committee Records, 1961-2009

Collection No.: SC 0209
Creator: Virginia Wilderness Committee

Extent: 5 boxes, 4 flat files; 9 cubic feet

Language: English

Abstract: The Virginia Wilderness Committee Records, 1961-2009, comprise official records - administrative and financial records, newsletters, project and subject files - documenting the organization's activities and projects related to wilderness legislation, preservation, and protection in Virginia's national forests and other wild areas.


Administrative Information

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Preferred Citation: [identification of item], [box #, folder #], Virginia Wilderness Committee Records, 1961-2009, SC 0209, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.

Acquisition Information: J. James "Jim" Murray and Elizabeth "Bess" Murray donated this collection in March 2010.
Processing Information: Newspaper clippings were photocopied and originals were discarded. During initial processing, photographs were separated from their original folders and placed in a Photographs series. Folders were been rearranged into series, but the order imposed by the creator at the folder level has been generally maintained.In an effort to reimpose the original order of these records, the collection was reprocessed in December 2018. At this time, the files were arranged alphabetically according to subject and/or by general forest subjects, George Washington National Forest, and Jefferson National Forest. This is how the original order was described upon accession. Administrative and financial files were also grouped together. During reprocessing, all photographs were refiled in their original folders or filed into folders based on intellectual relationship.In order to streamline the process of applying collection numbers, Special Collections staff completed a large-scale renumbering campaign in 2017-2018. This collection was previously cataloged as SC 5032.

Administrative History:

The Virginia Wilderness Committee (VWC) consists of a group of citizens whose goal is to preserve and protect wild areas in Virginia. It was established in May 1969 during a workshop meeting organized by The Wilderness Society. The first leadership council consisted of John McKnight of Williamsburg as the first chairman, J. James "Jim " Murray, as vice-chairman, and Lloyd Sumner as secretary treasurer. The VWC and The Wilderness Society immediately joined forces to found the Virginia Conservation Council in order to serve as an umbrella organization for Virginia's growing number of wilderness-oriented organizations. In 1976, the VWC played a role in adding additional acreage to the Shenandoah National Park wilderness proposal. The VWC also campaigned for the Virginia Wilderness Act of 1984, a major piece of legislation that designated ten areas for wilderness protection. In the 1990s, some members of Congress opposed additional wilderness designation legislation. During this time, the VWC focused on protecting wild areas, opposing the construction of a gas pipeline through potential future wilderness designated areas, compiling and publishing a memorial book on Ernie Dickerman, an important member of the VWC who passed in 1998, and other projects. In the early 2000s, the VWC was involved in the revision of the management plan for the Thomas Jefferson National Forest, as well as with the Virginia Wilderness Act of 2000. In 2009, the Virginia Ridge and Valley Act was finally passed within an omnibus bill. The VWC had tracked and campaigned for this bill since it was first introduced in 2004. The 2009 Act designated 53,000 acres of land in Virginia as wilderness.

VWC's major concern has been working with Congress in order to pass legislation to designate specific wild areas as "wilderness." With this designation, an area is entitled to a certain level of protection under the Wilderness Act of 1964. The VWC has also been concerned with beach traffic, air quality, water quality, dams, wildlife and endangered species, power lines, wilderness usage, roads, Virginia's National Forests, the National Park Service, oil drilling in the arctic, wilderness trails, eminent domain, etc.

Scope and Content:

The Virginia Wilderness Committee Records, 1961-2009, document the organization's staff and organizers, finances, meetings, newsletters, and projects which include wilderness legislation, preservation, and protection in Virginia's national forests and other wild areas.


The collection is arranged in 4 series:
Series 1: Administrative Files, 1961-2005
Series 2: Legislative Files, 1962-2009
Series 3: Subject Files, 1965-2009
Subseries 3.1: General, 1965-2009
Subseries 3.2: George Washington National Forest, 1969-2009
Subseries 3.3: Jefferson National Forest, 1970-2009
Series 4: Maps, 2002-2004
Series 1, 2, and 4 are arranged chronologically. Series 3 is arranged alphabetically.


Murray, Jim. "The Virginia Wilderness Committee: History and Accomplishments," January 2012. (accessed October 25, 2018).

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Series 1: Administrative Files, 1961-2009

Series 1: Administrative Files, 1961-2005, comprises the VWC's organizational records including by-laws, correspondence, personnel files and files maintained by VWC members, membership lists, meeting agendas and minutes, brochures, newsletters, financial documents and reports, and account ledgers. Of interest is the correspondence with Congressmen Rick Boucher, John Warner, and George Allen.

Ernie Dickerman file - Christmas letters, 1961-1997
Box 1:Folder 1
Correspondence, 1968-1990
Box 1:Folder 2
Early documents, 1969
Box 1:Folder 3
Correspondence and policy statements, 1969-1991
Box 1:Folder 4
By-laws, 1970, undated
Box 1:Folder 5
Newsletters, 1970-1979
Box 1:Folder 6
Correspondence and policy statements, 1970-1999
Box 1:Folder 7
Annual general meeting documents, 1971-2009
Box 1:Folder 8
Ernie Dickerman file - memoranda, 1976-1991, undated
Box 1:Folder 9
Newsletters, 1980-1989
Box 1:Folder 10
Account ledgers, 1981-1989
Box 1:Folder 11
Press clippings, 1981-1999
Box 1:Folder 12
Membership lists, 1981-1994
Box 1:Folder 13
Elizabeth Murray file, 1981-2008, undated
Box 1:Folder 14
Miscellaneous, 1983-2006, undated
Box 1:Folder 15
Ernie Dickerman file - miscellaneous documents, 1984-1998
Box 1:Folder 16
Royalty income documents, 1985-1998
Box 1:Folder 17
Financial reports and treasury documents, 1987-1997
Box 1:Folder 18
Tax documents, 1988-1992
Box 1:Folder 19
Newsletters, 1990-2009
Box 1:Folder 20
George Allen file, 1991-2004, undated
Box 1:Folder 21
Bill Damon file, 1995-2000
Box 1:Folder 22
John Warner file, 1997-2001
Box 1:Folder 23
Rick Boucher file, 1998-2002
Box 1:Folder 24
Wyss Family Foundation grants, 1998-2008
Box 1:Folder 25
Ernie Dickerman file - "Ernie Dickerman: A Tribute", 1999
Box 1:Folder 26
Buffalo Gap meetings, 1999-2004, undated
Box 1:Folder 27
Brochures, 1999-2005, undated
Box 1:Folder 28
Press clippings, 2000-2008
Box 1:Folder 29
Donald Giecek personnel file, 2001-2006, undated
Box 1:Folder 30
Patagonia grant, 2002
Box 1:Folder 31
Mark Miller personnel file, 2002-2003, undated
Box 1:Folder 32
David West file, 2005
Box 1:Folder 33
"Vernon Garber: A Remembrance", undated
Box 1:Folder 34

Series 2: Legislative Files, 1962-2009

Series 2: Legislative Files, 1962-2009, consists of mailing lists, congressional speeches, correspondence, public notices, and documents used by the members of VWC as evidence for building a case in favor of wilderness designation or wild area protective legislation in Virginia. Highlights include documentation related to the passing of the Virginia Wilderness Act of 2000 including related photographs featuring VWC members and Senator John Warner.

National Forest Wild Areas legislation, 1962-1972, undated
Box 1:Folder 35
Wetlands legislation, 1970-1972, undated
Box 1:Folder 36
Omnibus Wilderness Bill, 1972-1975, undated
Box 1:Folder 37
National Forest Timber Management Reform Act of 1976, 1976
Box 1:Folder 38
Virginia Wilderness Bill, 1980-1984
Box 1:Folder 39
Wilderness Bill proposals, 1991-1999
Box 1:Folder 40
Virginia Wilderness Act of 2000 (folder 1 of 2), 1993-2001
Box 1:Folder 41
Virginia Wilderness Act of 2000 (folder 2 of 2), 1993-2001
Box 1:Folder 42
Virginia Wilderness Act photographs, 2000
Box 1:Folder 43
Virginia Wilderness Act, 2003-2004
Box 1:Folder 44
Virginia Ridge and Valley Act/Omnibus Bill (folder 1 of 2), 2004-2009
Box 1:Folder 45
Virginia Ridge and Valley Act/Omnibus Bill (folder 2 of 2), 2004-2009
Box 2:Folder 1
Wilderness Bill publicity, 2009
Box 2:Folder 2

Series 3: Subject Files, 1965-2009

Series 3: Subject Files, 1965-2009, documents various topics concerning related organizations and committees with which the VWC interacted, planning reports and agenda relating to managing and creating wilderness areas, pertaining to the various projects, interests, and activities of the Virginia Wilderness Committee. Additionally, these documents relate to general environmental concerns and feature issues that while not directly related to the Virginia Wilderness Committee or wilderness designation, are still relevant to the VWC as a whole. Documents relate to the VWC's involvement in George Washington and Jefferson National Forest's management revisions and plans, as well as many folders compiled by the organization pertaining to key areas within George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Some area folders consist of information about their potential for wilderness designation, special management for the area, campaigns to protect and preserve areas, basic information, maps, and relevant news clippings. Photographs of Shenandoah National Park, Cave Springs/Stone Mountain, Brush Mountain East, Brush Mountain (Montgomery County), Brushy Mountain (Bland County), Hunting Camp Creek, Long Spur, Little Walker Mountain, and Lynn Camp Creek are interfiled in their related subject files.

This series is further arranged into three subseries: General, George Washington National Forest, and Jefferson National Forest.

Subseries: General, 1965-2009
Air quality, 2001
Box 2:Folder 3
American Wilderness Coalition, 2002-2003, undated
Box 2:Folder 4
Appalachian Forest Management Group, 1988-1989, undated
Box 2:Folder 5
Appalachian Trail Club, 1970-2005
Box 2:Folder 6
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 1978-2003
Box 2:Folder 7
Back Bay/Knotts Island, Virginia vs. North Carolina, 1970-1986
Box 2:Folder 8
Bear management, 2001
Box 2:Folder 9
Burkes Garden, 1971
Box 2:Folder 10
Carr Mountain Trail, 2007
Box 2:Folder 11
Chesapeake Bay preservation, 1984, 1999
Box 2:Folder 12
Citizens for Albemarle, 1975, 1997-2000
Box 2:Folder 13
Conservation Council of Virginia, 1968-1973
Box 2:Folder 14
Conservation Council of Virginia, 1974-1987, undated
Box 2:Folder 15
Cushaw Project, 2006
Box 2:Folder 16
Dismal Swamp (folder 1 of 2), 1969-1976, undated
Box 2:Folder 17
Dismal Swamp (folder 2 of 2), 1969-1976, undated
Box 2:Folder 18
District plans - GW and TJ accomplishments and proposed projects, 1998-1999
Box 2:Folder 19
Ecological classification system, 1996
Box 2:Folder 20
Eminent domain, 1970
Box 2:Folder 21
Endangered species, 2005
Box 2:Folder 22
Extension and management of Blue Ridge Parkway, 1970
Box 2:Folder 23
Federal Executive Institute (FEI) Conference, 1998
Box 2:Folder 24
Forest Service Asset Management, 1982-1992
Box 2:Folder 25
Forest Service land sale, 2006
Box 2:Folder 26
Forest Service master plan (folder 1 of 2), 1970-1975
Box 2:Folder 27
Forest Service master plan (folder 1 of 2), 1970-1975
Box 2:Folder 28
Forest Service planning, 1982-1987
Box 2:Folder 29
Forestry in America, undated
Box 2:Folder 30
Gas and oil lines, 1993-2000
Box 2:Folder 31
Goshen Pass, 1972
Box 2:Folder 32
Governor's Council on the Environment, 1971-1976, undated
Box 2:Folder 33
Greater Newport Rural Historic District Committee, 1997
Box 2:Folder 34
Guidelines - Wilderness evaluation, 1997
Box 2:Folder 35
Gypsy moth report, 1973
Box 2:Folder 36
House Mountain, 1990
Box 3:Folder 1
Lucas vs. South Carolina Coastal Council, 1992
Box 3:Folder 2
Management prescription draft for Southern Appalachia forests, undated
Box 3:Folder 3
Mollusks, 1971-1972, undated
Box 3:Folder 4
Monongahela National Forest, 1971
Box 3:Folder 5
Mueller proposal, 2001
Box 3:Folder 6
National Park Services, 1970-1973
Box 3:Folder 7
The Nature Conservancy, 1973-2006, undated
Box 3:Folder 8
New River, 1970, undated
Box 3:Folder 9
New Virginia Wilderness Campaign, 1990
Box 3:Folder 10
Off-road vehicles in national forests, 1973-1976
Box 3:Folder 11
President's Clinton initiative, 1999
Box 3:Folder 12
Proposed Nestle plant at Big Springs, 2003
Box 3:Folder 13
Proposed trails, Great Eastern and Carl Mountain, 2007, undated
Box 3:Folder 14
Roadless Area Conservation Rule (RACR), 2006
Box 3:Folder 15
Roadless Area Review and Evaluation II (RARE II), 1977-1978
Box 3:Folder 16
Roadless Area Review and Evaluation III (RARE III), George Washington National Forest, 1991-1993
Box 3:Folder 17
Rockbridge Conservation Council and Valley Conservation Council, undated
Box 3:Folder 18
Senator Frank church hearings, 1970-1971
Box 3:Folder 19
Shenandoah Ecosystems Defense Group, 1997
Box 3:Folder 20
Shenandoah National Park (folder 1 of 2), 1968-2003
Box 3:Folder 21
Shenandoah National Park (folder 2 of 2), 1968-2003
Box 3:Folder 22
Shenandoah watershed study, 2004
Box 3:Folder 23
Sierra Club (Piedmont and Old Dominion chapters), 1975-1984, undated
Box 3:Folder 24
Southern Appalachia Forest Commission, 1992-2005, undated
Box 3:Folder 25
Southern Appalachian Wilderness Walk, 1999
Box 3:Folder 26
Southern Environmental Law Center, 1997-2009, undated
Box 3:Folder 27
Southern Pine Beetle, 1987
Box 3:Folder 28
Stream channelization, 1971-1974, undated
Box 3:Folder 29
Strip mining for coal, 1971-1976, undated
Box 3:Folder 30
Sweet Briar forest logging, 2001
Box 3:Folder 31
Taxation by land use, 1971
Box 3:Folder 32
United States Department of the Interior Natural Areas, 1965-1978
Box 3:Folder 33
Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Trail Foundation, 2000, undated
Box 3:Folder 34
Virginia Clean Air Now campaign, 1999
Box 3:Folder 35
Virginia Conservation Network, 1999-2006, undated
Box 3:Folder 36
Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited, 1992-2002
Box 3:Folder 37
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, 2008, undated
Box 3:Folder 38
Virginia flood plains, 1971-1972
Box 3:Folder 39
Virginia Mountain Treasures, 1997-2007, undated
Box 3:Folder 40
Virginia's Natural Heritage Program, 2001
Box 3:Folder 41
Virginia scenic rivers/national wild and scenic river systems, 1969-1979
Box 3:Folder 42
Virginia Society of Orinthology, 1976-1980
Box 3:Folder 43
Virginia Wilderness Resource Management Conference, 1978-1986
Box 3:Folder 44
Water quality, 1996
Box 3:Folder 45
Wild Lands Project, 2000
Box 3:Folder 46
Wild Virginia, 2004, 2008
Box 3:Folder 47
Wilderness areas, GW and TJ, 1996-2001
Box 3:Folder 48
Wilderness economics information, 2001-2003
Box 3:Folder 49
The Wilderness Land trust, 2004, undated
Box 3:Folder 50
Wilderness Leaders Meeting and campaigns in the 21st century, 2004
Box 3:Folder 51
The Wilderness Society, 1968-1970, 2000, 2006
Box 3:Folder 52
The Wilderness Society Guide to Wilderness Designation, 1993, undated
Box 3:Folder 53
Wilderness visitor ethics, undated
Box 3:Folder 54
Wilderness Week, 2006
Box 3:Folder 55
Wilderness Resources Council, 1979-1989
Box 3:Folder 56
Wind power, 2003
Box 4:Folder 1
Wintergreen Nature Foundation, 2003
Box 4:Folder 2
Subseries: George Washington National Forest, 1969-2009
Bath County power line meetings, 1974
Box 4:Folder 3
Benson Run and Sugar Tree area, 2001-2002
Box 4:Folder 4
Big Levels, 1973-1991, undated
Box 4:Folder 5
Dolly Ann and Alleghany Highlands, 1979-2005, undated
Box 4:Folder 6
Dry River Ranger District, 1969-1994, undated
Box 4:Folder 7
Laurel Fork, 1972-2005, undated
Box 4:Folder 8
Little River, 1991-2009
Box 4:Folder 9
Lower Jackson River Unit, 1974
Box 4:Folder 10
Management plan revisions/working group, 1989-1992
Box 4:Folder 11
Massanutten, 1972-1976, undated
Box 4:Folder 12
Miscellaneous items, 1969-1993, undated
Box 4:Folder 13
Mount Pleasant, 1986-1997, undated
Box 4:Folder 14
North River, 1973-1974
Box 4:Folder 15
Paddy Run, 2004
Box 4:Folder 16
Piney River, 1974-1975, undated
Box 4:Folder 17
Plan recommendations/revisions, 2007-2009
Box 4:Folder 18
Proposed research of Green Pond and Skidmore Fork, undated
Box 4:Folder 19
Ramsey's draft, 1972-1991, undated
Box 4:Folder 20
Rich Hole, 1976-1977, undated
Box 4:Folder 21
Rough Mountain, 1979-1987
Box 4:Folder 22
Signal Corps Knob project - Deerfield, 2005-2006
Box 4:Folder 23
Skidmore Fork, 1990-1997
Box 4:Folder 24
St. Mary's, 1977-2004, undated
Box 4:Folder 25
Waynesboro Group, 2007-2009, undated
Box 4:Folder 26
Subseries: Jefferson National Forest, 1970-2009
Appalachian Power Company in TJ, 1994-1996
Box 4:Folder 27
Beartown and Bear Hole Hollow Road, 1986-1998
Box 4:Folder 28
Bland County National Recreational Area, 2005, undated
Box 4:Folder 29
Brush Mountain East, 2001-2002
Box 4:Folder 30
Brush Mountain, Montgomery County, 2002-2005
Box 4:Folder 31
Brushy Mountain, Bland County, undated
Box 4:Folder 32
Cave Mountain Lake Unit, 1972-1986
Box 4:Folder 33
Cave Springs/Stone Mountain, 2002, 2006, undated
Box 4:Folder 34
Citizen Task Force, 1984-1990
Box 4:Folder 35
Citizens for Southwest Virginia, 1978
Box 4:Folder 36
Citizens workshops, 1999
Box 4:Folder 37
Conference call notes, 1999-2009
Box 4:Folder 38
Crawfish Valley/Bear Creek, Bland, Smyth, Wythe counties, 2003
Box 4:Folder 39
Devil's Fork, Straight Fork, 1977-1998, undated
Box 4:Folder 40
Forest draft plan, 2003
Box 5:Folder 1
Garden Mountain, 1972-1973
Box 5:Folder 2
High Knob National Recreation Area, 2002-2003
Box 5:Folder 3
Hoop Hole, North Mountain, North Creek, 2001, undated
Box 5:Folder 4
Hunting Camp Creek/Little Wolf Creek, Bland County, 1991-2006
Box 5:Folder 5
James River Face, 2006
Box 5:Folder 6
Jefferson Forest planning, 1972-1998
Box 5:Folder 7
Jennings Creek, 1973-1976
Box 5:Folder 8
Justin Askins essay, 1999
Box 5:Folder 9
Kimberling Creek, 1987-1988
Box 5:Folder 10
Little Walker Mountain, Pulaski, Wythe, Bland counties, 2001, 2003
Box 5:Folder 11
Long Spur, 1991, 2001
Box 5:Folder 12
Lynn Camp, 2006
Box 5:Folder 13
Map originals, 2002
Box 5:Folder 14
Mill Creek, 1981
Box 5:Folder 15
Mountain Lake maps, 1977-1994
Box 5:Folder 16
Mountain Lake meeting minutes and correspondence, 1977-1994
Box 5:Folder 17
Mountain Lake, Peters Mountain, 1977-1994
Box 5:Folder 18
Mountain Lake proposals, 1977-1994
Box 5:Folder 19
Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area jurisdiction, 1970-1999
Box 5:Folder 20
Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area locations, 1979-2003
Box 5:Folder 21
Mt. Rogers - Salamander info, 1972-1989, undated
Box 5:Folder 22
North Fork of the Pound, Wise County, 2002, undated
Box 5:Folder 23
Peters Mountain, 1987
Box 5:Folder 24
Plan hearings, 2002
Box 5:Folder 25
Plan revision issues, 1996-1999
Box 5:Folder 26
Poverty Creek, 1971
Box 5:Folder 27
Radford Group, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 28
Roadless area inventory, 1994-1999
Box 5:Folder 29
Roaring Branch map, 1979
Box 5:Folder 30
"Rolling Alternative" plan, 1995, 1999
Box 5:Folder 31
Shawvers Run and Barbours Creek, 1990
Box 5:Folder 32
Supervisor reports, 1971-1998
Box 5:Folder 33
Thunder Ridge, 1983-1998
Box 5:Folder 34
Upper Craig Creek, 1972-1974
Box 5:Folder 35
Wilderness Resource Management Conference, 1986
Box 5:Folder 36

Series 4: Maps, 2002-2004

Series 4: Maps, 2002-2004, comprises four map sets from the campaign for the Virginia Wilderness Act of 2010. Map sets include the original proposal, 2002; working map set, 2003; forest service working map set, January 2004; forest service working map set, July 2004.

Original Map Set, Virginia Wilderness Committee Proposal, 2002

Atkins, Troutdale, undated

Garden and Brushy Mountains, undated

Troutdale, White Top, Konnarock, undated

Cedar Springs, undated

Cripple Creek, undated

Speedwell, undated

Looney, Craig Springs, undated

Long Spur, Bland, undated

Newport, McDonald's Mill, undated

Long Spur, Pulaski, undated

Garden Mountain, undated

Rural Retreat, Nebo, undated

Kimberling Creek, Rocky Gap, undated

Map Case 3:Drawer 4:Folder 1
Virginia Wilderness Committee Working Maps, 2003

Mt. Lake Addition, undated

Peter's Mountain Addition, undated

Brush Mountain, Kimberling Creek Additions, undated

Whitetop Laurel, undated

Mercy Branch, undated

Hunting Camp Creek, undated

Whitetop, undated

Garden Mountain, Beartown Additions, undated

Seng Mountain, Raccoon Branch, undated

Brush Mountain, undated

Brush Mountain East, undated

Crawfish Valley, undated

Map Case 3:Drawer 4:Folder 2
Forest Service Working Map Set, January 2004

Cave Springs, undated

Little Dry Run Addition and Horse Heaven, undated

Seng Mountain and Raccoon Branch, undated

Hunting Camp/Little Wolf Creek and Garden Mountain, undated

Little Walker Mountain, undated

Long Spur, undated

Lewis Fork Addition and Little Wilson Creek Additions, undated

Beartown Additions, undated

Bear Creek (South Half), undated

Bear Creek (North Half), undated

Kimberling Creek Additions and Brushy Mountain, undated

Peter's Mountain Additions, undated

Shawver's Rush Addition, undated

Mountain Lake Additions (2 copies), undated

Brush Mountain, undated

Map Case 3:Drawer 4:Folder 3
Forest Service Working Maps of Virginia Wilderness Committee Proposals, July 2004

Mountain Lake Additions, undated

Bear Creek (2 copies), undated

Peter's Mountain Addition (2 copies), undated

Shawvers Run Additions (2 copies), undated

Lewis Fork Addition and Little Wilson Creek Additions (2 copies), undated

Seng Mountain and Raccoon Branch (2 copies), undated

Stone Mountain (2 copies), undated

Brush Mountain and Brush Mountain East (2 copies), undated

Map Case 3:Drawer 4:Folder 4

Compiled by: Tara Mastrangelo and Kayla Payne, June 2012; Tiffany Cole, December 2018