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Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Student Government Association Records, 1915-2015

Collection No.: UA 0007
Creator: JMU Student Government Association

Extent: 35 boxes; 12.19 cubic feet

Language: English

Abstract: The Student Government Association Records consist of 12 cubic feet of material relating to the activities of the James Madison University's Student Government Association from its establishment as the Student Association of the State Normal School for Women at Harrisonburg in 1915 until 2015.


Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: Researchers must register and agree to copyright and privacy laws before using this collection. Collection is open for research with the exception of certain records protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), particularly those in Series 8: Disciplinary Reports. FERPA protection of student records ends with the death of the student. Therefore, records are opened for research 80 years after their creation when it is presumed that the student is deceased. Media is inaccessible pending reformating. Please contact Research Services staff before visiting the James Madison University Special Collections Library to use this collection (

Use Restrictions: Copyright for official University records is held by James Madison University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law. Staff have taken special care to identify and remove sensitive materials, particularly those relating to students' academic records, found within this collection. However, in rare instances, privacy protected information may be revealed during use of this collection. Researchers agree to make no notes or other recordation of privacy protected information if found within this collection, and further agree not to publish or disclose such information for any purpose. Researchers agree to alert Special Collections staff if potentially privacy protected information is found within this collection. For more information, contact the Special Collections Library Reference Desk (

Preferred Citation: [identification of item], [box #, folder #], Student Government Association Records, UA 0007, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.

Acquisition Information: The material in this collection was donated by members of James Madison University's Student Government Association in several different accessions between 1993 and 2015. The earlier accessions (1993-2001) were previously processed and assigned archival collection numbers SGA 93-0401, SGA 93-1019, and SGA 2001-1010. These materials were reprocessed along with the later accessions and combined into one larger collection, UA 0007. Additional accessions (2015-0830, 2015-0828, and 2015-0505) were added to the collection in November 2018.
Processing Information: After reviewing the material in all accessions, about 2 linear feet of material was removed from one of the 2005 accessions. The material was largely financial forms that contained banking information or social security numbers. All binder and notebook material was removed from the original bindings and transferred into folders. All the pages from each of the scrapbooks were removed and photocopied. Photocopies were also made of the cover and back covers. This was done to help preserve the context of the photographs on the pages in preparation for possible adhesive failure.

Administrative History:

James Madison University's Student Government Association was established in February 1915 as the school's first student government. Although rumblings of self-government began with the founding of the school in 1908, it took a fair amount of effort to bring this idea to fruition. The roots of the university's SGA derive from the student Honor Council which began in the 1909-1910 school year. Students involved in the Honor Council began to create an unofficial student government that although unable to act in an official capacity, was instrumental in helping to bring about student support for self-government. By 1914, a small group of students worked together to draft a constitution for the planned student government organization and presented this constitution to the faculty. After completing revisions suggested by the faculty, the constitution was presented and voted on by the entire student body February 25, 1915 and as a result, the Student Association of the State Normal School at Harrisonburg was established. This first iteration of the organization required that the entire student body act as a member. Additionally, the Honor Committee was converted into the first Executive Board. This Executive Board included three officers (president, vice-president, and secretary), and several elected members of each class.

As the school and student population grew so did the organization and it eventually became unrealistic for the entire student body to act as members of the organization. Complications also arose within the organization with the introduction of full-time male students in 1946. At the time, it did not seem appropriate for men and women to govern students of the opposite sex. As a result, the male students decided to create their own self-government in 1950, labeling their organization the Men's Student Government Organization. The female students likewise formally relabeled their existing organization the Women's Student Government Association in 1953 to better distinguish the separation between the two groups; however, they rarely included this additional identifier. While the two groups worked together on many matters through the 50s and 60s, the organizations formally combine in 1970, creating the current manifestation of the Student Government Association.

As of 2015, the SGA at JMU is made up of appointed members on the Executive Staff, Representatives, and At-Large Senators. Elected members include Class Council Senators, College Senators, and Area Residence Senators. The mission: The Student Government Association of James Madison University is an organization dedicated to collaborating with all members of its community to advocate for student opinion, while fostering a proactive, inclusive environment.

Scope and Content:

This collection documents the activities of James Madison University's Student Government Association in Harrisonburg, Virginia from 1915-2015. The collection developed from seven different accessions from the Student Government Association received in the 1990s and early 2000s and contains a wide range of material which is organized according to physical type or corresponding to subject. Much of the material in this collection derives from different meetings within the organization including: the Student Council, Student Senate, Execution Board, Senate and Council Committees, and others. A large amount of the collection is administrative material regarding the work of these different internal groups as well as the procedures which govern them. Similarly, these different internal meetings produced a fair amount of the minutes, committee reports, and legislative files found in the collection. In addition to these materials, there are also a large amount of financial files related to the budget of SGA and other on campus organizations. This collection also consists of correspondence to and from different members of the SGA usually regarding issues of student conduct on and off campus. The last major section of the collection contains photographs, scrapbooks, and ephemera memorializing different SGA events. Further descriptions of the material can be found in the series descriptions. The collection has been arranged into twelve series.


The collection is arranged into 11 series:
Series 1: Administrative, 1915-2015
Series 2: Committees, 1931-2015
Series 3: Correspondence, 1955-2003
Series 4: Policies and Regulations, 1931-1971
Series 5: Minutes, 1929-2012
Series 6: Legislative Files, 1989-2012
Series 7: Financial Files, 1987-2014
Series 8: Disciplinary Reports, 1922-1973
Series 9: Photographs, 2000-2014
Series 10: Scrapbooks, 2001-2009
Series 11: Ephemera, 1930-2015
All series are arranged chronologically


Raymond Dingledine, Madison College: The First Fifty Years, 1908-1958 (Harrisonburg, Virginia: Madison College, 1959).

Related Material:

Some of the material in this collection can be viewed on Special Collections' Student Government Association Digital Exhibit published on-line in April 2015.


Series 1: Administrative, 1915-2015

This is the largest series in the collection and contains material related to the function and organization of SGA, featuring a variety of documents from 1923-2013, with the bulk of this series is from 1990-2013. There is a large gap in the material around 1980s. The first folder in the series, containing the organization's first constitution and by-laws, is not original to the collection. The document was located in the 1915 Faculty Minutes in the Board of Visitors Collection, 1908-2004 (PR 99-1122), photocopied, and added to the collection on March 25, 2015. This series additionally contains some interesting material related to student strikes which took place on campus in 1969 and 1970. There is particular information related to Jay Rainey, one of the student leaders, as well as SGA's Committee on Student Protest. Other materials to note in this series are documents from the early 2000s which relate to the sexual assault research on college campuses, reports related to the impact of Title IX on campus, and SGA research regarding the Forrest Hill Riot in 2000, which resulted in a conflict between the Harrisonburg Police Department and students at a spring block party.

Constitution and By-Laws of the Student Association of the State Normal School at Harrisonburg (Photocopy), 1915
Box 1:Folder 1
Constitution and By-Laws of the Student Association (Agness Browne Stribling's copy), 1915
Box 1:Folder 2
Southern Intercollegiate Association, 1923-1936
Box 1:Folder 3
Constitutions of Old Organizations, 1930-1964
Box 1:Folder 4
SGA Organizational Chart, 1951-1952
Box 1:Folder 5
Student Evaluation of Madison College, 1952-1953
Box 1:Folder 6
Orientation and Retreat, 1956-1957, 1959-1965, 1969-1971
Box 1:Folder 7
Assemblies, 1959-1966
Box 1:Folder 8
Constitutions Revised, 1959-1962, 1974, undated
Box 1:Folder 9
Events Leading to the Strike of 1970, 1970
Box 1:Folder 10
Demonstration, May 1972
Box 1:Folder 11
Demonstration recordings, May 6, 1972

Original audiocassette: North Side Wilson and Sen. Byrd's Speech, recorded by Dr. Grant O. Rush, May 6, 1972

Original audiocassette: South Side Wilson and Sen. Byrd's Speech, recorded by Elger Wilkerson, May 6, 1972

Constitutions and House Rules, 1990-1997
Box 1:Folder 12
Bond Issue, 1991-1992
Box 1:Folder 13
Sexual Assault Research, 1991,1993-1995, 1997-2000
Box 1:Folder 14
Sexual Assault Research, 1991,1993-1995, 1997-2000
Box 1:Folder 15
Board of Visitors and University Council Reports, 1992,1994,1996-2001
Box 2:Folder 1
Board of Visitors and University Council Reports, 1992,1994,1996-2001
Box 2:Folder 2
Archive, 1992,1996, 1998-2001
Box 2:Folder 3
Senate Retreat Fall, 1995, 1997-1998
Box 2:Folder 4
Senator/Social Club, 1995-1998-1999
Box 2:Folder 5
Breeze Records, 1997-1998, 2001
Box 2:Folder 6
New Archive, 1997, 1999, 2000-2001
Box 2:Folder 7
Loose Material, 1997-1999, 2002-2004
Box 2:Folder 8
Application Forms, 1998-1999
Box 2:Folder 9
Fall Varsity Retreat, 1999
Box 2:Folder 10
From Retreat, 1999
Box 2:Folder 11
Miscellaneous Information, 1999-2000
Box 2:Folder 12
University Center, 1999
Box 2:Folder 13
Retreat, 1999-2000
Box 3:Folder 1
SGA Leadership Scholarship, 1999-2002
Box 3:Folder 2
Winter Retreat, 1999-2000
Box 3:Folder 3
Camp Horizons/ Senate Retreat, 1999, 2001, 2004
Box 3:Folder 4
Breeze Information Sheets, 2000
Box 3:Folder 5
Camp Horizons Retreat, 2000
Box 3:Folder 6
Casework, 2000
Box 3:Folder 7
Clubs and Organizations, 2000
Box 3:Folder 8
Elections, 2000
Box 3:Folder 9
Events and Conferences, 2000
Box 3:Folder 10
Forrest Hill, 2000
Box 3:Folder 11
Freshman Survey, 2000
Box 3:Folder 12
Major Elections, 2000
Box 3:Folder 13
Mark's Stuff, 2000
Box 3:Folder 14
Minor Elections, 2000
Box 3:Folder 15
Pamphlet, 2000
Box 3:Folder 16
Platforms, 2000
Box 3:Folder 17
Senate Retreat, 2000
Box 3:Folder 18
SGA Website, 2000
Box 3:Folder 19
Senator Folders/ White Copies, 2000
Box 3:Folder 20
Appendices for Forrest Hill Report, 2000-2001
Box 3:Folder 21
Forrest Hill Riot Research, 2000-2001
Box 3:Folder 22
Forrest Hill Student Responses, 2000-2001
Box 3:Folder 23
Scrap for Handbook, 2000-2001
Box 4:Folder 1
Sports Team Cuts Research, 2000-2001
Box 4:Folder 2
Virginia Student Leadership Alliance Documents, 2000-2001
Box 4:Folder 3
Election Documents, 2002-2004
Box 4:Folder 4
To File, 2000, 2004
Box 4:Folder 5
9-11 Relief Effort, 2001
Box 4:Folder 6
30 Year Committee, 2001
Box 4:Folder 7
Board of Visitor Reports, 2001
Box 4:Folder 8
City Council Agendas, 2001
Box 4:Folder 9
Class Council Officers, 2001
Box 4:Folder 10
Commons for the Commons, 2001
Box 4:Folder 11
Discuss Executive, 2001
Box 4:Folder 12
Dr. Rose's House Reception, 2001
Box 4:Folder 13
End-of-Year Banquet, 2001
Box 4:Folder 14
SGA At-a-Glance, 2001
Box 4:Folder 15
Massanutten Executive Retreat, 2001
Box 4:Folder 16
SEALS, 2001
Box 4:Folder 17
SEALS/Class Councilors Retreat, 2001
Box 4:Folder 18
SEALS Program, 2001
Box 4:Folder 19
SGA 9-11-01 Response, 2001
Box 4:Folder 20
SGA Handbook, 2001
Box 4:Folder 21
SGA Reports, 2001
Box 5:Folder 1
Appointed Positions, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 2
Background Research, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 3
Breeze Articles, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 4
Calendar, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 5
Miscellaneous, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 6
New Archives, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 7
SGA Handbook, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 8
Senate Documents, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 9
Senior Class Challenge, 2001-2002
Box 5:Folder 10
SGA Press Releases, 2001-2003
Box 5:Folder 11
Beginning of Year, 2001-2003
Box 5:Folder 12
SGA Certificates, 2001, 2003, 2006
Box 5:Folder 13
SGA Press Releases, 2002
Box 5:Folder 14
Travel Authorizations, 2002
Box 5:Folder 15
The Student Government Association Senate Handbook, 2002-2003
Box 5:Folder 16
Virginia Student Leadership Alliance, 2002-2003
Box 5:Folder 17
President Stoney's Legislative Issues, 2002-2004
Box 5:Folder 18
Email/Contact Information, 2003
Box 6:Folder 1
Handbook, 2003-2004
Box 6:Folder 2
SGA Handbook, 2003-2004
Box 6:Folder 3
The Breeze SGA Articles, 2004
Box 6:Folder 4
International Students, 2004
Box 6:Folder 5
Legal Assistance, 2004
Box 6:Folder 6
Lights/Blue Lights, 2004
Box 6:Folder 7
Lobby Trip-Legislation, 2004-2005
Box 6:Folder 8
President Culligan's Project, 2004-2005
Box 6:Folder 9
Transition Stuff, 2004-2005
Box 6:Folder 10
VA21 and SGA Legislative Issues, 2004-2005
Box 6:Folder 11
SGA Handbook, 2006-2007
Box 6:Folder 12
Student Government Association of James Madison University Handbook, 2007-2008
Box 6:Folder 13
Ring Premiere Committee Applications, 2008
Box 6:Folder 14
JMU Student Government Associations Handbook, 2008-2009
Box 6:Folder 15
Candidate Packets, 2009
Box 6:Folder 16
Conference on Student Government Associations Applications, 2009
Box 6:Folder 17
Spring 2009 Treasurer Election, 2009
Box 6:Folder 18
Spring 2009 Executive and Student Representative to the Board of Visitors Elections, 2009-2010
Box 6:Folder 19
Minor Elections Information Binder, 2011-2012

Original computer-disc, 2011

Box 7:Folder 1
Student Government Association Constitution, 2012-2013
Box 7:Folder 2
SGA Constitution and Student Senate House Rules, 2014-2015
Box 31:Folder 4
Archive/Old To Dos, undated
Box 7:Folder 3
Constitutional Review, undated
Box 7:Folder 4
Holiday Greetings, undated
Box 7:Folder 5
Memorandum Forms, undated
Box 7:Folder 6
NT Server, undated
Box 7:Folder 7

Series 2: Committees, 1931-2015

This series contains material related to the work of the different SGA committees from 1931-2002. There is another large gap of material in the 1980s. The bulk of this series is from the 1960s and 1999-2002. This series also includes information related to the standards of conduct for female students in the 1930s and 1960s, such as proper dating procedures.

Standards Committee, 1931-1933, 1960-1961
Box 7:Folder 8
Committees SGA, 1932, 1953-1960, 1962-1970
Box 7:Folder 9
Student Organization Committee, 1935-1959
Box 7:Folder 10
Campus Fee Committee, 1953-1964
Box 7:Folder 11
Executive Committee Reports, 1957-1961
Box 7:Folder 12
Executive Committee Reports, 1962-1963
Box 7:Folder 13
Executive Committee Reports, 1963-1964
Box 7:Folder 14
Executive Committee Reports, 1964-1965
Box 7:Folder 15
Executive Committee Reports, 1965-1966
Box 7:Folder 16
Advisory Committee for student center, 1966
Box 7:Folder 17
Student Faculty Relations Committee, 1969-1971
Box 7:Folder 18
Multicultural Committee, 1997-1998
Box 7:Folder 19
Student Safety Task Force, 1999
Box 8:Folder 1
Community Committee, 1999-2000
Box 8:Folder 2
Legislative Action Committee (folder 1 of 2), 1999-2000
Box 31:Folder 5
Legislative Action Committee (folder 2 of 2), 1999-2000
Box 31:Folder 6
SGA Executive Committee, 1999-2000
Box 8:Folder 3
Planning and Advisory Committee, 1999-2002
Box 8:Folder 4
Planning and Advisory Committee, 1999-2002
Box 8:Folder 5
Commissions and Committees, 1999-2001
Box 8:Folder 6
Athletic Director's Response to Centennial Sports Committee Report, 2000
Box 8:Folder 7
Bus Advisory Committee, 2000
Box 8:Folder 8
Committee Phone Lists, 2000
Box 8:Folder 9
Logo Committee, 2000
Box 8:Folder 10
Madison Athletic Committee, 2000
Box 8:Folder 11
Graduate Speaker, 2000-2001
Box 8:Folder 12
SGA Committee Chairman Binder, 2000-2001, 2003
Box 9:Folder 1
Commissions and Committees, 2000-2001
Box 9:Folder 2
Commissions and Committees, 2001
Box 9:Folder 3
Parking Committee/Forum, 2001
Box 9:Folder 4
Athletic Advisory Committee, 2002
Box 9:Folder 5
Legislative Action Committee (folder 1 of 2), 2014-2015
Box 32:Folder 1
Legislative Action Committee (folder 2 of 2), 2014-2015
Box 32:Folder 2

Series 3: Correspondence, 1955-2003

This series features correspondence from members of SGA to faculty and students on campus as well as several folders of correspondence to individuals off campus. The material in this series ranges from 1955-1971 with a small concentration from 2003. This series contains a fair amount of historical material, such as: a thank you card from Jackie Kennedy, 1963; material related to fears of communism on college campuses, 1965-1966; a letter from an upset parent regarding Jane Fonda's visit to campus in 1971; correspondence related to the proper conduct of female students during the 1950s and 1960s, especially in terms of interactions with males. This series also contains a collection of correspondence regarding the 2003 Board of Visitors decision to stop supplying students with emergency conception through the health center.

Correspondence, 1955-1957
Box 9:Folder 6
Correspondence, 1955-1957
Box 9:Folder 7
Correspondence, 1958-1959
Box 9:Folder 8
Correspondence, 1958-1959
Box 9:Folder 9
Correspondence, 1959-1960
Box 9:Folder 10
Correspondence, 1960-1961
Box 10:Folder 1
Correspondence, 1961-1962
Box 10:Folder 2
Correspondence, 1962-1963
Box 10:Folder 3
Correspondence, 1963-1964
Box 10:Folder 4
Correspondence, 1964-1965
Box 10:Folder 5
Correspondence, 1965-1966
Box 10:Folder 6
Off-Campus Correspondence, 1965-1966
Box 10:Folder 7
Correspondence, 1966-1967
Box 10:Folder 8
Off-Campus Correspondence, 1966-1967
Box 10:Folder 9
Correspondence, 1968-1971
Box 10:Folder 10
Board of Visitors Debate, 2003, undated
Box 10:Folder 11

Series 4: Policies and Regulations, 1931-2000

This series contains material related to the different standards and regulations applying to the students of the school 1931-1971. Most of the material from this series is from the 1950s and 1960s. These documents provide interesting examples of the different social expectations of men and women during the period as well as the restrictive nature of the school's administration in comparison to current campus regulations. The material from the 2000s relates to the policies student representatives are to follow during meetings of the Student Senate.

Rules and Regulations, 1931-1937
Box 11:Folder 1
Rules and Regulations, 1951, 1957-1958
Box 11:Folder 2
Rules and Regulations, 1958-1959
Box 11:Folder 3
Rules and Regulations, 1960-1961
Box 11:Folder 4
Rules and Regulations, 1961-1962
Box 11:Folder 5
Rules and Regulations, 1962, undated
Box 11:Folder 6
Rules and Regulations, 1963-1964
Box 11:Folder 7
Rules and Regulations, 1964-1965
Box 11:Folder 8
Rules and Regulations, 1965-1966
Box 11:Folder 9
Rules and Regulations, 1966-1967
Box 11:Folder 10
Rules and Regulations, 1967-1971
Box 11:Folder 11
Student Government Association House Rules, 2000
Box 11:Folder 12
Parliamentary Procedures, undated
Box 11:Folder 13

Series 5: Meeting Minutes, 1929-2012

This series contains the minutes of the different branches of SGA, particularly Student Senate and the Executive Board, 1922-2012. There are two gaps in this series most notably between 1930-1940 with two smaller gaps in the 1970s and 2000s. These minutes generally provide information such as: meeting agendas, events taking place on campus, SGA members and committee chairs, as well as general insight into the everyday issues discussed in SGA meetings.

SGA Minutes, 1929, 1956-1957
Box 11:Folder 14
SGA Minutes, 1940-1941, 1946-1949
Box 11:Folder 15
Summer Quarter, 1948-1952
Box 11:Folder 16
SGA Minutes, 1950-1952
Box 11:Folder 17
Minutes, 1958, 1962-1965
Box 11:Folder 18
Minutes, 1958-1966
Box 11:Folder 19
Minutes, 1960-1962
Box 12:Folder 1
Minutes, 1961
Box 12:Folder 2
Minutes, 1961-1963
Box 12:Folder 3
Minutes, 1965
Box 12:Folder 4
Minutes, 1965-1966
Box 12:Folder 5
Minutes, 1966-1971
Box 12:Folder 6
Minutes, 1977-1978
Box 12:Folder 7
Minutes, 1978-1979
Box 12:Folder 8
Minutes, 1979-1980
Box 12:Folder 9
Minutes, 1980-1981
Box 12:Folder 10
Minutes, 1981-1982
Box 13:Folder 1
Minutes, 1982-1983
Box 13:Folder 2
Minutes, 1983-1984
Box 13:Folder 3
Minutes, 1984-1985
Box 13:Folder 4
Minutes, 1985-1986
Box 13:Folder 5
Minutes, 1986-1987
Box 13:Folder 6
Minutes, 1987-1988
Box 13:Folder 7
Minutes, 1989-1990
Box 13:Folder 8
Minutes, 1990-1991
Box 13:Folder 9
Minutes, 1991-1992
Box 14:Folder 1
Minutes, 1992-1993
Box 14:Folder 2
Minutes, 1993-1994
Box 14:Folder 3
Minutes, 1993-1994
Box 14:Folder 4
Minutes, 1994
Box 14:Folder 5
Minutes, 1995-1996
Box 14:Folder 6
Minutes, 1997-1998
Box 14:Folder 7
Senate Minutes, 2000
Box 14:Folder 8
Senate Minutes, 2000-2001
Box 14:Folder 9
Meeting Minutes Notes, 2001
Box 14:Folder 10
Senate Minutes, 2001
Box 15:Folder 1
Senate Minutes, 2001
Box 15:Folder 2
Executive Council Student Senate Minutes, 2001-2002
Box 15:Folder 3
Executive Council Student Senate Minutes, 2001-2002
Box 15:Folder 4
Student Senate Meeting Agendas, 2001-2002
Box 15:Folder 5
Student Senate Meeting Recording, December 3, 2002

Original VHS, December 3, 2002

SGA Senate Meeting Recording, NAACP February Review, January 21, 2003

Original VHS, tape 1, January 21, 2003

Original VHS, tape 2, January 21, 2003

Executive Minutes, 2004-2005
Box 15:Folder 6
Student Government Association Minutes, 2011-2012
Box 15:Folder 7

Series 6: Legislative Files, 1989-2015

This series contains a mixture of bills and resolutions from SGA's Student Senate, 1989-2012, with the bulk from the 1990s. The series contains a large amount of resolutions related to the organization's contingency fund through which SGA assists in providing funding to different student organization on campus. However, there are also several folders of various bills presented to the Student Senate including proposed legislation that address contemporary social issues such as sexual orientation, campus issues such as better toilet paper, and student issues such as students' rights to privacy.

Proposed Bills, 1989-1990
Box 15:Folder 8
Proposed Bills, 1990-1991
Box 15:Folder 9
Proposed Bills, 1991-1992
Box 16:Folder 1
Proposed Bills, 1992-1993
Box 16:Folder 2
Proposed Bills, 1993-1994
Box 16:Folder 3
Proposed Bills, 1994-1995
Box 16:Folder 4
Proposed Bills, 1996-1997
Box 16:Folder 5
Proposed Bills, 1997-1998
Box 16:Folder 6
Proposed Bills, 1998-1999
Box 16:Folder 7
Senate Bills, 1999-2000
Box 17:Folder 1
Bill Book, 2000
Box 17:Folder 2
Senate Bills, 2000
Box 17:Folder 3
Bill Book, 2000-2001
Box 17:Folder 4
Bill Book, 2000-2001
Box 17:Folder 5
Bill Book, 2000-2001
Box 17:Folder 6
Unnamed Binder, 2000-2001
Box 17:Folder 7
Hate Crimes, 2001
Box 17:Folder 8
Amendment Proxy Form, 2001-2002
Box 17:Folder 9
Student Senate Bills, 2001-2002
Box 17:Folder 10
Passed Constitutional Amendments, 2003
Box 17:Folder 11
Bills, 2002-2003
Box 17:Folder 12
Failed Constitutional Amendments, 2003
Box 17:Folder 13
Bills, 2004-2005
Box 18:Folder 1
Bills Killed in Committee, 2005-2006
Box 18:Folder 2
Bills Killed in Committee, 2005-2006
Box 18:Folder 3
Bills Killed in Committee, 2005-2006
Box 18:Folder 4
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered (GLBT) Bill of Opinion, 2006
Box 18:Folder 5
DeLock and DiDom's Binder of Bills, 2007-2008
Box 18:Folder 6
DeLock and DiDom's Binder of Bills, 2007-2008
Box 18:Folder 7
Student Government Association Binder, 2008-2009
Box 19:Folder 1
Resolution, 2009-2010
Box 19:Folder 2
Contingency, 2009-2010
Box 19:Folder 3
Contingency, 2009-2012
Box 19:Folder 4
Bill of Opinion for American Sign Language Minor, 2011
Box 19:Folder 5
Resolutions, 2012
Box 19:Folder 6
Bills, 2012-2013
Box 19:Folder 7
Resolutions of 100th Senate, 2014-2015
Box 19:Folder 8

Series 7: Financial Files, 1987-2014

This series contains a variety of financial documents ranging from purchase orders and yearly budget information to travel receipts. A majority of the materials in this collection are budget reports providing financial information for different fiscal years. These reports are usually connected to the creation of the university's front-end budgets and often include budget information for other campus organizations such as the University Program Board, The Breeze, Black Student Alliance, and Student Ambassadors. A majority of the material removed from this series were: purchase orders; accounting and banking information; invoices; and receipts. This material was removed due to the presence of account information and social security numbers, and/or it was deemed that the material had little research value.

Miscellaneous Groups, 1987-1997
Box 19:Folder 9
Event Budgets, 1987-1998
Box 19:Folder 10
Internal Budgets, 1989-1990
Box 19:Folder 11
Internal Budgets, 1991-1995
Box 20:Folder 1
Budget Summaries and Financial Reports, 1994, 1997-1998
Box 20:Folder 2
Wheat First Reserve, 1994-1998
Box 20:Folder 3
Front End Budget, 1996-1998
Box 20:Folder 4
Executive Committee Trip to COSCO Convention, 1996, 1998-1999
Box 20:Folder 5
Ad Hoc Committee on Final Evaluation, 1998
Box 20:Folder 6
SGA Book Sale, 1998
Box 20:Folder 7
Account Code 121200, Media Services SGA Budgetary Receipts FY, 1998-1999
Box 20:Folder 8
Account Code 1214000, Postal Service SGA Budgetary Receipts FY, 1998-1999
Box 20:Folder 9
Account Code 121800, Telecommunications SGA Budgetary Receipts FY, 1998-1999
Box 20:Folder 10
Class Council Budgets, 1998-1999
Box 20:Folder 11
Contingency, Reserve and other Club Accounts: SGA Budgetary Receipts FY, 1998-1999
Box 20:Folder 12
Financial, 1998-1999
Box 20:Folder 13
Financial Statements Monthly Fiscal Year, 1998-1999
Box 20:Folder 14
Front End Budgets, 1998-1999
Box 21:Folder 1
SGA Budget, 1998-1999
Box 21:Folder 2
SGA Budget, 1998-1999
Box 21:Folder 3
SGA Budget, 1998-1999
Box 21:Folder 4
SGA Handouts, Miscellaneous Fiscal year, 1998-1999
Box 21:Folder 5
Parris Papers, 1998-2000
Box 21:Folder 6
Account Code 122300, Registration Fees, 1999
Box 21:Folder 7
Front End Budget, Old, 1999
Box 21:Folder 8
Miscellaneous Revenue SGA Budgetary Receipts, 1999
Box 22:Folder 1
SGA Budget, 1999
Box 22:Folder 2
Account Code 121800, Telecommunications, 1999-2000
Box 22:Folder 3
Contingency Account, 1999-2000
Box 22:Folder 4
Budget-Internal/Front End, 1999-2001
Box 22:Folder 5
Copier, 1999-2001
Box 22:Folder 6
Breeze Advertisements, 2000
Box 22:Folder 7
Financial, 2000
Box 22:Folder 8
Budgets, 2000-2001
Box 22:Folder 9
Contingency Criteria, 2000-2001
Box 22:Folder 10
SGA Budget, 2000-2002
Box 22:Folder 11
Miscellaneous, 2001
Box 23:Folder 1
Murder Mystery Receipts, 2001
Box 23:Folder 2
State Budget Information, 2001
Box 23:Folder 3
Account Code 121800, Telecommunications, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 4
Account Code 122100 Educational Training Workshops, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 5
Account Code 131100 Apparel Supplies, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 6
Account Code 131300 Stationary Forms, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 7
Account Code 137400 Education Supplies, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 8
Account Code 153400 Copier Contract, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 9
Account Code 221100 Peripheral Equipment, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 10
Account Code 124600 Cash Transferred, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 11
Miscellaneous revenues, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 12
Recycled Paper Project, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 13
SGA Financial Files, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 14
SGA Financial Files, 2001-2002
Box 23:Folder 15
Ask Karen, 2001-2003
Box 23:Folder 16
Front End Budgeted Advisory Board, 2001, 2003-2006, 2008
Box 23:Folder 17
SGA Budget, 2002
Box 23:Folder 18
Account Code 121200 and 121400, 2002-2003
Box 24:Folder 1
Account Code 137700, Photo Supplies, 2002-2003
Box 24:Folder 2
Conference on Student Government Associations, 2002-2003
Box 24:Folder 3
Executive Board Agendas, 2002-2003
Box 24:Folder 4
Monthly Statements, 2002-2003
Box 24:Folder 5
Karen to Sign, 2003
Box 24:Folder 6
Retreat Funding, 2003
Box 24:Folder 7
Ordered Office Supplies, 2003-2004
Box 24:Folder 8
Supply Room Companies, 2003-2005
Box 24:Folder 9
Front End Advisory Board and SGA Finance Committee, 2008
Box 24:Folder 10
Front End Budget, 2010
Box 24:Folder 11
Karen Mercer, 2012
Box 24:Folder 12
Front End Budget FY 2014, 2013
Box 24:Folder 13
Contingency, 2013-2014
Box 25:Folder 1
Contingency, 2013-2014
Box 25:Folder 2

Series 8: Disciplinary Reports, 1922-1973

This series contains records of disciplinary hearings conducted by Student Council, 1922-1973. Examples of students' misconduct include smoking cigarettes, possession of smoking paraphernalia, riding with dates without proper permission, going downtown or off campus without proper permission, cheating on assignments and/or examinations, mild hazing, stealing books, shoplifting, and drinking. Punishments included warnings, being "campused," probation, and indefinite suspension.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) mandates that certain disciplinary files in this series be restricted. FERPA protection ends with the death of the student. Therefore, records are opened for research 80 years after their creation when it is presumed that the student is deceased.

Student Council Minutes, 1922-1924
Box 31:Folder 1
Student Council Minutes, 1925-1933
Box 31:Folder 2
Presidents Council Minutes and Juror Lists, 1923-1947
Box 31:Folder 3
Disciplinary Reports, 1927
Box 26:Folder 1
Disciplinary Reports, January-June 1928
Box 26:Folder 2
Disciplinary Reports, October-December 1928
Box 26:Folder 3
Disciplinary Reports, 1929
Box 26:Folder 4
Disciplinary Reports, 1930
Box 26:Folder 5
Disciplinary Reports, 1931
Box 26:Folder 6
Disciplinary Reports, 1932
Box 26:Folder 7
Disciplinary Reports, 1933-1934
Box 26:Folder 8
Disciplinary Reports, 1935-1936
Box 26:Folder 9
Disciplinary Reports, 1937-1939
Box 26:Folder 10
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1940
Box 26:Folder 11
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1941
Box 26:Folder 12
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1942-1943
Box 26:Folder 13
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1944-1945
Box 26:Folder 14
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1949-1952
Box 27:Folder 1
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1953
Box 27:Folder 2
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1954
Box 27:Folder 3
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1955
Box 27:Folder 4
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1956
Box 27:Folder 5
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, Summer 1956
Box 27:Folder 6
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1957
Box 27:Folder 7
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1958
Box 27:Folder 8
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1958
Box 27:Folder 9
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1959
Box 27:Folder 10
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1960
Box 28:Folder 1
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1961
Box 28:Folder 2
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1962-1964
Box 28:Folder 3
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1965
Box 28:Folder 4
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1966
Box 28:Folder 5
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1967
Box 28:Folder 6
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1968
Box 28:Folder 7
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1969
Box 28:Folder 8
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1970
Box 28:Folder 9
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1971
Box 28:Folder 10
Disciplinary Reports - RESTRICTED, 1972
Box 28:Folder 11

Series 9: Photographs, 2000-2014

This series features five different groups of photographs, 2000-2014. The bulk of these photographs are connected to the SGA research of the Forrest Hill Riot in 2000; however, there are also photographs of the Class of 2009 Ring Premiere, the SGA Halloween Party, JMU's Big Event, and one of SGA's lobbying trips.

Forrest Hill Riot Research, 2000-2001
Box 29:Folder 1
Forrest Hill Riot Research, 2000-2001
Box 29:Folder 2
SGA Halloween, 2004
Box 29:Folder 3
SGA Halloween Reception, October 30, 2008

Original computer-disc, October 30, 2008

Ring Premiere Class of 2009, 2007
Box 29:Folder 4
Ring Premiere Class of 2009, 2007
Box 29:Folder 5
SGA Big Event, 2013, undated
Box 29:Folder 6
SGA Event Photographs, undated
Box 29:Folder 7
Lobbying Trip, undated
Box 29:Folder 8

Series 10: Scrapbooks, 2001-2009

This series contains material from eight different SGA scrapbooks dated 2001-2009. These scrapbooks have little descriptive text and mostly contain photographs of different SGA functions and events. These scrapbooks are some of the best representations of the SGA student experience, as the images in these book show the relationships and personalities of the individuals that comprise the organization. One of particular importance is the scrapbook containing the letters, pictures, and notes saved from the two-year anniversary memorial of 9-11. The SGA 2001-2002 scrapbook contains a photograph of SGA members with former Governor and Mayor Douglas Wilder and Senator Mark Warner.

SGA, 2001-2002
Box 29:Folder 9
9-11 Cards and Letters, 2003
Box 29:Folder 10
SGA, 2003-2004
Box 29:Folder 11
Student Government Association, 2004-2005
Box OV 1:Folder 1
Student Government Association, 2005-2006
Box OV 1:Folder 2
SGA Be the Change, 2006-2007
Box OV 1:Folder 3
SGA, 2007-2008
Box OV 1:Folder 4
Student Government Association, 2008-2009
Box OV 1:Folder 5

Series 11: Ephemera, 1930-2015

This series contains a variety of realia related to the history of SGA, 1930-2014. There are several large gaps in this series; 1931-1954, 1970-1980, and 2002-2012. The ephemera in this collection primarily comprises shirts, posters, academic regalia, and installation programs; however, there are additional items such as an SGA travel mug and several plaques. "Mr. and Ms. Madison 2014" sashes are included.

Installation Ceremonies, 1930, 1955, 1957-1969
Box 29:Folder 12
Carrier Kutner Field Day Tournament Best Sportsmanship Award, undated
Box 29:Folder 13
SGA Ephemera, undated
Box 29:Folder 14
White SGA Polo- with SGA logo on the left side of chest, undated
Box OV 2
Red @SGAjmu T-Shirt: has different hashtag phrases on the front, undated
Box OV 2
Green Class of 2013.5 T-Shirt- writing on the front pocket, undated
Box OV 2
Red Class of 2013.5 T-Shirt- writing on the front pocket, undated
Box OV 2
Purple SGA Lacrosse Penny- SGA written in white , bold letters on the front, undated
Box OV 2
Gray SGA Polo- Student Government Association James Madison University embroidered on the left side of chest with purple logo, undated
Box OV 2
Gray Big Event T-Shirt- purple writing with Wilson cupola, undated
Box OV 2
Red I'm Nerdy and I Know it T-shirt- Black outline of pocket with eye-glasses, undated
Box OV 2
Stainless steel SGA travel mug- SGA logo in purple, undated
Box OV 2
Student Government Association 100 Year Anniversary Button, undated
Box OV 2
Student Government Association Finance Team Calculator, undated
Box OV 2
Purple Class of 2015 T-shirt- JMU seal on the front pocket, undated
Box OV 2
Blue Class of 2015 T-shirt- JMU seal on the front pocket, undated
Box OV 2
Gray Ring Premiere Class of 2017 T-shirt- logo on the front left, undated
Box OV 2
Yellow Class of 2018 T-shirt – purple drawings places on campus, undated
Box OV 2
White SGA graduation regalia, undated
Box OV 2
Mr. Madison 2014 sash, 2014
Box OV 2
Ms. Madison 2014 sash, 2014
Box OV 2
SGA Posters, 2013-2014

SGA Presents: Madison Fest, 2013

Class of 2015 Ring Premiere, 2013

Madison Week, 2013

Madison Fest, 2014

Class of 2017 Ring Collection Premiere, 2015

Class of 2014 Senior Bucket List, undated

Class of 2015 Senior Bucket List, undated

We Went to JMU When, undated

A Resolution to Harrisonburg/Rockingham Community, 2014

Box OV 3:Folder 1
Student Government Association, Class Officer of the Year Plaque, 1995-2001
Box OV 3:Folder 2
James Madison University Homecoming: Most Spirited Award, 2004
Box OV 3
COSGA Participation Award, 2002
Box OV 3
Student Government Association: Outstanding Student at Large Plaque, 1983-2001
Box OV 3
Student Government Association: Outstanding Student Senator of the Year Plaque, 1980
Box OV 3

Compiled by: Mary Ann Mason, March 2015; Tiffany Cole, November 2018