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Furious Flower Poetry Center Records, 1990-2014

UA 0017

Compiled by: Tiffany Cole, August 2016

Descriptive Summary


Repository: Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University

Title: Furious Flower Poetry Center Records, 1990-2014

Collection No.: UA 0017
Creator: Furious Flower Poetry Center

Extent: 13 Hollinger boxes, 1 half-Hollinger box, 5 oversize flat boxes, 1 oversize flat folder; 8.7 cubic feet

Language: English

Abstract: The Furious Flower Poetry Center Records, consisting of 8.7 cubic feet (13 Hollinger boxes, 1 half-Hollinger box, 1 oversize flat folder), document the departmental activities of the Furious Flower Poetry Center.


Administrative Information


Access Restrictions: Collection is open to research. Researchers must register and agree to copyright and privacy laws before using this collection. Please contact Research Services staff before visiting the James Madison University Special Collections Library to use this collection.

Use Restrictions: Copyright for official University records is held by James Madison University; all other copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law. For more information, contact the Special Collections Library Reference Desk (library-special@jmu.edu).

Preferred Citation: [identification of item], [box #, folder #], Furious Flower Poetry Center Records, 1990-2014, UA 0017, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.

Acquisition Information: Furious Flower Poetry Center transferred these materials to Special Collections on May 16 and June 29, 2016.
Other Formats Available: Digitization of media content is in-process as of November 2016. Access will be made available to content once digitization is complete, barring any copyright or use restrictions.
Processing Information: The donor’s original order, including folder titles, was maintained whenever possible. The archivist imposed an order on any unordered files, titled any untitled files, and created discrete series. Social security numbers and bank account numbers have been redacted from materials. When possible, newspapers and clippings were photocopied and originals returned to donor. All material contained within three-ring binders was disbound and foldered in original order. During processing several folders were discovered to be empty. Their folder titles are as follows: Dream in Color Drafts, WHSV Children First 2010, WVPT Kid’s Book Festival 2010, Poetry Month 2010, Winter Poetry Contest 2010, Marilyn Nelson Reading 2010, 73 Poems Honorariums (Music). The empty folders were discarded.

Administrative History:

The Furious Flower Poetry Center (FFPC) was established in 1999 by Joanne V. Gabbin when she was the director of James Madison University’s Honors Program. With this flagship of the Honors Program, she continued the kind of programming she had begun by hosting the 1994 Furious flower Poetry Conference, which was the nation’s first scholarly conference on Black poetry. The event was met with overwhelming praise, and The Washington Post called it an historic event. In 2005, following the success of the second Furious Flower Poetry Conference (2004), JMU gave the FFPC its official charter, making it the first academic center in the United States devoted to Black poetry. Gabbin became its executive director, leaving the Honors Program after 19 years of service.

Today, the FFPC is committed to “cultivating, honoring, and promoting the diverse voices of African American poets by making the genre accessible to a wide audience and collaborating with educational and cultural institutions, literary organizations, and artists.” It hosts visiting poets for readings at JMU and nearby venues; sponsors workshops; holds an annual poetry camp for elementary and middle school-aged children; produces texts, videos, DVDs and other materials on African-American poetry; and gathers poets and other scholars for intimate panels and seminars, as well as major conferences. FFPC has held three decennial Furious Flower Conferences: “A Revolution in African American Poetry” (1994), “Regenerating the Black Poetic Tradition” (2004), and “Seeding the Future of African American Poetry” (2014).

FFPC is located off of Martin Luther King Jr. Way/Historic Cantrell Avenue. Beyond her duties as Executive Director of the Furious Flower Poetry Center, Joanne Gabbin is a professor of English at JMU, a published author, and a member of the International Literary Hall of Fame for Writers of African Descent.

Scope and Content:
The Furious Flower Poetry Center Records, 1990-2014, consisting of 8.7 cubic feet (13 Hollinger boxes, 1 half-Hollinger box, 5 oversize flat boxes, 1 oversize flat folder), document the departmental activities of the Furious Flower Poetry Center, a unit formerly of the JMU Honor’s Program that became its own separate academic center of the University in 2005. A portion of the material contained within the records derive from events and programs sponsored by the Furious Flower Poetry Center including 73 Poems for 73 Years: Celebrating the Life of Lucille Clifton, Lineage: The Margaret Walker Song Cycle, and an annual children’s poetry camp. Specific types of materials include event posters and brochures, exhibit panels, logistical and planning documentation, and email correspondence. Materials related to publications produced by the Center such as Mourning Katrina: A Poetic Response to Tragedy and Shaping Memories: Reflections of African American Women Writers are comprised of draft manuscripts and correspondence with poets and publishers. Grant proposals and awards, many of which relate to the aforementioned events and projects, are also represented.

While there may be overlap in content, materials directly related to Furious Flower’s decennial conferences on African-American poetry form a separate collection – Furious Flower Poetry Center Conference Records, UA 0018.


The collection is arranged into five series:

Series 1: Grants, 2004-2014
Series 2: Publications and Manuscripts, 1993-2012
Series 3: Events, Programs, and Workshops, 1990-2012
Series 4: Media
Series 5: Oversize, 2004-2012

All series are arranged chronologically; Series 2 and Series 3 are further arranged alphabetically within a particular publication or event. At this time, no particular order has been imposed on Series 4. Series 5 is arranged chronologically according to the order determined in the “home” series.

"Furious Flower Poetry Center." James Madison University. Accessed August 09, 2016. https://www.jmu.edu/furiousflower/index.shtml.

Related Material

Furious Flower Poetry Center Conference Records, 1970-2009, bulk 1992-2005, UA 0018, Special Collections, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.

Separated Material
A copy of Mourning Katrina: A Poetic Response to Tragedy Buena Vista, Va.: Mariner Publishing, 2009 and 73 Poems for 73 Years: Celebrating the Life of Lucille Clifton Harrisonburg, Va.: Virginia Tech Printing Services, 2010 were removed from Series 2, catalogued, and placed in the Special Collections rare book collection.

The following titles were removed from Series 3 and catalogued: Opala, Joseph A. The Gullah: rice, slavery and the Sierra Leone-American connection. Freetown, Sierra Leone: USIS, 1987; Opala, Joseph. Krio in a nutshell.: Krio Grammar with Lessons, Exercise and Vocabulary, Vol. 1. Freetown, Sierra Leone: [publisher not identified], 1991; Opala, Joseph. Krio in a nutshell.: Krio Conversation with Dialogues, Stories, Proverbs, etc., Vol. 2. Freetown, Sierra Leone: [publisher not identified], 1991; Geraty, Virginia Mixson. Bittle en' t'ing': Gullah cooking with Maum Chrish'. Orangeburg, S.C.: Sandlapper Pub., 1992.

Due to duplication elsewhere in Special Collections the following issues of Madison (known as Montpelier from 1977-2005), many with articles pertaining to Furious Flower Poetry Center, were returned to the donor: Summer 2003, Winter 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Summer 2006, Spring 2007, Summer 2007, Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Winter 2008, Summer 2009, Fall 2009, Spring/Summer 2010, Spring/Summer 2011, Fall 2011, Spring/Summer 2015. These issues were loose when donated and were not a part of any pre-established order or foldering system.


Series 1: Grants, 2004-2014

Arranged chronologically.

FFPC relies heavily on funding from corporate entities and non-profits to subsidize and off-set the cost of furthering their mission of promoting African-American poetry. As such, this series contains grant proposals and awards (all closed) relating to events, publications, and other projects sponsored by the Furious Flower Poetry Center. Projects represented in this series include “Dream in Color,” an online curriculum sponsored by Target that enabled elementary, middle, and high-school students to discover the works of African-American poets; and the publication of Mourning Katrina, an anthology of poems by observers and survivors of Hurricane Katrina. All grant materials were removed from three-ring binders and foldered, maintaining original order.

Folder Title Box : Folder
California Newsreel, 532025, 2004-2014 (Folder 1 of 2) 1:1
California Newsreel, 532025, 2004-2014 (Folder 2 of 2) 1:2
TJ Anderson, Grant Closed, 2005 1:3
Poetry Camp 2005, Grant Closed, 2005 1:4
Rachel Malcolm Woods, 17 Stones Lost & Forgotten, 2005 1:5
Nikki Giovanni, Grant Closed, 2005-2006 1:6
Target - 550200, 2006-2009 (Folder 1 of 2) 1:7
Target - 550200, 2006-2009 (Folder 2 of 2) 1:8
Donnelly (PC), 550201, 2006-2010 2:1
Donnelly (MK), 550070, 2006-2010 (Folder 1 of 2) 2:2
Donnelly (MK), 550070, 2006-2010 (Folder 2 of 2) 2:2
Pomegranate, 532113, 2006-2012 2:4
COFCU - 550173, Closed, 2006-2013 2:5
ACV - Dr. Goddess - 550232, 2007-2008 2:6
ACV Rutha Harris, 550274, 2008-2009 2:7
Clifton VFH, 550282, 2008-2009 (Folder 1 of 2) 3:1
Clifton VFH, 550282, 2008-2009 (Folder 2 of 2) 3:2


Series 2: Publications and Manuscripts, 1993-2012

Arranged chronologically by project date and sub-arranged alphabetically within each project.

This series contains material related to publications and manuscripts produced by the Furious Flower Poetry Center. In many cases this refers to books in the typical sense (Mourning Katrina: A Poetic Response to Tragedy, Furious Flower: African-American Poetry from the Black Arts Movement to the Present), Furious Flower Poetry Center also oversaw the publication of The Painted Word – a set of notecards and a corresponding calendar of poets’ portraits. Correspondence with various publishers is also included.

Folder Title Box : Folder
Oxford University Press, 1993-2005
UVA Contracts Furious Flower, 1994-2006 3:4
LSU Press, 1998-2001 3:5
Furious Flower Manuscript, 2003 (Folder 1 of 5) 3:6
Furious Flower Manuscript, 2003 (Folder 2 of 5) 3:7
Furious Flower Manuscript, 2003 (Folder 3 of 5) 4:1
Furious Flower Manuscript, 2003 (Folder 4 of 5) 4:2
Furious Flower Manuscript, 2003 (Folder 5 of 5) 4:3
Manuscript - Greening, 2003 (Folder 1 of 2) 4:4
Manuscript - Greening, 2003 (Folder 2 of 2) 4:5
Defining Moments table of contents, undated 4:6
FFPC Brochure 2006, 2003-2006 4:7
Lynda Koolish Book Project, 2004-2007 5:1
Library - Books Desired, 2005-2006 5:2
Mourning Katrina correspondence, 2005-2006 5:3
Mourning Katrina Submissions I, 2005 5:4
Mourning Katrina Submissions II, 2005-2007 (Folder 1 of 2) 5:5
Mourning Katrina Submissions II, 2005-2007 (Folder 2 of 2) 5:6
Mourning Katrina Talent Releases, 2005-2006 6:1
Mourning Katrina Poems A-E, 2005-2009 6:2
Mourning Katrina Poems F-J, 2005-2009 6:3
Mourning Katrina Poems K-O, 2005-2006 6:4
Mourning Katrina Poems P-T, 2005-2006 6:5
Mourning Katrina Poems U-Z, 2005-2009 6:6
Mourning Katrina Poems not yet sent, 2005-2006 6:7
Mourning Katrina Press, 2005-2007 6:8
Mourning Katrina JVG Writing, 2005-2010 7:1
Katrina & Rita Articles, 2006 7:2
Mourning Katrina Contacts, 2006 7:3
Mourning Katrina UVA Press, 2006 7:4
Praise for My Soul CD, 2006-2007 7:5
Mourning Katrina Background Information, 2006-2008 7:6
Mourning Katrina Mariner Publishing, 2006-2008 7:7
Mourning Katrina Permissions to Poets, 2006-2009 7:8
Mourning Katrina CD Sales & Promotion, 2006-2011 7:9
Mourning Katrina CD Project, 2007 7:10
Mourning Katrina Invoices, 2007 7:11
Preview of My Soul is Anchored CD, 2007 7:12
Mourning Katrina Book Project, 2007-2011 7:13
Mourning Katrina Promotional & Event Materials [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], ca. 2008 7:14
Mourning Katrina book, undated 7:15
Mourning Katrina Draft Manuscript, undated 8:1
Mourning Katrina Draft Manuscript, undated 8:2
Furious Flower Poetry Center - Malaika Favorite Quilt Portrait - 2007 Calendar, 2005-2008 8:3
Pomegranate, 2005-2010 (Folder 1 of 2) 8:4
Pomegranate, 2005-2010 (Folder 2 of 2) 8:5
The Painted Word: African American Poets, 2008 calendars (Pomegranate) [REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2008 8:6
The Painted Word: African American Poets Notecards (Pomegranate), undated 8:7
Intellectual Property Disclosures, 2006-2007 8:8
JVG - Manuscript - Wintergreen, 2006-2008 (Folder 1 of 2) 9:1
JVG - Manuscript - Wintergreen, 2006-2008 (Folder 2 of 2) 9:2
Shaping Memories Publication & Orders, 2007-2009 9:3
Permissions - Wintergreen Book, 2008 9:4
Shaping Memories, JVG Book Release, 2008-2009 9:5
Wintergreen biographies and list of unedited essays, 2009 9:6
Dream in Color Press [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2006-2007 9:7
Target, 2006 9:8
Dream in Color Curricula, 2007 9:9
Dream in Color Lessons, 2007 10:1
FFPC - Target, 2007 10:2
Permissions for Poems (Poetry Writing Contest), 2008 10:3
Publishers' Contact Information, 2010-2012 10:4


Series 3: Events, Programs, & Workshops, 1990-2012

Arranged chronologically by event and sub-arranged alphabetically within each event.

This series is comprised of material relating primarily to the many events, programs, and workshops hosted and sponsored by the Furious Flower Poetry Center. Major events represented in this series include Tell Me Your Names: The Poetry of Lucille Clifton, a week-long seminar held June 14 –June 21, 2009 and 73 Poems for 73 Years: Celebrating the Life of Lucille Clifton, a tribute program held September 21, 2010. Of particular interest are 57 oversize exhibit panels from Among Poets: Lucille Clifton Commemorative Exhibition. This 2012 exhibition held at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum and the Enoch Pratt Free Library, both in Baltimore, Maryland, primarily feature photographs by Lynda Koolish of Lucille Clifton, her contemporaries, and her family and friends. The Center’s annual Children’s Poetry Camp is also well documented. Researchers should note that there are some files in this series (e.g. materials concerning Oni Lasana Productions) that are not directly related to events held by FFPC. These events are likely ones attended by FFPC staff or documented because they serve as examples of comparable outreach initiatives or similar types of promotion.

Folder Title Box : Folder
Oni Lasana Productions Presents Adventures in Poetry, Storytelling, & More!, 1990-2009
Programs and promotional materials, 1994-2011 10:6
Joe Opala, 1996-2003 10:7
FFPC Press & Publicity, 1999-2006 10:8
Celebrating Black Women, 2000 10:9
Materials from Event binder [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2000-2011 (Folder 1 of 2) 10:10
Materials from Event binder, 2000-2011 (Folder 2 of 2) 11:1
2004-2005 Events [REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2004 11:2
Shenandoah Valley Slam Team, 2004-2006 11:3
Virginia Commission for the Arts, 2004-2006 11:4
National Poetry Slam, 2005 11:5
National Humanities Center, 2005-2006 11:6
Truth Is On Its Way, 2006 11:7
2006-2007 Events, 2006-2007 11:8
Poetry Readings & Performances [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2006-2011, undated 11:9
FFPC - Education, 2007 11:10
Richard Wright Project, 2007 11:11
Virginia Literary Awards, 2007 11:12
2007-2008 Events, 2007-2008 11:13
Visiting Speakers 2008: Dr. Goddess, Goes to Jail, 2007-2008 11:14
Children's Poetry Camp [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2007-2012 11:15
Visiting Speakers 2008: David Mills, 2008 11:16
2008-2009 Events, 2008-2009 12:1
Events 2009, Children's Museum & WVPT Kid's Book Festival, 2009 12:2
Poetry Month, 2009 12:3
National Poetry Month [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2009-2010, undated 12:4
Tell Me Your Names schedule, 2009 12:6
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Audience Questions and Permission Forms, 2009 12:7
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Evaluations, 2009 12:8
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Expense Statement, 2009 12:9
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Facilities Management, 2009 12:10
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Information and Ads, 2009 12:11
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Master List and Contacts, 2009 12:12
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Miscellaneous Information, 2009 12:13
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Registrations, 2009 12:14
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Staff, 2009 12:15
Tell Me Your Names Seminar - Web Information, 2009 12:16
73 Poems for 73 Years, 2010 12:17
73 Poems - Articles, 2010-2011 12:18
73 Poems - Bookstore, 2010 12:19
73 Poems - Budget & Expenses, undated 12:20
73 Poems - Bulk Mail, 2010 12:21
73 Poems - Contact List,  undated 12:22
73 Poems - DVD, 2010-2011 13:1
73 Poems - DVD Requests, 2011 13:2
73 Poems - Facilities, 2010 13:3
73 Poems - Giving Card, 2010 13:4
73 Poems - Invoices for Booklet, 2010 13:5
73 Poems - Lodging, 2010 13:6
73 Poems - Maps & Information, undated 13:7
73 Poems - Parking, 2010 13:8
73 Poems - Permission to Use Poems, 2010 13:9
73 Poems for 73 Years - Photographs (B&W), 2010 13:10
73 Poems for 73 Years - Photographs (Color), 2010 13:11
73 Poems - Poems, undated 13:12
73 Poems - Poets, 2010 13:13
73 Poems - Poets Correspondence, 2010 13:14
73 Poems - Programs, 2010 13:15
73 Poems - Reception, 2010 13:16
73 Poems - Souvenir Booklet, 2010 13:17
73 Poems - Talent Releases, 2010 13:18
73 Poems - Tickets, undated 13:19
73 Poems - Transportation, 2010 13:20
73 Poems - Volunteers, 2010 13:21
Writers at 73 Poems, undated 13:22
Collegiate Poetry Summit [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2010 14:1
Furious Flower Poetry Center's 6th Annual Children's Poetry Camp Notebook, 2010 14:2
Lineage, 2010 14:3
Lineage: The Margaret Walker Song Cycle [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2010-2011 14:4
Poetry Society of America Awards Ceremony, 2010 14:5
Women in  the Arts, 2010 14:6
Collegiate Summit, 2010-2012 14:7
Continuous Fire, 2011 14:8
Among Poets: Lucille Clifton Commemorative Exhibition panels, 2012 [REMOVED TO OVERSIZE] 14:9
Sheer Good Fortune [SELECTED ITEMS REMOVED TO OVERSIZE], 2012 14:10
National Poetry Month, undated 14:11


Series 4: Media

No particular arrangement.

This series contains various types of media including CD-Rs, DVDs, and magnetic media storage tapes. All media types are in the process of being digitized as of August 2016. Access to content will be made available once digitization is complete, barring any copyright or other use restrictions.

Series 5: Oversize, 2004-2012

Arranged chronologically according to the order determined in the originating series with the exception of the Among Poets exhibit panels. These items are boxed together beginning with box OV2. Note that these panels are not individually foldered, but rather boxed loose. In this case, the folder titles are actually the title of the exhibit panel itself. Additionally, the date in parentheses represents the date of the original photograph while the item date of 2012 represents the date of the physical exhibit panel.

The Oversize series consists of five flat oversize boxes and one additional flat folder of materials that do not fit within the standard Hollinger boxes. The Oversize series consists of materials that have been physically removed from their intellectual arrangement within the existing series due to their size and as such, the Oversize series functions only as a container list. Items removed from their original location were replaced with an acid-free separation sheet indicating the items(s) removed to its respective oversize location. The following folder titles are each represented elsewhere in the collection.

Folder Title Box : Folder
Mourning Katrina Promotional & Event Materials, ca. 2008
The Painted Word: African American Poets, 2008 Calendars, 2008 OV1:2
Dream in Color Press, 2006-2007 OV1:3
Materials from Event binder,  2000-2011 (Folder 1 of 2) OV1:4
Poetry Readings & Performances,  2006-2011, undated OV1:5
Children's Poetry Camp, 2007-2012 OV1:6
National Poetry Month, 2009-2010, undated OV1:7
Tell Me Your Names, 2009 OV1:8
Collegiate Poetry Summit, 2010 OV1:9
Lineage: The Margaret Walker Song Cycle,  2010-2011 OV1:10
Sheer Good Fortune, 2012 OV1:11
Among Poets: Lucille Clifton Commemorative Exhibition panels OV2-OV5
Alexia Clifton as a child, born in 1965 (circa 1970), 2012 OV2:1
Lucille Clifton with all six of her children: her daughters, Sidney, Fredrica, Gillian, and Alexia and her sons, Channing and Graham (circa 1960), 2012 OV2:2
Fred James Clifton, Lucille's husband, whom she married in 1958 and with whom she had six children between 1959 and 1967 (circa 1970), 2012 OV2:3
Opal Moore, poet, educator, and Furious Flower Advisory Board member (2010), 2012 OV2:4
Lucille Clifton with her grandsons, Clifton Brown and Dakotah Brown (2006), 2012 OV2:5
Young bass player in the Elliott Family String Quartet at the Clifton tribute (2010), 2012 OV2:6
Hilary Hollady, educator and author of Wild Blessings: the Poetry of Lucille Clifton (2010), 2012 OV2:7
Lucille Clifton, holding a photograph of her deceased daughter, Fredrica, with Alexandra, Gillian, Alexia, Bailey, Sidney, and Noah (2006), 2012 OV2:8
Portrait of Lucille Clifton (circa 1960), 2012 OV2:9
Haki Madhubuti, poet, educator, and founder of Third World Press (2004), 2012 OV2:10
Hermine Pinson, poet, educator, and Wintergreen Women Writers' Collective member (2007), 2012 OV2:11
Eugene Redmond, poet and founder of the Drumvoices Revue at Clifton tribute (2004), 2012 OV2:12
Thomas Sayers Ellis, poet, educator, and former member of the Dark Room Collective (2004), 2012 OV2:13
Fred D' Aguiar, poet and educator (2004), 2012 OV2:14
W. S. Merwin, poet and former Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets (2000), 2012 OV2:15
Joanne Gabbin and Lynda Koolish, curators of the exhibit "Won't You Celebrate With Me" (2010), 2012 OV3:1
Lucille Clifton with daughters Gillian and Alexia (2000), 2012 OV3:2
Val Gray Ward, actor, director, and founder of the Kuumba Theater Company and Joanne Gabbin at the Clifton tribute at JMU (2010), 2012 OV3:3
Kwame Dawes, poet, educator, and Cave Canem Faculty (2008), 2012 OV3:4
Jericho Brown, poet and educator (2008), 2012 OV3:5
Kelly Norman Ellis, Nikky Finney, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Aisha Moon, Alexia Clifton, Gillian Clifton, Samantha Thornhill, Treasure Williams, and Tayari Jones at JMU (2010), 2012 OV3:6
Quraysh Ali Lansana, poet and educator, and Joanne Gabbin at JMU (2010), 2012 OV3:7
Lamont Steptoe, poet, photographer, and Vietnam veteran (2008), 2012 OV3:8
Tayari Jones, author and speaker (2007), 2012 OV3:9
Lucille with daughters, Alexia, Sidney, and Gillian (2000), 2012 OV3:10
Alexia Clifton and Gillian Clifton with Joanne Gabbin (2010), 2012 OV3:11
Kimberly Ellis, Joanne Gabbin, Rita Dove, Aisha Moon, and Rachel Eliza Griffiths at the Clifton tribute at JMU (2010), 2012 OV3:12
Lucille (Sayles) Clifton with her father Sam Sayles, Sr. and Fred Clifton (circa 1957), 2012 OV3:13
Alicia Ostriker, poet and author of important critical essay on Clifton (2007), 2012 OV3:14
Marilyn Nelson, Poet Laureate of Connecticut and Cave Canem Elder (2007), 2012 OV4:1
C. D. Wright, taken at the Desert Nights, Rising Stars: the ASU Writers' Conference (2005), 2012 OV4:2
Yusef Komunyakaa, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and Cave Canem Faculty (2008), 2012 OV4:3
Adrienne Rich (1929-2012), poet and former Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets (1978), 2012 OV4:4
Cornelius Eady, poet and co-founder of Cave Canem (2003), 2012 OV4:5
Alfredteen Harrison, Civil Rights activist and co-convener of Unsettling Memories Conference (2004), 2012 OV4:6
Unnamed healer at slave burial grounds in Natchez, Mississippi (2004), 2012 OV4:7
Alice Walker, author, poet, and collector of quilts (2002), 2012 OV4:8
Eugene Redmond, Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez and Joanne Gabbin at 2004 Furious Flower Poetry Conference (2004), 2012 OV4:9
Gordon Parks (1912-2006) photographer, poet, novelist, musician, and filmmaker (circa 2004), 2012 OV4:10
Ronald L. Freeman, long-time photographer for the Smithsonian Institute (2004), 2012 OV4:11
James Allen, curator of lynching exhibit Without Sanctuary (2004), 2012 OV4:12
Lynda Koolish, primary photographer and assembler of this quilt-like exhibit (2008), 2012 OV4:13
Dennis Brutus (1924-2009) South African poet and imprisoned activist against apartheid (2008), 2012 OV4:14
Sonia Sanchez, poet, educator, playwright, and Cave Canem Elder (2010), 2012 OV4:15
Lucille (Sayles) Clifton as a child (circa 1940), 2012 OV5:1
Thelma Moore Sayles, Lucille's mother (1914-1959) (circa 1950), 2012 OV5:2
Clifton Home 1967-1981, 2605 Talbot Road, Baltimore, Maryland (circa 1980), 2012 OV5:3
Clifton Home 1981-1984, 2437 Pickwick Road, Dickeyville, Maryland (circa 1982), 2012 OV5:4
Audre Lorde (1934-1992) poet, writer, and feminist visionary (1978), 2012 OV5:5
Toi Derricotte, poet and co-founder of Cave Canem (2000), 2012 OV5:6
Galway Kinnell, poet and presenter at the Squaw Valley Writers' Conference (1991), 2012 OV5:7
Lucille Clifton, who received Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2004 Furious Flower Conference at JMU (2004), 2012 OV5:8
Patricia Smith, poet, activist, and Cave Canem Faculty (2004), 2012 OV5:9
Toni Morrison, Nobel Laureate novelist, educator, and former editor at Random House (1987), 2012 OV5:10
Gwendolyn Magee, quilter and Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Visual Artist of 2003 (2004), 2012 OV5:11
Children of Philadelphia, Mississippi, heirs of the Civil Rights struggle of the 1960s (2004), 2012 OV5:12
June Jordan (1936-2002) poet, playwright, and activist (1984) 2012 OV5:13
2004-2005 Events, 2004 Map Case 1:3, Folder 1