United Confederate Veterans Collection


Carrier Library, James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Compiled by Jere Suter, April 1991

PLEASE NOTE:  Collection is also available on microfilm, reel #1488. See Special Collections Librarian for use of originals and microfilm.    

Scope & Content
This collection consists of one Hollinger box containing nine folders and two ledger books pertaining to the United Confederate Veterans (UCV) organization, 1893-1938.

The collection includes letters from national and state level headquarters of the UCV, and documents from S.B. Gibbons Camp 438, the Harrisonburg chapter of the UCV. The United Confederate Veterans is a national organization established in 1890 for Confederate veterans, their sons, and their close relatives.

Series 1, National and State Headquarters documents, contains papers which were sent from the national headquarters in New Orleans, and the state headquarters in Petersburg and Norfolk, Virginia. These papers consist of general orders to all camps, receipts of dues from headquarters, circular letters and notices for state and national reunions and conventions.

Series 2, Papers of S.B. Gibbons Camp 438, is comprised of documents pertaining to the Harrisonburg UCV chapter. Included in this series are letters from other UCV chapters or "camps," letters from members of Camp 438, and letters from various businesses. Also included are membership rolls and dues records; several lists of applicants for the Southern Cross of Honor, a medal given to Confederate veterans; two ledger books, each containing minutes of meetings, and three folders which contain enclosures from the ledger books and minutes of meeting not recorded in the ledger books. In the folder containing enclosures from the first ledger book is a listing of soldiers killed and wounded in action around Orange Court House, Virginia, in 1864. Also included is a roll of Woodson's Company, McNiell's Squadron of the Partisan Rangers, C.S.A.

This collection is on deposit from the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society.

Series 1: National and State HQ Papers 1896-1938, and undated

Folder 1 National HQ Papers 1896-1938, and und.
Folder 2 State HQ Papers 1898-1926, and und.

Series 2: Papers of S.B. Gibbons Camp 438, 1893-1927, and undated

Folder 3 Letters from other UCV Camps 1901-1912, 1923.
Folder 4 Letters from Camp members, various businesses 1897-1915,1923-24, and und.
Folder 5 Membership rolls, lists of dues records, lists of Southern Cross of Honor

Applicants 1896-1913, and und.

Folder 6 Miscellaneous Papers 1897-1907, and und.
Folder 7 Ledger Book 1: Minutes of Camp 438, 1893-1905.
Folder 8 Ledger Book 2: Minutes of Camp 438, 1905-1927.
Folder 9 Enclosures from Ledger Book 1.
Folder 10 Enclosures from Ledger Book 2.
Folder 11 Minutes, Records of Business Conducted at Meetings, 1897-1904, and und.