New Finding Aids

A finding aid, as defined by the Society of American Archivists, is a tool that facilitates discovery of information within a collection of records. In other words, a finding aid is a descriptive guide and inventory to a manuscript collection. It provides context by describing the collection’s creator and the conditions under which the materials were created. A finding aid also provides a description of the collection’s contents, e.g. a box or container list.

A full listing of finding aids is available on the Special Collections Manuscripts page and at Virginia Heritage.

Below is a list of recently processed (or reprocessed) collections and their corresponding finding aids.

May 2019

Account Booklets with John W. Crist, SC 0285
The Account Booklets with John W. Crist, 1895-1909, comprise two record booklets, one owned by a patron named Rebecca Jane Michael Kiracofe and the other by an unidentified patron. The booklets document purchases made at John W. Crist’s store in Sangerville, Virginia.

Marie Coffman “Nutty” Whetzel Collection of Shenandoah Valley Menus, SC 0289
The Marie Coffman “Nutty” Whetzel Collection of Shenandoah Valley Menus, 1967-1991, primarily comprises menus from Lloyd’s Steak House in Harrisonburg, Virginia as well as menus from other local restaurants.

Betty Hudson Brown Papers, SC 0290
The Betty Hudson Brown Papers, 1967-1970, document Brown’s time as a student at Madison College.

Rockingham Luncheon Ruritan Club Records, SC 0291
The Rockingham Luncheon Ruritan Club Records, 2008-2010, comprise administrative records documenting the club’s activities. Materials primarily include meeting agendas and minutes.

Dorothy McKinley Spooner Garber Papers, SC 0293
The Dorothy McKinley Spooner Garber Papers, 1925-1978, comprise Garber’s wedding portraits and personal papers.

April 2019

Road Paving and Construction Projects in Virginia Photograph Album, SC 0288
The Road Paving and Construction Projects in Virginia Photograph Album, 1916-1925, comprises approximately 140 black-and-white photographs of road-paving projects in various Virginia locations including Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Scottsville, Norfolk, Goucester Point, and Ellerson.

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression (SOGIE) Programming Records, UA 0013
The Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression (SOGIE) Programming Records, 1984-2015, document the LGBTQ student group at JMU under its various organizational names incuding Lambda Gamma Lambda (LGL); Harmony; LGBT & Ally Education Program; and Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Programming. Records include newsletters, photographs, resources and brochures produced by SOGIE and allied groups, outreach and promotional materials, and newspaper clippings.

Central Virginia Farmer’s Diary, SC 0284
The Central Virginia Farmer’s Diary, 1899, documents the activities of an unidentified farmer in central Virginia.

Claudia Frazier Bailey Photographs, SC 0282
The Claudia F. Bailey Photographs, 1964, consist of six photographs taken of Bailey and her friends during Bailey’s senior year at Madison College.

Samuel William Long Diary, SC 0283
The Samuel William Long Diary, 1931-1935, consists of Long’s diary and financial receipts that detail a standard year of a shopkeeper’s life in Sangerville, Virginia.

Rockingham Bank Ledger, SC 0286
The Rockingham Bank Ledger, 1884-1887, comprises of one large ledger containing account information of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County citizens.

March 2019

P. Bradley & Sons Ledger, SC 0287
The P. Bradley & Sons Ledger, 1901-1903, documents the business activities of P. Bradley & Sons, an iron foundry in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Betty Brown Clemmer and Willis Clemmer Papers, SC 0280
The Betty Brown Clemmer and Willis Clemmer Papers, 1920-2015, largely comprise correspondence between Betty Brown Clemmer and Willis Clemmer during their courtship while Betty was a student at Madison College. Other papers relate to Betty’s coursework at Madison College, Willis’ service in the Army Air Forces, and family biographies.

January 2019

Edna Frederikson Papers, SC 0278
These papers give insight into the life of former James Madison University English professor Edna T. Frederikson in her later years as an author and poet. The papers consist of two boxes containing one bound diary and three unpublished manuscripts, all created between 1972 and 1992.

Deford Company Letter, SC 0279
The Deford Company Letter, 1916, is a business letter from the Deford Company (Tanners of Oak Sole Leather and Belting) to an undisclosed seller of bark requesting some product.

Elsie Warren Love Scrapbook, SC 0281
The Elsie Warren Love Scrapbook, 1924-1926, contains myriad photographs, programs, and other ephemera from when Elsie Love was a post-graduate “degree” student at the State Normal School for Women in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

School of Music Scrapbooks, UA 0048
The School of Music Scrapbooks, 1915-1999 (bulk 1969-1999), consist of 18 scrapbooks and loose ephemera. These scrapbooks predominantly chronicle the events of the Madison College Chorale between 1969 and 1997 under the direction of David A. Watkins, with other scrapbooks including one for the Women’s Concert Choir under the direction of Sally M. Lance and another for the Madison College Glee Club under the direction of Edna T. Shaeffer.

November 2018

Woodbine Cemetery Records, SC 0236
The Woodbine Cemetery Records, ca.1830-2006, consist of materials relating to the operation of Woodbine Cemetery, in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The collection includes a wide array of financial and commercial materials, including receipt books and loose receipts, account books, checks, ledgers, bank statements, board minutes and reports, customer correspondence, insurance information, maps, and other materials produced during the course of business over approximately the past 150 years.

Sheryl Tadlock Watson Papers, SC 0275
The Sheryl Tadlock Watson Papers, 1959-1965, document Tadlock’s time as a student at Madison College during the 1960s. Freshman orientation materials, correspondence, policies and regulations regarding conduct, coursework, program cards, event programs, and ephemera are represented in the collection.

Tresa Quarles Scrapbook, SC 0048
The Tresa F. Quarles Scrapbook, 1953-2007 (bulk 1953-1957), comprises captioned photographs, correspondence, and ephemera documenting Quarles’ time as a student at Madison College and as an alumni. Also included are six typed reminiscences written by Quarles in which she recalls highlights from her time at Madison College.

Sarah McCulloh Lemmon Scrapbook, SC 0047
The Sarah McCulloh Lemmon Scrapbook, ca. 1914-1991, documents significant events of Lemmon’s life including her time as a student at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg.

Catlett Family Papers, SC 0276
The Catlett Family Papers, 1850-1933 (bulk 1901-1929), consists of two boxes containing the correspondence, personal financial records, and ephemera of the Catlett Family of Staunton, Virginia.

Velma Hilda Davis Woodring Scrapbook, SC 0277
The Velma Hilda Davis Woodring Scrapbook 1924-1926, comprises captioned black-and-white photographs documenting Woodring’s (née Davis) time as a student at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg.

June 2018

Mary Jordan Diary, 1879.
SC 0162. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 item; .2 cubic feet.
Short entries pertaining to the weather, local births, deaths and marriages, and daily activities such as church attendance, visits from relatives and friends, and travel.

Jean Foley Scrapbook, 1939-1940, 1985.
SC 0268. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 box, .3 cubic feet.
Photographs of downtown Harrisonburg and James Madison University, including the “Turkey Festival” and May Day celebrations, as well as travel photos documenting the experiences of State Normal School alum, Foley.

Shenandoah County Preacher Travel Journal, 1858.
SC 0269. Shenandoah County, VA; 2 folders, .16 cubic feet.
Travel journal written by an unnamed preacher from New Market, Virginia, documenting travel to Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania in 1858, as well as a mill and plantation bill of sale.

Radical Roots Community Farm Collection, 2006-2008
SC 0271. Rockingham County, VA; 3 folders, .24 cubic feet.
Comprised of issues of the “Radical Roots Garden Journal” and brochures by the Radical Roots Community Farm in Keezletown, Virginia, as well as documents related to the founding of the Friendly City Food Co-op in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Harriet Shackelford Thomas Collection, 1964-1970.
SC 0270. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 folder; .08 cubic feet.
30 photographs of Madison College students and campus scenes, as well as a letter written by Julie Fry regarding the Madison College Big Sister Little Sister program

Bob Bersson Collection, 1981-2017.
SC 0272. Harrisonburg, VA; 7 boxes, 3.13. cubic feet.
Documents and media related to Bersson’s work as an art professor at JMU and community activist in Harrisonburg, with Bersson’s professional papers, material related to the Citizens for Downtown organization, Taxpayers against Golf Spending (TAGS), WMRA“Our Little Radio Show,” and images of downtown Harrisonburg and JMU Campus.

*JMU Records* Libraries & Educational Technologies Records, 1939-2016, bulk 1988-2009
UA 0008. Harrisonburg, VA. James Madison Univeristy; 
35 boxes, 1 map folder; 11.92 cubic feet. Contains the administrative and financial records for JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies from 1939-2016. In addition to administrative records, this collection also contains historical items relating to the history of the library.

Small Business Development Center Records, 1980-2004.
UA 0009. Shenandoah Valley, VA; 8 boxes, 2.48 cubic feet.
Documents the creation and growth of the Shenandoah Valley Small Business Development Center. Comprises of financial budgets, proposals, donations, outreach programs, and articles about the Shenandoah Valley SBDC at James Madison University.

School of Art and Art History Records, c. 1970-2000.
UA 0044. Harrisonburg, VA; James Madison University; 1 box, .2 cubic feet.
Photographs of students and faculty at the School of Art and Art History (now the School of Art, Design and Art History) from c. 1970 to 2000.

School of Theatre and Dance Records, 1930-2011 (bulk 1981-1993).
UA 0045. Harrisonburg, VA; James Madison University; 4 folders, .32 cubic feet.
Materials consist of playbills, programs and curriculum brochures relating to theatre and dance performances at and sponsored by James Madison University.

Student Theatre Productions Collection, 1912-1966.
UA 0046. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 2 folders, .16 cubic feet.
Consists of programs and playbills for student plays at the State Normal School and Madison College, including Class Plays and productions sponsored by the Athletic Association.

May 2018

Bradley and Brian Flota Comic Book Collection, 1952-2008.
SC 0032. VA; 71 boxes; 59.8 cubic feet.
Collection consists of 
9,700 comic books from independent publishers as well as major publishers such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Dark Horse Comics.

Harrisonburg Historic Map Collection, 1873-1982 (bulk 1903-1956).
SC 0050. Harrisonburg, VA; 6 boxes, 6 map folders; 5.19 cubic feet.
Consists of maps, blueprints, drawings, and corresponding paperwork created by the City of Harrisonburg. These items represent proposed road improvements, sewer and water lines, bridge plans, land exchanges, and sub-divisions added to the city. Some drawings for church buildings, schools, parks and industrial zones are included as well.

Academic Affairs: Academic Program Reviews, 1993-present.
UA 0002. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 8 boxes; 8 cubic feet.
Collection contains Academic Program Reviews (APRs) internal self-study reports and external team reviews for JMU degree-granting departments, programs, and academic administrative areas. The collection contains both paper and digital files.

Office of Affirmative Action Records, 1977-1988
UA 0005. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 2 boxes; .5 cubic feet.
Collection contains documents and correspondence concerning the planning and implementation of affirmative action in Virginia, particularly at JMU. Included are reports, data and correspondence from the University and state and federal government.

Office of the President: G. Tyler Miller Papers, 1949-2005
UA 0025. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 8 boxes; 3.2 cubic feet.
Correspondence, reports, judicial hearing transcripts, and other materials from G. Tyler Miller’s tenure as president of Madison College 1949-1970, as well as reminiscences and interviews created following his retirement.
Collection contains restrictions.

Office of Institutional Research Records, 1975-1998.
UA 0042. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 1 box; .4 cubic feet.
Contains reports, newsletters, surveys and studies by the Office of Institutional Research, formerly called the Office of Planning and Analysis.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Institutional Self-Study Report Records, 1961-1992.
UA 0043. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 2 boxes; .66 cubic feet.
Reports and documents related to the JMU accreditation process, administered by SACS from 1961-1992.

April 2018

Class of 1913 Reunion Book, 1914-1935.
SC 0267. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 1 box, .2 cubic feet.
Book contains photographs, programs, and written entries documenting the activities and whereabouts of the 1913 graduates of State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg.

Department of History: Raymond C. Dingledine, Jr. Papers, 1950-1983.
UA 0037. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 3 boxes, 1.2 cubic feet.
Professional and academic papers of Dr. Raymond C. Dingledine, Jr., a professor of Social Studies and History at James Madison University (formerly Madison College), research materials for “Madison College: the First Fifty Years, 1908-1958,” published in 1959.

World War I Posters, ca. 1917.
UA 0038. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 1 folder; .38 cubic feet.
Two posters used at the State Normal School for Women at Harrisonburg, ca. 1917: “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and a poster advertising enrollment to the State Normal School for Women in order to support the war effort.

Office of the President: Committee Records, 1909-1957.
UA 0040. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 1 box, .2 cubic feet.
Meeting minutes, correspondence, reports and budgetary information documenting committee work during the first 50 years of the State Normal and Industrial School.

Black Student Alliance Scrapbook, 1994-1995.
UA 0041. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 1 box, .17 cubic feet.
Scrapbook contains 
photographs, event flyers and a newsletter documenting Black Student Alliance activities at James Madison University during the 1994-1995 school year.

February 2018

Mabel H. Holt Papers, SC 0260
Contains the booklet, “Class of 1946 Madison Memories,” printed in 2006 for the alumni reunion, and Madison College ephemera belonging to 1946 alum, Mabel Hancock Holt.

Croushorn Family Rockingham Cooperative Farm Bureau Papers, SC0261
Rockingham Cooperative Farm Bureau receipts, newsletters, correspondences and ephemera related to the Croushorn family farm and business, in Augusta County, Virginia, from 1932-1958.

Mary Lillian Arthur Scrapbook, SC 0262
Letters, newspaper clippings, telegrams, drawings, programs, and other ephemera that document Arthur’s activities as a freshman at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg, from 1930-1931.

Kathleen Harless Scrapbook, SC 0266
Photographs, invitations, programs and postcards that document Harless’ experiences at the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg, from 1911-1914.

Graduate Council Minutes, UA 0024  
Minutes of the Madison College Graduate Council, 1958-1972.

Lanier Literary Society Records, UA 0026 
Two record books, bound posters, and ephemera created by members of the Lanier Literary Society at the State Normal and Industrial School for Women, from 1911-1931.

Lee Literary Society Records, UA 0027
Bound posters and programs created by the Lee Literary Society at the State Normal and Industrial School for Women, from 1909-1912.

YWCA Records, UA 0028
Two volumes of bound posters and programs pertaining to the State Normal and Industrial School branch of the YWCA, from 1909-1916.

Stratford Players Records, UA 0029
Record books, scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, news clippings, rehearsal scripts, and copies of yearbook pages, documenting the activities of the Stratford Players (formerly known as the Stratford Literary Society and the Stratford Dramatic Club) at the State Normal School for Women (later, the State Teachers College and Madison College), from 1914-1983.

Alpha Chi Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi Records, UA 0030 
Record book, account book, original charter, and collected papers that document the history of the Alpha Chi Chapter of the Kappa Delta Pi at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg, from 1928-1947.

Freshman Class Scrapbook, UA 0033
Four disassembled scrapbooks, containing correspondence, programs, invitations, telegrams and ephemera that document class elections and campus activities of the Madison College freshman class, from 1945-1949.

State Student Loan Ledger, UA 0034 
Record of student loans at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg, from 1928-1936.

JMU Women’s Club, UA 0035
Newsletters, yearbooks, directories, papers, scrapbooks, media files, realia and photographs that document the activities of the JMU Woman’s Club, from 1977-2013.

Diplomas, UA 0036
Thirteen diplomas and certificates issued to students at the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg, later called the State Normal School for Women, State Teachers College at Harrisonburg, and the State Normal School Summer Session.

January 16, 2018

Heatwole Family Papers, SC 0252
The Heatwole Family Papers, 1838-2001, document descendants of David Heatwole (1767-1842). The collection documents the Virginia Heatwoles, specifically those of Mt. Clinton and Dale Enterprise, as well as the Trumbos of Fulks Run. Materials include correspondence, financial records, personal papers, photographs, and ephemera.

Henkel Family Papers, SC 0253
The Henkel Family Papers, 1801-2008, document the influential Henkel family of Rockingham and Shenandoah counties in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. The collection, primarily documenting the Siram and Margaret Koiner Henkel line of the family, is comprised of correspondence, personal and financial papers, and genealogical research materials.

Faculty Senate Minutes, UA 0001
The Faculty Senate Minutes, 1969-2007, are comprised of minutes of the James Madison University Faculty Senate meetings.

Office of the President: Faculty Minutes, UA 0011
The Office of the President: Faculty Minutes, 1909-1998, are comprised of minutes of James Madison University general faculty meetings and includes bound volumes and loose minutes.

New Market Garden Club Papers, SC 0259
The New Market Garden Club Papers, 1928-1942, is comprised of a scrapbook, reports, newspaper clippings and programs that document the formation and activities of the club.

Carrie Bishop Scrapbook, SC 0033
Scrapbook documents Bishop’s activities as a student at the State Normal School for Women, including membership in various clubs, societies, and attendance of social outings and cultural events.

Julian A. Burruss Papers, UA 0023
The collection contains papers that relate to the service of president, Julian Ashby Burruss, the first president of the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg.

John W. Wayland Papers, SC 0258
The John W. Wayland Papers, 1916-1980, are comprised of the writings of John Walter Wayland, historian and original faculty member at the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg. Many documents relate to the founding and early years of the school.

P. H. Woodward Letter, SC 0257
Letter from P.H. Woodward, superintendent of the Exchange Hotel in Harrisonburg, VA, to Mr. Lary, written on Exchange Hotel stationery, with advertisements.

Thomas A. Turk Letter, SC 0256
This is a single-page letter, written by Thomas A. Turk to a Mr. Larry, dated February 18, 1859. Turk writes from Staunton, Virginia, and requests information about a Mr. Lockridge in order to secure the purchase of one or more enslaved people.

Virginia Central Railroad Appraisement of Stock Killed or Injured, SC 0255
1860 Virginia Central Railroad claim for “one White Hog” killed by the mail train in Rockbridge County, Virginia.

Thelma Dunn Gregory Scrapbook, SC 0254
The Thelma Dunn Gregory Scrapbook, 1923-1927, is comprised of one bound scrapbook containing memorabilia, correspondence and ephemera from Gregory’s time as a student at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg. The collection contains an additional file of photographs from her time as a student, and a file of memorabilia.

Gallaher and Briscoe Family Confederate Papers, SC 0250
The collection consists of papers related to the family of Lieutenant William Bowen Gallaher (1840-1911) and Amelia Frances Briscoe Gallaher (1845-1911). Documents reveal family members’ involvement with the Waynesboro Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers Home, the Grand Camp C.V. Department of VA. It also contains personal correspondences between Virginia governor, John Letcher, and Hugh L. Gallaher.

A.S. Lara Papers, SC 0249
The A.S. Lara Papers, 1856-1861 consist of letters, receipts and documents relating to business dealings of merchant, Aaron S. Lara, in Rockbridge County and Augusta County, Virginia.

November 1, 2017

Kenneth E. Sensabaugh Papers, SC 0248
The Kenneth E. Sensabaugh Papers, 1944-2009 (bulk 1944-1954), are comprised primarily of materials related to Sensabaugh’s career in the U. S. Navy. Items include photographs, sketch portraits of Sensabaugh, discharge papers, and ephemera.

Stephens and Yount Family Papers, SC 0251
The Stephens and Yount Family Papers, 1812-1991 (bulk 1812-1938), primarily document the Richard Stephens family of Rockingham County, Virginia and his descendants. Materials include correspondence, receipts, financial documents, indentures, deeds, and ephemera. Documents of particular interest relate to the sale, purchase, and hire of slaves, and Richard Stephens’ medical exemption from military service during the Civil War.

October 10, 2017

Elliott Guthrie Fishburne Papers, SC 0247
The Elliott Guthrie Fishburne Papers consist of one letter (1886) from Fishburne to H.B. McClellan, and one undated memoir (ca. 1880s) describing the 1st Virginia Cavalry at the battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863.

Mattie E. Mowry Farm Ledger, SC 0245
The Mattie E. Mowry Farm Ledger, 1896-1926, includes 342 pages, of which, 213 pages are blank. Ledger begins with inventory following expense and sales trackers including grain, livestock, animal products, labor, bills, and miscellaneous. Inside the ledger were a large number of laid in papers that include calculations, personal notes, and tax statements. The back of the ledger includes multiple templates, tables, how-tos, rules, and remedies. The majority of the dates in the ledger are between 1896 and 1924, although there are some 1925 and 1926 dates.

September 15, 2017

Blackley Family Papers, SC 0232
The Blackley Family Papers, 1830-2016, consists of hundreds of letters that span from 1830 to 2011; diaries; official United States, Confederate, and Texas documents; literary works; newspaper clippings; postcards; ephemera; and photographs. These papers document the related Scott, Bassett, Blackley, Hoge, Matthews, and Nix families of Texas and Staunton, Virginia.

Thompson Family Papers, SC 0246
The Thompson Family Papers, 1869-1944, document the lives of Benjamin F. Thompson and his immediate family. The collection includes correspondence, diaries, a weather journal, financial and legal documents, genealogical notes, and family photographs.

David E. Shank Automobile Receipt, SC 0244
The David E. Shank Automobile Receipt, May 16, 1968, documents Shank’s trade-in of a 1964 Cadillac and subsequent purchase of a 1968 Lincoln Continental sedan from Royal Motor Company in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Michael A. Cappeto Letters, SC 0053
The Michael A. Cappeto Letters, 1967, 2011, are comprised of two documents – a request from Madison College to prospective student Michael Cappeto for an on-campus interview with William J. DeLong, Director of Admissions and Student Aid and Michael Cappeto’s personal reflection on that interaction.

August 15, 2017

J. W. Hollis to Joseph Funk Letters, SC 0242
The J. W. Hollis to Joseph Funk Letters, 1832, 1836, are comprised of nine letters written to Funk by his publisher J. W. Hollis of Winchester, Virginia. The letters discuss in considerable detail various editorial changes to Funk’s works A Compilation of Genuine Church Music and The Confession of Faith, which Hollis printed in 1832 and 1837 respectively.

Robert Stephen Papers, SC 0243
The Robert Stephen Papers, 1815-1849, primarily document the taxes paid by Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia) resident, Robert Stephen. The tax receipts document the taxes Stephen paid to the sheriff of Greenbrier County and include taxes paid for slaves, cattle, and land.

Alumni Association Records, UA 0022
The Alumni Association Records, 1934-2015, consists of 4.29 cubic feet in 13 boxes. The collection primarily consists of the administrative files of the James Madison University Alumni Association, all referring to the individual graduated classes of JMU, Madison College, and the State Normal School.

July 14, 2017

Kappa Kappa Psi Records, UA 0021
The Kappa Kappa Psi Records, 1958-2009 (bulk 1979-2009), contain organizational files of and pertaining to the Eta Omicron chapter of the band service fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi at James Madison University. In addition to these administrative files is a large collection of photographic and ephemeral material.

Davis, Kline, and Hutton Family Papers, SC 0241
The Davis, Kline, and Hutton Family Papers, 1816-1977, are comprised of correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, legal documents, and miscellaneous papers relating to Charles L. Davis of Singers Glen, Virginia and his descendants. Some documents are seemingly unrelated to the aforementioned families, but concern other local persons.

June 20, 2017

Marching Royal Dukes Records, UA 0016
The Marching Royal Dukes Records contain the organizational files pertaining to the operation of the JMU marching band from 1975-2016. In addition to these files, the records include ephemera, photographs, and audio-video recordings of and pertaining to the Marching Royal Dukes.

Charles Jackson Letter Books, SC 0234
The Charles Jackson Letter Books, 1890-1904 consists of three books created by Charles A. Jackson throughout his career. They contain assorted correspondence, legal cases, and personal viewpoints of Charles Jackson as he acted as a New York lawyer and Virginia business operator. He was heavily involved in the Shenandoah Land & Anthracite Coal Company.

June 2, 2017

Edith May Fultz Cavendish Photographs, SC 0239
The Edith May Fultz Cavendish Photographs, ca. 1940, include 43 unique black-and-white photographs of Madison College while Cavendish (née Fultz) was a student at the school. Dormitory life and dormitory interiors, campus buildings, snowscapes, general student and social life, and fellow classmate portrait photographs are all captured.

May 31, 2017

Alpha Spitzer Travel Diary, SC 0069
The Alpha Spitzer Travel Diary, 1939, is comprised of one 3 ¾ x 5 ¾ inch spiral notebook chronicling Spitzer’s trip with her sister Margaret from Broadway, Virginia to Pueblo, Colorado and back during the summer of 1939. Both Spitzer sisters were alumni of Broadway High School and the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg.

Kathryn Eye Papers, SC 0231
The Kathryn Eye Papers, 1920-1991, contain the papers of Kathryn Eye, local resident and missionary to the Belgian Congo. Materials document Eye’s life, missionary work, and exhibit of her art collection at the Madison Art Collection and include correspondence, ephemera and stamps, and a scrapbook.

Patricia Chalfant Women’s Rights Collection, SC 0240
The Patricia Chalfant Women’s Rights Collection, 1968-1978, is comprised of publications, ephemera, and conference material documenting second-wave feminism and the women’s liberation movement. Key subjects include the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), the National Organization for Women (NOW), and various organized marches including the July 9, 1978 March for the Equal Rights Amendment in Washington, D.C.

May 22, 2017

Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition Records, SC 0230
The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition Records, 1983-2016, document the activities of the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC), formerly named the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club. Materials include newsletters, meeting minutes, correspondence, and promotional material and route maps for the Annual Shenandoah Valley Century Ride.

Shuler Family Papers, SC 0071
The Shuler Family Papers, 1893-1930, are comprised of one scrapbook of recipes and home remedies, three ledgers, and one State Normal School course notebook created by the Shuler family of Port Republic, Virginia.

April 17, 2017

Thomas N. and Sarah C. Lindsey Letter, SC 0067
The Thomas N. and Sarah C. Lindsey Letter, 1861, is comprised of one letter written by the Lindseys of Churchville, Virginia to a Mr. Wynant. The letter is dated June 24, 1861, just two months after the start of the American Civil War. While Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey addressed Mr. Wynant separately, resulting in two distinct letters, both letters are contained on one leaf. The Lindseys comment on the changes taking place in Churchville and the Shenandoah Valley as a result of the Civil War. Additionally, they mention the price and scarcity of goods, harvest yields, the evils of liquor, and general community news.

Barnhart Family Papers, SC 0237
The Barnhart Family Papers, 1836-1944, are comprised of assorted documents chiefly relating to the Barnhart family of New Hope, Virginia in Augusta County, particularly George Barnhart II and his son Gideon Barnhart. Materials include correspondence, bills, receipts and invoices, deeds, and envelopes. The collection also includes many documents concerning the estate of George Barnhart II. There are also materials within this collection pertaining to persons not directly related to the Barnharts.

Copp’s Schoolhouse Notebook and Ledger, SC 0238
The Copp’s Schoolhouse Notebook and Ledger, 1867-1908, is comprised of one bound volume of notes on Dr. Benjamin Mosby Smith’s lectures; the constitution, by-laws, and meeting minutes of the Johnsonian Lyceum (meetings were held at Copp’s Schoolhouse in Maurertown, Virginia which was located in the Johnson Magisterial District); and unrelated personal property lists of Shenandoah County residents.

Common Ground Records, SC 0126
The Common Ground Records, 1983-2000, consists of the newsletters, administrative files, and other material related to or published by the now-defunct Harrisonburg peace and justice organization Common Ground and its predecessors, The Network for Peace and Justice and Common Weal.

March 21, 2017

Elizabeth Brooks Tax Receipts, SC 0068
The Elizabeth Brooks Tax Receipts, 1832-1836, are comprised of three receipts of taxes paid by Rockingham County, Virginia resident Elizabeth Brooks. For each year, Brooks paid $5.00 on one 30-acre tract of land.

Etta Evans Scrapbook, SC 0070
The Etta Evans Scrapbook, 1935-1936, is comprised of one bound scrapbook containing memorabilia, ephemera, and correspondence from Evans’ time as a student at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg. Evans annotated the scrapbook by describing the items pasted within.

Thomas Gathright Papers, SC 0233
The Thomas Gathright Papers, 1923-1933, consisting of 2.1 cubic feet of material, are primarily comprised of the business correspondence and property blueprints of Thomas Gathright, a land-purchasing agent for the C&O Railway.

March 6, 2017

Edna T. Shaeffer Retirement Letters, SC 0061
The Edna T. Shaeffer Retirement Letters, 1940, 1956, is a collection of approximately 60 congratulatory letters presented to Shaeffer upon her retirement as director of the Glee Club from Madison College. Correspondents are former students who sang under direction and tutelage.

Hester A. Helmick Simmons Receipts, SC 0062
The Hester A. Helmick Simmons Receipts, 1945-1948, are comprised of approximately 85 cancelled checks from the Grant County Bank (Petersburg, West Virginia) checking account of Hester Helmick.

Bertha Couchman Hess and Ethel Virginia Dunn Correspondence, SC 0063
The Bertha Couchman Hess and Ethel Virginia Dunn Correspondence, 1918-1927, is comprised of four postcards and seven letters written by Hess and Dunn, her niece, to their family in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Couchman authored three postcards while visiting Harrisonburg in August 1918 and the remainder of the correspondence was written by Dunn while she was a student at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg and while she was a teacher in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Ellen Frank Armentrout Papers, SC 0064
The Ellen Frank Armentrout Papers, 1961-1964, are comprised of facsimiles of one essay, seven letters, and 15 photographs from Armentrout’s time as a student at Madison College.

Louise Fontaine Baker Letter, SC 0065
The Louise Fontaine Baker Letter, 2004, is comprised of a five-page facsimiled account of Baker’s life including her time as a student during the 1920s at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg.

February 22, 2017

Ezra M. Minnick Sr. Diary, SC 0051
The Ezra M. Minnick Sr. Diary, 1900, is comprised of one Excelsior Diary with daily entries by Timberville, Virginia farmer and government inspector, Ezra M. Minnick Sr. General subject matter includes weather reports, local and state politics, business dealings, and personal news and events.

Stanley Wyatt Photographs, SC 0052
The Stanley Wyatt Photographs, 1970-1972, are comprised of seven black-and-white photographs of Madison College and include campus views, construction, and building interiors. The photographs were presumably taken by alum Stanley Wyatt (‘74).

Naomi Thacker Lockard Papers, SC 0054
The Naomi Thacker Lockard Papers, 1941-1943, contain Lockard’s course registration materials from her time as a student at Madison College.

“Young Eph’s Lament” Song Sheet, SC 0055
The “Young Eph’s Lament” Song Sheet, ca. 1850-1899, is a 5 x 8 inch hand-colored lithograph song sheet featuring four stanzas in stereotypical black dialect.

Jack Gaines Letter, SC 0056
The Jack Gaines Letter, 1948, is an official notice from Hope Vandever, Madison College Dean of Women, notifying Jack Gaines of Harrisonburg that he has been placed on the “Approved List of Local Men.”

Patsy Wheeler Gochenour Photographs, SC 0057
The Patsy Wheeler Gochenour Photographs, ca. 1957, are comprised of five black-and-white photographs of Madison College and include views of the quad and dorm room interiors. The photographs were presumably taken by or on behalf of alum Patsy Wheeler Gochenour (‘57).

Ruth Hall Brooks Photographs, SC 0058
The Ruth Hall Brooks Photographs, 1943-1945, are comprised of three black-and-white photographs of Madison College and include one view of Wilson Hall in the snow and two photographs of students.

Jessie Stoutamyer Diary, SC 0059
The Jessie Stoutamyer Diary, 1905, 1911, consists of one bound (hand-stitched) diary kept by 18-year-old Augusta County native, Jessie Jackson Stoutamyer. The diary spans January 1 through August 30, 1911, with a final entry chronicling her brother George’s death on October 11, 1911. Stoutamyer’s entries include her daily activities and family news. Also included is a separate sheet on which Stoutamyer transcribed “The Yellow Rose of Texas.”

“Prayer Meeting in a Contraband Camp – Washington, 1862” Steel Engraving, SC 0060 
The “Prayer Meeting in a Contraband Camp – Washington, 1862” Steel Engraving1887, is comprised of one 5 ¼ x 8 ¾ inch engraving featuring imagery of African-American worshippers, crowded into a small dark cabin. The prayer meeting attendees are depicted as singing, clapping, dancing, stomping their feet, and generally moving about energetically with arms uplifted.

Middlebrook School Minstrel Show Photograph, SC 0066
The Middlebrook School Minstrel Show Photograph, 1954, depicts the cast, including students and presumably teachers and administrators, of a minstrel show at the Middlebrook School in Augusta County, Virginia.

January 26, 2017

Office of the President: Board of Visitors Records, UA 0010
The Office of the President: Board of Visitors Records, 1908-2001, document the activities of the James Madison University Board of Visitors and its predecessor, the Board of Trustees. Materials include meeting minutes, correspondence, financial documents, and president’s reports.

January 12, 2017

Frances Logan Gillam Papers, SC 0035
The Frances Logan Gillam Papers, 1939-1940, are comprised of photographs of the Madison College campus dating to the 1939-1940 academic term and miscellaneous materials from Gillam’s time as a student at Madison College.

Julia Smith Martin Papers, SC 0036
The Julia Smith Martin Papers, 1945-1948, contain event programs, disciplinary slips, and papers collected by Julia Lewis Smith Martin during her time as a student at Madison College.

Sarah McAllister Thrash Papers, SC 0037
The Sarah McAllister Thrash Papers, 1951-1995, contain memorabilia from Sarah McAllister Thrash’s time at Madison College in the early 1950s. The collection is comprised primarily of photographs taken at Madison College alumni events dating from the early 1970s to 1995.

Patricia Bourne Munoz Papers, SC 0038
The Patricia Bourne Munoz Papers, 1952-1955, contain two items belonging to Patricia Bourne Munoz, a 1957 Madison College graduate. Items include one program from the Madison College May Day of 1957 and one program from a 1955 Virgil Fox organ concert.

Nancy Walker Bouvier Papers, SC 0039
The Nancy Walker Bouvier Papers, 1951, are comprised of papers collected during Bouvier’s time as a student at Madison College. Items include a grade report and blank day trip forms.

Eva Rooshup Kohl Papers, SC 0040
The Eva Rooshup Kohl Papers, 1919, 1971, contain paper memorabilia belonging to Eva Rooshup Kohl from her time as a student at the State Normal School for Women at Harrisonburg.

Katherine Winfrey Scrapbook, SC 0041
The Katherine Winfrey Scrapbook, 1911-1912, contains photographs, signatures, handwritten notes, calling cards, event programs, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous pieces of ephemera relating to Winfrey’s time as a student at the State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Harrisonburg.

Clara Soter Papers, SC 0042
The Clara Soter Papers, 1969-1971, contain the January 1971 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association and one report by Soter entitled “Sound Barrier,” written for the U.S. Public Health Service Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia.

Cleveland Family Papers, SC 0043
The Cleveland Family Papers, 1880-1958, are comprised primarily of photographs of Elizabeth and Annie Cleveland and other Cleveland family members. Additional materials include documents related to the deaths of Annie and Elizabeth Cleveland.

Lois Hogan Everett Papers, SC 0045
The Lois Hogan Everett Papers, 1953-1955, contain a Madison College homecoming program, admissions publications, essay, and other event programs collected by Lois Hogan Everett during her time as a student at Madison College.

Mary Catherine Lyne Papers, SC 0046
The Mary Catherine Lyne Papers, 1942-2001, contain photographs, programs, memos, and newspaper clippings related to Mary Catherine Lyne’s time spent serving in the SPARS (the Women’s Reserve of the Coast Guard) from 1943 to 1947.

December 20, 2016

Mt. Clinton Voter Registers, SC 0010
The Mt. Clinton Voter Registers, 1867-1901, are comprised of three voter registers for Mt. Clinton in Rockingham County, Virginia. Two voter registers document white male voters and one register documents “colored” male voters. The collection also includes two notes and one printed document from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Agnes Mason Price Papers, SC 0034
The Agnes Mason Price Papers, 1930-1935, are comprised of materials from Price’s time as a student at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg. The collection includes report cards and receipts.

Nathan L. Jones Scrapbook, SC 0127
The Nathan L. Jones Scrapbook, 1922-1974, consists of photographs, drawings, letters, and legal documents pertaining to the life and experiences of Nathan L. Jones, retired district highway equipment superintendent of the Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation.

December 8, 2016

Jay G. Rainey Papers, SC 0024
The Jay G. Rainey Papers, 1970-1996, bulk 1970-1977, consist of five legal folders (.1 cubic feet). The collection is comprised of materials relating to Rainey’s role in the April 1970 protest of three faculty members’ non-reappointment. Additional materials are related to The Fixer, a student-run newspaper of which Rainey was an editor, and political brochures and newsletters from the AFL-CIO.

December 6, 2016

“The Negro” Lithograph, SC 0021
“The Negro” Lithograph, ca. 1850-1860, portrays a young man of African descent.

“Peggy’s Doctor” Cast Photograph, SC 0022
The “Peggy’s Doctor” Cast Photograph, ca. 1934-1935, is a glossy black-and-white promotional still photograph with text overlaid depicting the cast of the radio drama “Peggy’s Doctor” which ran from 1934-1935.

Zeno Bakery Postcard, SC 0023
The Zeno Bakery Postcard, 1937, portrays Jimmie Packard, an African-American baker in a white chef’s coat and baker’s hat, as “Zeno’s Singing Baker.” The postcard, dated February 24, 1937, is addressed to Mrs. Pearl Allen of South Vernon, Massachusetts.

Harrisonburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority Photographs, SC 0235
The Harrisonburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority Photographs, consisting of two Hollinger boxes and one half-Hollinger box (.86 cubic feet), are comprised of photographs used by the Harrisonburg Redevelopment & Housing Authority in their urban renewal programs. The bulk of the photographs capture buildings targeted for urban renewal in downtown and residential Harrisonburg, Virginia in the 1960s and 1980s.

December 1, 2016

Otto Brothers Letters, SC 0014
The Otto Brothers Letters consist of two letters from Jacob W. and Henry H. Otto to their parents in Altoona, Pennsylvania, dated March 10 and March 18, 1865. They write to inform their parents of their condition while their regiment is stationed in Hancock Station, Virginia.

John Frederick Pierson Papers, SC 0015
Collection of James Frederick Pierson’s personal copies of Civil War and post-Civil War literature including enlistment parameters and several invitations, dinner menus, programs, and other memorabilia from various veteran associations to which Mr. Pierson belonged.

Slave Bill of Sale, SC 0016
The bill of sale for “Negro Girl Edny,” July 1, 1858, consists of a single hand-written receipt documenting the monetary value and sale of an enslaved female by owner J. Vanderveer.

Union General Orders No. 190, SC 0017
Union General Orders No. 190, dated June 25, 1863, is a printed Union Army directive issued during the American Civil War. This directive was ordered by the Union Assistant Adjutant General Edward D. Townsend, and called for all new recruits to be paid a sum of $402.00 and for those who re-enlisted to be paid $400.00.

Confederate War Tax Form, SC 0018
The Confederate War Tax Form, 1863, documents a series of guidelines for the taxation of unique goods and services by the Confederacy in Virginia. The two-sheet, partly printed form lays out all the materials which are to be taxed and includes a statement of the possession of liquor to be taxed. The forms were signed by James Gwyn of Richmond, Virginia and Confederate Assessor W.E. Johnson.

Philip H. Scott Letters, SC 0019
The Philip H. Scott Letters, 1951-1953, consist of four letters, three of which are addressed to Philip H. Scott, a seventh generation descendant of James Madison, from the Office of the Dean at Madison College. The fourth is a handwritten draft letter from Scott to Percy H. Warren, Chairman of the Madison Day Celebration.

Adam and Wayman Collins Confederate Vouchers, SC 0020
The Adam and Wayman Collins Confederate Vouchers, ca. 1862-1864, contain three vouchers, each paying $10.00 to the family of Adam and Wayman Collins. The Collins’, brothers from Wytheville, Virginia, were Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War.

November 18, 2016

William B. Durie Letter, SC 0013
Letter written by William B. Durie, a Union Private during the American Civil War, to his sister dated December 27, 1864. Durie writes to his sister about his state of being, conditions in camp, and personal information about Christmas during the Siege of Petersburg.

November 2, 2016

Furious Flower Poetry Center Records, UA 0017
The Furious Flower Poetry Center Records, consisting of 8.7 cubic feet (13 Hollinger boxes, 1 half-Hollinger box, 1 oversize flat folder), document the departmental activities of the Furious Flower Poetry Center.

Furious Flower Poetry Center Conference Records, UA 0018
The Furious Flower Poetry Center Conference Records, consisting of 6.03 cubic feet (9 Hollinger boxes, 1 oversize Hollinger box, 1 record storage box, 1 rolled storage container, 1 oversize flat folder), is comprised of the materials related to the decennial Furious Flower Poetry Center conferences beginning with the inaugural conference in 1994.

October 25, 2016

Hugh Starke Morrison Account Book, SC 0004
The Hugh Starke Morrison Account Book, 1871-1876, consists of one ledger that documents the business transactions and expenses of Hugh Starke Morrison’s photography studio in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Joseph J. Dorsey Papers, SC 0005
The Joseph J. Dorsey Papers, ca. 1912-1953, consisting of one folder, contain two photographs of Joseph J. Dorsey and his 1953 obituary as published in the Daily News-Record.

Brocks Gap Photographs, SC 0006
Two photographs on mounted board, dated 1905, of road construction in Brocks Gap in northwestern Rockingham County, Virginia. Both photographs are attributed to New Market photographer, B. B. O’Roark.

Barbara White Tour Diary, SC 0007
The Barbara White Tour Diary, 1921-1922, is comprised of a 6¾ x 8¼ manuscript diary kept by White while traveling aboard the Cunard Liner RMS Albania to England, France, Switzerland, and Italy from 1921-1922. Also, included are loose items from the diary and two telegrams.

John A. Frenger Diary and Account Book, SC 0008
The John A. Frenger Diary and Account Book, 1880-1892, consists of one ledger that contains periodic diary entries in which Frenger, a farmer from Greenville, Augusta County, documents the weather, his local travels, farm activities, and commentary on political events. The ledger also includes accounts of Frenger’s household and farm expenses and income.

Emilyn Peterson Papers, SC 0009
The Emily Peterson Papers, 1929-2002, bulk 1929-1933, consists of five folders (in one half-Hollinger box) of materials relating to Peterson’s time as a student at the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg. Included are academic and athletic materials, memorabilia and ephemera, tickets to sporting and theatrical events, and newspaper clippings from The Breeze.

Sister Speak Records, UA 0015
The Sister Speak Records include administrative files from 2001-2013 related to Sister Speak, a feminist literary journal and organization at James Madison University.

October 3, 2016

William Ingham Papers, SC 0002
This collection, consisting of 31.36 cubic feet (94 Hollinger boxes and 2 half-Hollinger boxes), contains the professional and academic papers of Dr. William Ingham, professor emeritus of physics at James Madison University.

Audie Scott Tilghman Papers, SC 0011
This collection primarily consists of letters from 1927 sent from Audie Tilghman to her family in Norfolk during her first year at the State Teachers College in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Also contains bills, a student handbook, and various ephemera from 1925-1930.

Delphine Hurst Parsons Papers, SC 0012
Materials include correspondence, paper ephemera, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and memorabilia of Delphine Hurst Parsons from her time as a student at Maury High School in Norfolk, Virginia and at the State Teachers College (STC) at Harrisonburg, with one vinyl record of the Madison College Choir Concert of 1966, and a single photograph from the 1976 reunion of STC students. This collection also contains three yearbooks owned by Nellie Cowan Williams, a close friend and STC classmate of Delphine Parsons, and four yearbooks belonging to Hurst.

Valley of Virginia Pen Women Records, SC 0025
This collection contains the administrative and organizational records and scrapbooks of the Valley of Virginia Branch of the National League of American Pen Women. Materials related to procedural policies and bylaws, branch meeting minutes, newsletters, exhibitions and contests, branch members, photographs, and community women in the arts are included.

Betty Coe Cinquegrana Papers, SC 0030
This collection contains the papers of Betty Coe Cinquegrana, who attended Madison College from 1960-1964. Materials date from 1960-2014 and relate to her time as a student at Louisa County High School and Madison College, and life after college. Materials relating to the Betty Coe ’64 and Paul J. Cinquegrana Scholarship, established in the mid-2000s, are also included.