Special Collections Exhibit Policy and Mission

Revised 2/11


To promote the holdings of Special Collections with exhibits in the historic lobby of the original Madison Memorial Library and the display bookcase located adjacent to the Special Collections reading room.  The exhibits are drawn from both student and faculty projects highlighting Special Collections materials.


Gallery Spaces:


Madison Memorial Library Historic Lobby exhibit spaceLocation:  Madison Memorial Library Historic Lobby in the west wing of Carrier Library.

Hours:      Open during Carrier Library public hours.

Contact:   Julia Merkel, Preservation Specialist, merkeljm@jmu.edu

Description of space: This museum quality exhibit case has 18 linear feet of space, 5 feet clearance and 17” depth; microclimate environmental control; fiber optic lighting; and ½ inch UV glazing.  It was custom designed for the space and built by the Explus Corporation in Dulles, VA in 1998.  Funding was provided by the JMU Foundation.  Originally intended as the “Study Center for Art & World Culture” displaying 53 artifacts from the Sawhill Collection of Fine Art—those artifacts were recalled to the Madison Art Resource Center in 2004.  In conjunction with JMU’s Centennial Celebration, a series of exhibits based on Professor Pamela Schuelke Johnson’s Burruss endowment funded institutional history highlighting the historic clothing collection and JMU historical materials held in Special Collections have filled the case in subsequent years. 

Policy for use of space: Exhibits in this space must expect to remain on display for a year or more.  Due to its location, security issues, and difficulties in disassembling the exhibit case, exhibits are changed out only when classes are not in session.  Content and programming must be coordinated with Special Collections.  Priority is given for proposals highlighting Special Collections materials and university history.


Special Collections hallway exhibt space Location:  Carrier Library hallway Suite of rooms 205, 206 and 207.

Hours:       Open 10-4 Monday-Thursday and by appointment.

Contact:    Special Collections, library-special@jmu.edu

Description of space: Glass front oak bookcase original to the bluestone campus retrofitted with deck lighting on top shelf has 8 linear feet of space, 16” clearance and 12” depth.

Policy for use of space: This exhibit space provides for more frequent rotation of content and may remain on display for a semester’s length.  Content and programming are coordinated with Special Collections.  Priority is given to proposals highlighting student and faculty use of Special Collections.  Due to limited security and environmental controls—this case is not recommended for objects of extraordinary intrinsic or monetary value or extreme fragility.


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