Internship Opportunities in Special Collections and Preservation

Do you find history or art interesting? Are you considering a career or further study in the fields of archives, conservation, history, library and information science, or museum studies?

If so, we might have the perfect academic internship for you!

Internships are available to undergraduate and graduate students. Fall and spring internships require a minimum of ten hours of work per week; summer interns may work up to 25 hours per week. All internships are supervised and evaluated by the Special Collections Librarian, Rare Book and Research Services Librarian, or Preservation Officer.

Special Collections internships are somewhat flexible, based upon the needs of Special Collections and the interests of the candidates. Some examples of past intern opportunities include:

Special Collections intern candidates need attention to detail, organizational skills, and an ability to work with the public and on a team.

Preservation interns will receive training in conservation activities including: archival quality repair of library materials; environmental monitoring; and stabilization and re-housing of library materials. Additional options for preservation projects are: pre-processing of manuscript collections for Special Collections; condition reporting and documentation. Students will be encouraged to develop a portfolio of conservation techniques. Preservation interns will need extreme attention to detail and fine motor skills.

This is an exciting time to work in Special Collections and Preservation! There is plenty of interesting work for students! We are located on the second floor of Carrier (rooms 203 and 205). Feel free to stop by or email.

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