Alanna Whitfield

Graduate Assistant

About me

I am a graduate assistant on the Online Learning team at JMU Libraries. I am currently a second-year MA student in the Adult & Human Resources Development (AHRD) graduate program at JMU. Having the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from JMU, I love to develop training programs, provide consultations, and create interactive tutorials with technologies.

About Learning Innovations & Design

We create virtual and physical spaces, programs, and services for the JMU community to enhance, experiment with, and innovate in their teaching, learning, and scholarship. Departments include Classroom Technology Services, Digital Projects, Makerspaces Services & Instruction, Media Production Services, Online Learning, and Programming & Planning.

About Online Learning

We provide leadership and expertise in the development and implementation of quality online, hybrid, and distance learning at JMU. With a focus on access, accessibility, equity, and inclusion, we coordinate services, support, and instructional design for online and hybrid learning. Our collaboration and research efforts extend pedagogical effectiveness and learning flexibility in support of engaging, student-centered online and hybrid learning experiences.