Learning Technology Services

We support the university’s learning management system (LMS), technologies integrated into the LMS, classroom interaction, proctoring, and course evaluation software.

Need quick help with learning technologies? Contact 540-568-5312 or letsupport@jmu.edu.

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Name Title Phone Email
Miles Anthony Miles Learning Systems Specialist 540-568-2856 milesab@jmu.edu
Hansen Eric Hansen Head of Learning Technology Services 540-568-2858 hansenej@jmu.edu
Dove Matthew Dove Learning Support Specialist I 540-568-8116 dovema@jmu.edu
Davis Donna Davis Course Evaluation Administrator 540-568-7697 davisdy@jmu.edu
Brink Jordan Brink Learning Systems Specialist 540-568-7061 brinkjl@jmu.edu
Taylor Brent Taylor Learning Systems Specialist 540-568-3582 tayloreb@jmu.edu