Online Learning

We provide leadership and expertise in the development and implementation of quality online, hybrid, and distance learning at JMU. With a focus on access, accessibility, equity, and inclusion, we coordinate services, support, and instructional design for online and hybrid learning. Our collaboration and research efforts extend pedagogical effectiveness and learning flexibility in support of engaging, student-centered online and hybrid learning experiences.

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Dr. Costel Constantin

Constantin Costel Constantin
Faculty Associate from Physics and Astronomy
Dr. Xuebin Wei

Wei Xuebin Wei
Faculty Partner from School of Integrated Science
Dr. Amy Russell Yun

Yun Amy Russell Yun
Faculty Associate from Occupational Therapy
Sammy Joy Whitaker

Whitaker Samantha Joy Whitaker
Graduate Assistant
Juhong Christie Liu

Liu Juhong Christie Liu
Head of Online Learning & Senior Instructional Designer
Chelsey Bollinger

Bollinger Chelsey M. Bahlmann Bollinger
Faculty Associate from Early, Elementary, & Reading Education
Profile photo of Jessica Lantz

Lantz Jessica Lantz
Instructional Designer

Guadarrama Ivan Guadarrama
Instructional Media Consultant
Alanna Whitfield

Whitfield Alanna Whitfield
Graduate Assistant