Jack Garmer

System Administrator & Developer

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Building: Carrier Library
Office: 9C
MSC: 1704

Department: Technology

About me

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Discipline: Computer Science, James Madison University
Other Education:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Admin, level I & II
  • Red Hat Satellite Admin
  • Financial Accounting Level I
  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License
  • Misc Coursework, School of Hard Knocks

Having worked and trained in the areas of  computer science, information technology, retail, management, transportation, and automotive technology, I have an unusual variety of experiences that grant me a unique perspective. My background allows me the tools to view problems at a system level, where I can approach a solution using lessons learned from each field. I consider myself a multipotentialite and a lifelong learner, always in the pursuit of new projects, ideas, and skills.

About Technology

We administer and support a wide range of library and educational technologies. Teams include Desktop Support, Learning Technology Services, Systems & Operations, and Web & Applications Services.

  • Desktop Support: We support library staff with hardware and software needs. We manage computing, printing, and scanning in public and classroom spaces.
  • Learning Technology Services: We support the university’s learning management system (LMS), technologies integrated into the LMS, classroom interaction, proctoring, and course evaluation software.
  • Systems & Operations: We support library data center infrastructure, administer physical and virtual servers, and install and maintain library systems.
  • Web & Application Services: We manage our web presences and web applications in addition to administering video management services, tools for internal collaboration, and user-focused library services platforms.