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Liaison Librarians

A liaison librarian is assigned to each academic program to ensure that library services and collections meet the needs of the students and faculty. You can schedule an appointment with a liaison librarian online.

Libraries & Educational Technologies Faculty

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Faculty Emeriti

Ralph Alberico, Faculty Emeritus

Judith L. Anderson, Professor Emerita

Christina E. Bolgiano, Adjunct Professor Emerita

Lynn Cameron, Professor Emerita

Mary Ann Chappel, Associate Professor Emerita

Jeff Clark, Associate Professor Emeritus

Gerald L. Gill, Professor Emeritus

Particia Hardesty, Faculty Emerita

Reba Leiding, Faculty Emerita

Stinson H. Lenkerd, Faculty Emeritus

Sandy Maxfield, Associate Professor Emerita

Anne S. McFarland, Assistant Professor Emerita

Gordon W. Miller, Professor Emeritus
(540) 568-3632 ::

Forrest C. Palmer, Professor Emeritus

Anna Ruth Perry, Associate Professor Emerita

Dennis E. Robison, Dean Emeritus