TechSmith Relay

What is TechSmith Relay?

Relay (formerly Camtasia Relay) is a presentation tool designed to streamline the sharing process, especially directed at educators on all levels of education. The Relay recorder allows anyone to create content from anywhere and publish videos on the Relay website. Relay is installed on every PC in the Tech Classrooms.

What’s this I hear about a “new Relay” coming in January 2019?

We were informed this past Spring TechSmith is ending support for the OnPrem version of Relay. Thanks to some emergency contract wrangling, we secured a six-month extension to our OnPrem instance (through June 2019) , giving us a little more breathing room to help users make the transition.

Where is the old Relay information?

You may find that website here. Please be aware that version will be going away after June 2019.

How does the new Relay benefit me and my students

  • New web client that allows you to choose a section of the screen to record.
  • May embed quizzes or assign points for watching using the Canvas plugin, with grades reporting to the Gradebook.

How do I get started using the new Relay?

If you have already agreed to our User-Contributed Content Policy, you will be able to use the new Relay within two business days after logging in at the new Relay website for the first time.

If you have not yet agreed to our User-Contributed Content Policy, please navigate to our Upload Privileges Request page (login required) to read and accept our terms. Within two business days you will receive your acceptance message.

How much longer will the current version of Relay be available to me?

On your own device, you may continue to use the current version through June 2019. After that, you may record using the same application, but it will not have anywhere to directly upload to. In Classrooms, the switch will be made over the winter break – when you come back in the Spring, you should only have available the new version.

Can I share my recordings outside of the JMU community?

For right now, if you would like to share your recording with anybody outside of the JMU community, you will have to download it from Relay and upload it to another platform, such as illumira or YouTube.

What is the easiest way to share these with my students?

The easiest method is through Canvas using the Rich Text Editor Button. If you do not use Canvas, each video does have a “Share” option that helps you send a link.

Is there a way to integrate quizzes during or after a video that counts towards the Gradebook?

Yes! You may read more about how to integrate quizzes with grades on in this TechSmith tutorial.

What will happen to everything I recorded using the old version of Relay?

All recordings using the old version of Relay will stay where you sent them (illumira, YouTube) unless you choose to move those recordings yourself.

How do I get help in using or learning to use Relay?

For questions or concerns regarding TechSmith Relay please contact:

Looking for Camtasia, or help with Camtasia? Please contact: