LET Web Services for JMU Faculty and Staff


MDID is an image repository used at JMU to discover and present images in a wide variety of learning spaces.


LET's Omeka installations provide virtual space for the curation of digital object collections and exhibits related to the mission of JMU that have the potential for lasting value to scholarly communities. For example, JMU Special Collections.


LET's WordPress services provide space for faculty and staff to create academic sites related to JMU's mission. LET offers consultation support for WordPress sites with instructional purposes. In Fall 2017 we are piloting CampusPress, a third-party hosted WordPress platform (http://sites.lib.jmu.edu). The pilot will help us learn about the platform to inform a fuller rollout in 2018. We also continue to maintain our local WordPress installation, http://sites.jmu.edu

Video Management Services

LET maintains several options for hosting instructional video content for JMU faculty and staff, including NJVID and Canvas. Read more about these on our Video Management Services web site.


User-Contributed Content Policies

Related Services

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Innovation Services Using technology as part of a course or digital project.
Liaison Librarians Provide instruction and consultations on finding, evaluating, and ethically using information.
Digital Preservation Projects with an ongoing lifecycle.
Copyright Coordinator Fair use and copyright.
Metadata Strategies Describing your digital projects and digital objects.
LETSupport@jmu.edu Technical support.