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Acker Family Diaries, 1880-1905.
SC 2050. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1 Hol. box.
Agricultural and daily life diaries of father Isaac and son David Acker, farmers near Broadway. Indexes available through Eastern Mennonite University.

Affidavits for Ardent Spirits Collection, 1916-1917.
SC 2035. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1 Hol. box.
Affidavits of monthly alcohol inventories in business establishments.

American Association of University Women (AAUW) Collection, 1929-2011.

SC 5036. Harrisonburg, VA; 12.5 linear feet.

Important papers and other documents of the Harrisonburg Branch of the American Association of University Women spanning from 1929 to 2011, as well as a few additional papers from other VA branches of the AAUW.

Antarctica Meteorite Expedition Exhibit Materials, 1984-1985.

SC 5050. Anartica; 1 Half Hol. box.

Pictures and journal entries that were displayed for a library exhibit on a faculty geology expedition.

*JMU Faculty Papers* Thomas H. Arthur Papers, 1921-1982, and undated.
SC 2023. 1 Hol. box.
Letters, notes, copies of programs, & other materials relevant to JMU faculty member Arthur's work on See You At The Movies: The Autobiography of Melvyn Douglas (1986).

Turner Ashby Letters, 1852-1863.
SC 2087. VA; 3 folders.
Petition, two photographs of T.A. portraits, and 28 letters among Ashby family members.

Avtex Fibers, Inc. Newsclippings, 1989-1999.
SC 4017. VA; 1 folder.
Newsclippings on attempts to clean up Superfund toxic site on Shenandoah River.

Michael Baker Estate Papers, 1810-1839.
SC 2100. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1 folders.
Receipts, legal notes, correspondence, and the sale bill of the Michael Baker estate.

*JMU Alum Papers* Dorothy Lee Baugher Papers, 1936-2003 (bulk 1975-1981) .
SC 3017. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1.25 Hol. box.
Newspaper clippings, poetry, fiction and non-fiction writings, and drawings produced by JMU alumna Dorothy Lee Baugher.  Also includes correspondence, receipts, programs, and notes.

Bethlehem Stone Church Records, 1844-2011.

SC 5037. Tenth Legion, VA; 47 pdf files; 1.08 GB.

The Bethlehem Stone Church Records is a digital collection of 47 pdf files that contains digitized images of church records and documents relating to the church and church history from its inception in 1844 through 2011.

Biology Department, 1930-1998.
SC 5038. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University;1 1/2 Hol. box and 1 flat box.
The contents of a Biology Department scrapbook from the 1980s and 1990s, along with two pictures.

Bowman Family Papers, 1765-1998.
SC 4019. Rockingham Cty., VA; 3 folders.
Deeds, financial records, and wills relevant to the John Bowman family, and subscription rolls for a new Rader's Church, 1878-79.

Sam Bowman Papers, 1845-1967 (bulk 1941-1967).
SC 3092. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1 Hol. box.
Ledgers and misc. materials documenting a family dairy farm.

William H. Bowman Collection, 1856-1897.
SC 2020. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1/2 Hol. box.
Bills, receipts, and legal documents showing Bowman's work as Treasurer of Undine Lodge and Justice of the Peace.

Virginia Wise Breen Collection, 1842-1863.
SC 2084. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1 folder.
Three items: 1842 letter from C. Freeman in TN concerning price of cattle; 1861 letter from M. Flook at Camp Guin [?]; 1863 exemption from duty due to substitute J. Breen.

Bridgewater Voter Roll, 1910-1948. 
SC 3013Bridgewater, VA; 1 bound vol.
Alphabetical handwritten ledger listing white male voters.

Bridgewater Women Voters Roll; 1920-1951 (bulk 1922-1948).

SC 3016.  Bridgewater, VA; 1 bd. vol.

Alphabetical handwritten ledger listing white women voters.

Brown Family Collection, 1872-1919.
SC 1751. Bridgewater, VA; 32 items in 3 folders; .21 linear feet.
Consists of correspondence and other materials pertaining to the Brown Family of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Also included are photographs, printing blocks, and a typescript copy of Johannes Braun's 1818 "Treatise on slavery and serfdom."Johannes Braun or John Brown, born 1771 in Germany and later settling in the Shenandoah Valley, became the leading minister of the German Reformed Church in VA.

Margaret B. Burruss Collection, 1786-1912 (bulk 1861-1865).
SC 2097. VA; 2 1/2 Hol. boxes.
Civil War letters (with transcriptions) between Reuben A. Scott (10th Reg. VA Inf.) and his fiancee/wife Mary C. Saufley, both of Port Republic. Also items of Scott, Saufley, and related family history.

*JMU Alum Papers* Elizabeth Arrena Carroll Scrapbook, 1921-1925. 
SC 5011.  Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 1/2 Hollinger box.
  One scrapbook compiled during Miss Carroll's enrollment in professional courses at the State Normal School for Women in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Centennial Dukes Scrapbook, 2004-2005.

SC 5057. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 lage Hollinger Box; 1.7 linear feet.

Scrapbook that gathers all of the main aspects of the freshman year of the class of 2008. This project was part of the James Madison Centennial Celebration.

Oliver H. Chalker Collection, 1864.
SC 2082. VA; 1 folder.
Two letters: one from Jim Wommack at Camp near Orange C.H.; second from R.A. Wommack at Camp Ramsaur [?].

*JMU Faculty Papers*J. Wilbert and Ellen A. Chappell Collection, 1946-1978 (bulk 1975).
SC 5022. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University;
3 folders.

Materials pertaining to Dr. and Mrs. Chappell's time at Madison College primarily comprised of congratulatory letters addressed to Dr. Chappell upon his retirement and programs from the Faculty Wives Sewing Circle.

Chesapeake Western Railway Co. Records, 1928-1982.
SC 4010. Shenandoah Valley;
9.5 Hollinger boxes, 12 record storage boxes, 1 rolled storage box, 5 flat boxes and 8 oversize Hollinger boxes;29.3 linear feet.

Records pertaining to the administrative and business activities of a small Shenandoah Valley railroad through the period of America's Great Depression and up to the CW's eventual acquisition by the Norfolk Southern Railway Corporation.

*JMU Alum Papers* Betty Coe Cinquegrana Papers, 1960-2014. 
SC 0030. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 1 Hollinger box, 1 oversize box.
Materials, including ephemera, relating to Cinquegrana's time as a student at Louisa County High School and Madison College, and her life after graduation. Included are documents pertaining to the Betty Coe '64 and Paul J. Cinquegrana Scholarship, established in the mid-2000s.

Civil War Miscellaneous Collection, 1860-1965.
SC 3050. Various locations; 1 & 1/2 Hol. box.
Misc. primary documents include muster rolls of Union regiments in IL, NH, convalescents in VA and Capt. G.A. Foster's Co. E, 20th Reg. of U.S. Colored Infantry; local items incl. notes by historian John Wayland, lists of companies organized in Rockingham Cty., & letters on a Confederate Monument in Harrisonburg; & misc. pamphlets.

Debra S. Clatterbuck Collection, 1861-1866.
SC 2083. Pendleton Cty., WV; 1 folder.
Three documents relevant to settling the estate of Michael Henkle, incl. sale of slaves.

Ralph Cohen Ephemera Collection, 1934-1996.
SC 5025. Various locations; 1 Hol. box.
Comprised of an assortment of reprints of articles by various authors that are embellished with an inscription to Cohen from the author. Also included is a rare copy of a speech Cohen gave at the University of Utah in 1961 as well as the original manuscript for his The Unfolding of “The Seasons:” A Study of James Thomson’s Poem.

Common Ground Collection, 1984-2003.
SC 3019. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 Hol. box.
Newsletters distributed by former Harrisonburg peace and justice organization, Common Ground.  Also includes correspondence, miscellaneous resource material, and photographs.

John V. Coxe Papers, 1933-1987.
SC 3098. Shenandoah National Park, VA; 3 folders.
Scrapbook of photos and clippings documenting Civilian Conservation Corp Camp 3, Company 1387, in Shenandoah National Park, 1933-34.

Credit Women International Collection, 1984-1989.

SC 5060. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 Hollinger Box.

The Credit Women International was an organization in which women who were involved in a credit union could join. Materials present in this collection are taken from two scrap books donated to Special Collections. This includes newsletters, photographs, flyers and articles about the organization.

Elizabeth "Libby" Custer Collection c.1930s-1997.

SC 2002. Hinton, VA; 1/2 Hollinger box.

Consists of business and personal records relating to the Custer family business, Virginia Valley Processors, Inc. Digitized images also available in Special Collections.

Peyton Dagg Ledger, 1871-1896.

SC 5040. Cross Keys, VA; 1 Half Hollinger box.

Business transactions of a local tailor, along with personal notes on remedies and manners.

*JMU Alum Papers* Linda Lee Nichols Daniels Papers, 1957-1959.

SC 5010.  Harrisonburg, VA; James Madison University, 1 folder.

Programs, play scripts, images.

Daughters of the American Revolution, Virginia, Massanutten Chapter Collection, 1885-2005 (bulk 1970s-1980s).
SC 2001. Rockingham Cty, VA; 4 Hol. boxes & 1 Oversize Hol. box; 2.6 linear feet.
Consists of official papers of the Chapter: minutes, reports, yearbooks, and a small number of correspondence and subject files. Also included are 4 scrapbooks of clippings and notes.

Davis & Associates Architectural Drawing Collection, 1925-1985 (bulk 1954-1985).

SC 5034. Shenandoah Valley, VA; 45 flat folders, 44 rolled storage boxes, and 1 flat storage box.

Approximately 9,580 architectural drawings and project records pertaining to the design and construction of structures for James Madison University and other buildings located in Harrisonburg, as well as Rockingham, Augusta, Shenandoah, and Page Counties. The architects D'Earcy P. Davis Jr. and Clyde E. McClintock completed these drawings between 1954 and 1985.

Ernest M. Dickerman Papers, 1969-1995.
SC 3085. Western VA; 2 records stor. boxes.
Files of the VA Wilderness Committee, a grass roots group advocating wilderness designation according to the 1964 Wilderness Act, of which Dickerman was president 1976-79 and guiding spirit for many years before and after.

Dudley-Rexrode Collection, 1873-1998.

SC 5039. Augusta County, VA; 3 Hollinger boxes; 1.5 linear ft.

Personal papers, photographs, and ledgers relating to the Dudley and Rexrode families.

*JMU Alum Papers*  Mary Spitzer Etter Papers, 1924-1976 (bulk 1969).
SC 5012.  Harrisonburg, VA: James Madison University, 1 Holl. box.
Contains correspondence, minutes, and accounting records that document Mary Spitzer Etter's (1934) work for  the James Madison University Alumni Association.

Sarah Maria Everett Collection on James Madison, 1816-1907
SC 5047. 1 Flat box.
Boston Gazette from December 9, 1816 and a 1907 printed portrait of President James Madison.

*JMU Alum Papers* Virginia Elizabeth Tisdale Fenlon Collection, 1925-1934.

SC 4058. Harrisonburg, VA: James Madison University; 1 legal sized Hollinger box.

Consists of one scrapbook compiled while attending State Teachers College in Harrisonburg, VA, and one folder containing photographs of Virginia from childhood and while attending HSTC.

Brian Flota Comic Book Collection, 1952-1999.
SC 0032. VA; 12 boxes; 7.84 linear feet.
Consists of 7.84 linear feet of over 1,900 comic books and a few other pop culture publications from the mid to late 20th century.

John J. Forrer Papers, 1939.
SC 1760. VA; 1 folder.
Manuscript entitled, "Maintenance of Colonial Roads in VA," and notes. Forrer was maintenance engineer, VA Dept. of Highways.

Fulks Run Ruritan Club Records, 1958-2008.
SC 5020. Fulks Run, VA. Two record center boxes, 2.02 linear feet.
Consists of meeting minutes, rosters, community service reports, treasurer notes, receipts, correspondence, and handbooks documenting the organization.

Marianne L. Garber Collection, 1780-1899.
SC 3066. Rockingham, Shenandoah Counties, VA; 3 folders.
Land deeds & misc. legal & business documents; daily farm journal (some gaps), 1847-1861.

Clarence R.  Geier Bank Ledger, 1910-1915.
SC 3096.  Harrisonburg-Rockingham Cty., VA; One large ledger of monetary entries, variously named "Mt. Solon Bank" and "Peoples Bank, Harrisonburg, VA." 

Edward M. Glick Papers, 1951-1960.
SC 3070. 1 folder and 2 paperback books.
18 speeches written for members of the Truman and Eisenhower presidential administrations.

John H. Grabill Collection, 1817-1981 (bulk 1894-1922).
SC 3018. 1/2 Hollinger box, 8 folders; .21 linear feet.
Business documents, personal correspondence, and ephemera relating to John H. Grabill, the Grabill family of Shenandoah County, and the Shenandoah Herald.

*JMU Alum Papers*Mary Margaret Hall Papers, 1959-1963.
SC 5009.  Harrisonburg, VA; James Madison University; 1 folder.
Madison College related letters and receipts, class schedules, programs and laboratory directions.

John T. Harris Papers, 1771-1937 (bulk 1850-1900).
SC 2025. Harrisonburg, VA; 7 Hol. boxes, 2 oversize folders; 2.95 linear feet.
Personal and political documents relevant to the life and career of John T. Harris.  The bulk of the collection is comprised of letters of John T. Harris and his family, and of Peyton Randolph and his family. Several letters discuss Southern secession and the American Civil War. Also included are Randolph family letters, James Clarkson Papers, Civil War documents and Harris genealogy.

*JMU Alum Papers* Marian Colton Smith Harris Papers, 1932-1938.
SC 5008.  Harrisonburg, VA:  James Madison University; 1 folder.
Contains memorabilia from the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg including letters, a teaching contract, application for teaching, and photographs. 

Harrisonburg Historic Maps, 1867-1973.
MAP 9000.  Harrisonburg, VA; 381 items, 20 Map Folders, one .5 Hollinger Box, one oversized box.

The Harrisonburg Historic Maps Collection, 1867-1973 consists of 381 items including blueprints, drawings and corresponding paperwork created by the City of Harrisonburg.  These items present proposed road improvements, sewer and water lines, bridge plans, land exchanges and sub-divisions added to the city. 

Harrisonburg Town Council Minutes, 1849-1859.
SC 4048.  Harrisonburg, VA; 1 CD-ROM.

Contains several files: images of the ledger, transcription of the first year of incorporation (1849-1850), and a May 1, 2007 press release describing the digital project.

Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Day Care Center. Records, 1969-1991.
SC 3055. Rockingham Cty., VA; 2 Hol. boxes.
Minutes, by-laws, and other office records and history of one of the first community day care facilities in the area.

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historic Properties Collection, 1989-2006.
SC 5016. Harrisonburg, VA; 2.8 linear feet; 3 Hollinger boxes and 1 oversized box.
National Register of Historic Places nomination forms and supporting documents; maps, floor plans and images for properties in the vicinity of Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg generated by students in James Madison University's Historic Preservation class.

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society. Collection.
SC 2095. Central Shenandoah Valley; 1740-1950. 5 Hol. boxes & 1 Flat box.
Wide variety of legal, business, school, and church records; also personal papers. Organized into Legal/Governmental, Business/Institutional, and Family series.

Dale F. Harter Collection of Undocumented Deeds: An Exhibit on the History of Harrisonburg's African-American Community,, 1930-1985.
SC 2085. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 folder.
Photocopies of news clippings, school reunion programs, portions of church histories, scrapbooks, newsletters, photos, etc. used in the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society's 1991 exhibit on African-Americans in Harrisonburg.

John L. Heatwole Collection, 1802-1901.
SC 2040. Central Shenandoah Valley; 2 folders.
Misc. documents that by virtue of signer, letterhead, printer, location or some other characteristic have significance for Shenandoah Valley history.

John L. Heatwole Personal Papers, 1973-1995.
SC 2075. Rockingham Cty. VA; 2 half Hol. boxes & 1 Flat box.
Diaries, incoming letters, and business documents relevant to Heatwole's work as a sculptor of Shenandoah Valley folk themes.

Hedrick Family Collection, 1856-1959.
SC 4043. Rockingham Cty. VA. 2.09 linear feet; 1/2 Hol. box; 6 folders.
Correspondence and business papers documenting the Hedrick family, which has been part of the Elkton community for generations.

Jacob Heischman Daybook, 1879-1880.
SC 2006. Shenandoah Cty, VA. 1 bound daybook.

Daily entries by purchaser of groceries and general merchandise from Heischman's Mount Clifton, Virginia, general store from March 3, 1879 to March 30, 1880.

Henkel Family Papers, 1783-1969.
SC 2065. Shenandoah Cty. VA; 2 Hol. boxes & 1 Flat box.
Letters, business and religious documents, and family history materials of Paul, Ambrose, Socrates and other Henkel family members; newspapers and advertisements printed by Henkel Press.

Historic Manuscript Collection, 1250-1584.
SC 2007. 16 items; 1.88 linear feet.
Consists of sixteen leaves that had been part of various bound volumes created in Europe at different times from the Medieval to the Modern periods. Six of the leaves are examples of early printing techniques and ten are manuscripts created by the Catholic Church before 1600. The items are housed in one 1/2 Hollinger box and one oversize flat box.

History Harvest Collection, 1880-2012.

SC 5030. 605 digital scans. 20.63 GB of data.

Under the direction of Dr. Andrew Witmer, students in the Spring 2012 Introduction to U.S. Religious History Class worked to compile a digital collection of local religious artifacts. The class hosted a "History Harvest" in which local community members brought in items of religious significance to be digitized and shared with the community via JMU Libraries.

Houck Tannery Records.
See McHone Brothers (LLC) Collection of Houck Tannery Records, SC 4044

Hoak Ledger, 1794-1855.  
SC 4023.  Page Cty ?, VA; 1 folder. 
One ledger, mostly in German script.

Christine Hoepfner Collection, 1911-2000.
SC 4042.  Shenandoah National Park, VA;  1 1/2 Hol. boxes.
Photocopies of letters, reports, and news stories, mostly from the National Archives and the Shenandoah National Park Archives, that deal with the removal of families from the Park.

Mr. & Mrs. James Hoover Collection, 1770-1963.
SC 2062. Page Cty., VA; 2 Hol. boxes & 1 Oversize folder.
Business and legal documents, genealogy, and letters of the Strickler family, one of the first to settle Page County. Incl. Civil War letters from 10th VA Reg., letters on mining in the West, and items relevant to Reuben T., Joseph, Joseph T., and two Mary Stricklers. See also Milbourne, L.R. Letters. SC# 2088.

Iron Foundry Ledger, 1797-1798.  
SC 4036.  Shenandoah Cty., VA.  1/2 Hol. box.
Photocopy of a ledger believed to be from one of the iron foundries along Smith Creek near New Market, VA., dated 1797-1798.   

*JMU Faculty Papers*Marie H. Jenkins Papers, 1963-1974.
SC 5001. Harrisonburg, VA; 5 Hol. boxes.
Materials documenting Dr. Jenkin's pioneering research on planarians, mostly at JMU, & correspondence.

JMU Sports Posters Collection, 1976-2000.

SC 5033. Harrisonburg, VA; 13 large folders.

Contains posters, mainly from the 1990s, advertising sports events for that school year, as well as an advertising poster for the JMU UREC facility.

*JMU Papers* Nancy B. Jones Collection, 1909-2000 (bulk 1993-2000).
SC 5013.  Harrisonburg, VA; 1/2 Hol. box.
Responses to requests for memories for Jones' history of JMU, published 2004.  Also contains letters and images.  

Mary Jordan Diary, 1879.
SC 4025.  Harrisonburg, VA; 1 item.
Diary documents daily life.   

Kurt Kehr Collection, 1969-1994.
SC 5028. Shenandoah Valley; 1 and 1/2 Hollinger boxes.
This collection contains 24 CDs, 18 tapes, and 11 articles resulting from Dr. Kehr’s scholarship on the development and distribution of German dialects among various groups in Virginia and West Virginia.

William H. Keister Collection, 1923-1955 (bulk 1941).
SC 3015. Harrisonburg, VA; 1/2 Hol. box.
Letters of appreciation for Wm. Keister's fifty years of service in the Harrisonburg school system, loose correspondence, and miscellany.

*JMU Alum Papers* Alice Virginia Kellam Scrapbook, 1923-1925. 
SC 5004.  Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 1/2 Hollinger box.  One scrapbook compiled during Miss Kellam's enrollment in professional courses at the State Normal School for Women in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

George W. Kemper, Jr. Medical Ledger, 1857-1892 (bulk 1861-1868).
SC 3093. Rockingham Cty, VA; 2 folders.
Entries by name with brief notations (little direct mention of Civil War).

Lanier Garden Club Records, 1955-1989.
SC  2080. Harrisonburg, VA; 3 Flat boxes.
Ten scrapbooks of clippings, photos, programs.

*JMU Alum Papers* Emily Lee Papers, 1943-2001. 
SC 5007.  Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 2 Hol. boxes.
Documents Emily Lewis Lee's work with JMU Alumni Assoc. and Board of Visitors, including reunions of class of 1943, class gift of University mace, appointments and awards.

Liskey Collection of Heavner Family Papers, 1797-1967.
SC 5006.  1 Hollinger box; .44 linear feet.
Personal correspondence, business and personal financial records, and various other items pertaining to the William Heavner family, documented through the maternal side.  Names include Aubrey, Breneman, Liskey, Hughes, Brake, Dove, Hess, and Trumbo.


Libraries & Educational Technologies Records, 1939-2014.
UA 0008. 23 letter Hollinger boxes, 3 legal Hollinger boxes, 1 oversized flat box, 1 map folder; 19 linear feet
The Library & Educational Technology (L&ET) Records contain the administrative records for JMU Libraries & Educational Technologies from 1939-2014. In addition to administrative records, this collection also contains historical items relating to the history of the library.

W.E. Long & Sons General Store Collection, 1865-1971.

SC 5044. Rockingham County, VA; 7 Hollinger Boxes, 3.25 linear feet.     
The W.E. Long & Sons General Store Collection, 1865-1971, consists of seven boxes pertaining to the business at W. E. Long & Sons General Store. The collection is arranged into six series: 1.) Invoices, Advertisements, and Correspondence. 2.) Purchases and Orders. 3.) Bank Ledgers, Expenses, and Sales. 4.) Long's Stores Account Books. 5.) Long's Store Records. 6.) Mt. Clinton Post Office Records.

Lumber Ledgers, 1883-1890.
SC 2090. Central Shenandoah Valley; 1883-1890. 2 small ledgers.
Documents a small sawmill and tanbark peeling operation.

James Madison Memorabilia, 1796-1951.
SC 2099. VA; 1 Hol. box & 1 Flat box.
Misc. items alleged to be related to James Madison; none of James Madison's papers are included.

George W. Manley Collection, 1707-1953.
SC 2010. Augusta, Franklin Counties, VA; Marion Cty, WV. 1 Hol. box & 1 Flat box.
arious documents pertaining to the Manley family's personal, genealogical, and business papers, covering several Virginia and West Virginia counties.  Included in the collection are letters written by family members and an assortment of legal papers detailing taxes and land deeds.

George C. Marshall High School Evaluating Committee Collection, 1965-1966.

SC 5048. Fairfax, VA; 1 Half Hol. box.

Support materials for the committee doing the evaluation of George C. Marshall High School in 1965-66.

Mathematical Practice Books, ca. 1781-1853; 1869.
SC 4046.  Harrisonburg, Rockingham Cty., VA. Two bound volumes.
Contains handwritten mathematical problems on weights, measures, interest, discounts, barter, loss and gain, and other practical accountancy problems.  Appear to have been used by the Harrison family.

George E. May Papers, c.1930s.

SC 2055. Port Repubic, VA; 1 HOl. box.

Typescript and autograph materials on the history of Port Republic in 31 chapters.

Eleanor McCartney Collection, 1891-1892.

SC 5042. Winchester, VA. 1 Hollinger box; 2 folders.

Contains recipes, a postcard, a small notebook, and the diary of Eleanor McCartney.

McHone Brothers (LLC) Collection of Houck Tannery Records, 1870-1913.
SC 4044.  Harrisonburg, VA;  6 record storage boxes, 1 Hollinger box, and 1 oversized flat box; 8.5 linear feet.
This collection documents the operations of the Houck Tannery and the J.P. Houck Store in Harrisonburg, Virginia, from 1870-1913, chiefly from 1890 to 1913.  The collection contains:  account ledgers, registries, correspondence, and financial and transportation documents that record this turn of the century industry.

McPheeters, Harper, and Swartzle Collection, 1849-1875.  
SC 4021.  Augusta County, VA; 3 documents.
VA Central Agricultural Society certificate; inventory of deceased person; article of agreement concerning farming.

Middle Ground Institute Collection, 1861-1897.
SC 3068. Page County, VA; 3 folders.
Typescripts of Civil War and other letters, and a published slave narrative.

L. R. Milbourne Letters, 1886-1906.
SC 2088. Luray, VA; 1 folder.
Letters from preacher Milbourne to fiancée Virginia Strickler, and Strickler's wardrobe expense book. Supplements Strickler family materials in Mr. & Mrs. James Hoover Collection. SC# 2062

 *JMU Alum Papers* Betty Clougherty Miller Papers, 1945-2000.

SC 5010.5.  Harrisonburg, VA; James Madison University.

Alumni Reunions 1995, 2000, German Cotillion, 1945.

Don C. Miller Collection, 1795-1799. 
SC 4049.  New Market, VA; Digital images of 1 bound volume. 
Consists of digital images of one ledger from the Pine Forge / Pennybacker iron furnace near New Market, VA.

Gordon W. Miller Collection, 1787-2005. 
SC 5014.  Bridgewater, VA; 2/3s of 1 records storage box.
An original publication and research materials documenting Gabriel T. Barbee's influence in the Virginia Farmers' Alliance, 1887-1894. 

Mrs. John Miller Collection, 1791-1873.
SC 2061. New Market, VA; 1 folder.
Photocopies of 1791 plat, 1806 resurvey of Palsel plat, 1873 map, all of New Market.

Milling Company Daybook, 1891.
SC 2081. Woodstock, VA.

Daily entries by name for "elect," "bran," "champ," as well as "fert," "coal," and other goods.

Miscellaneous Historical Newspapers Collection, 1788-1828.
SC NEWS. 1 newspaper box.

Contains twelve newspaper issues from nine Early American newspapers.

*JMU Faculty Papers*Geoffrey Morley-Mower Collection, 1999-2001.

SC 5015. Harrisonburg, VA.

Final draft of Flying Blind and correspondence with illustrator, Richard K. McNealy.

*JMU Faculty Papers* Lee Morrison Collection 1941-2011.

SC 5041. Harrisonburg, VA; 2 Boxes, 48 Folders.

Dr. Lonnie "Lee" Leotus Morrison was a professor, coach, and administrator at Madison College. She dedicated her career to promoting gender equality in collegiate athletics. Included in this collection are materials from numerous conferences, speeches, diplomas and awards, photos, reports on women's ossues in sport and  education, and personal reflections.

Mt. Clinton Telephone Company Ledger, 1916-1952.
SC 3038.  Mt. Clinton, VA.
Contains names with assessed and paid amounts for people who had telephone service. Also includes notes on who shared lines and owned stock.

Virginia Hisey Myers Collection, 1894-1900.
SC 2068. Shenandoah Cty, VA; 2 Hol. boxes.
Ledgers from L. M. Hisey & Co. and Wightman & Hisey, dealers in farm products and implements.

Network for Peace and Justice Collection, 1983-1987.
SC 3020. Harrisonburg, VA; 3 folders.
Newsletters from Network for Peace and Justice.

New Market Climate Data, 1902-1920.
SC 3067. New Market, VA; 1 folder.
One small notebook noting temperature and occasional other weather details.

New Market Ledger, 1879-1891.
SC 3094. New Market, VA; 1 ledger.
Unidentified general store.

New Market Poll Books, 1873-1879.
SC 2089. New Market, VA; 1 folder.
Bound books contain oaths of judges and clerks and signatures of electors in Lee Magisterial District.

Charles Triplett O'Ferrall Collection, 1870-1893.

SC 2015. Harrisonburg, VA; 1/2 Hol. and 1 Flat box.
Mostly personal and legal letters to Judge O'Ferrall when he resided in Harrisonburg, VA, before being elected Gov. Also small amount of misc. legal and financial documents.

*JMU Alum Papers* Delphine Hurst Parsons Papers, 1923-1976 (bulk 1923-1931).
SC 0012. Harrisonburg, VA, James Madison University; 2 Hollinger boxes, 1 half-Hollinger box, 3 oversize boxes.
Correspondence, paper ephemera, annotated yearbooks, and memorabilia belonging to Delphine Hurst Parsons from her time as a student at Maury High School in Norfolk, Virginia and the State Teachers College at Harrisonburg.

Plains District, Rockingham County School Ledger, 1886-1892.
SC 4041.  Rockingham Cty, VA.  1 bound ledger, 15” x 9 ¾”.
Contains daily and term records of attendance listing pupils by name, sex, age, and pursued subject studies with lists of textbooks and authors in addition to a brief visitors’ log for Plains District School(s).

Project Concern, Inc. Records, 1969-1982.

SC 4011. Rockingham Cty, VA; 9 Hollinger Boxes.

The records and documentation of Project Concern, Inc., including minutes, projects and programs, as well as information on local transactions and relationships with other organizations.

Recipe Book, 1855.
SC 4035.  Rockingham Cty., VA; 1 item.
A book of handwritten recipes for breads, cakes, puddings, pickles, and other foods. 

Margaret Reed Collection, 1902-1914.

SC 2041.  Various locations; 1 legal-sized folder.

Contains a handwritten letter from Charles T. O'Ferrall to Mary "Mayme" Clarke Robinson, typed transcript of letter, and a photocopy of Mayme Clarke Robinson's DAR application.

*JMU Faculty Papers* James Rex Riley Papers, 1970-1985.
SC 5003. Various locations; 1 1/2 Hol. boxes and 3 Flat boxes.
Manuscripts and recordings of Dr. Riley's musical compositions, many done while he was a faculty member at JMU (1981-1987).

Patricia Turner Ritchie Collection on Brocks Gap, 1750-1990s.
SC 3088. Rockingham Cty. VA; 2 and 1/2 Hol. boxes.
Photocopies of deeds, wills, surveys, patents, road agreements, accounts, letters, etc. compiled by P.T. Ritchie. Incl. annotated indexes.

Rockingham County Circuit Court Receipts, 1875-1882.
SC 3086. Rockingham Cty. VA; 4.5 inches.
Receipts for "order and continuance" and other court fees.

Rockingham County Ledger, 1878-1892.

SC 5045. Rockingham Cty. VA; 1 folder, 1 ledger.

A ledger containing the accounts of livestock companies in Rockingham County.

Rockingham County Legal Documents Collection, 1866-1935.
SC 4039.  Rockingham County, VA; 40 documents, 1 folder.
Deeds, surveys, wills, etc. pertaining to farmland near Keezletown. 

Rockingham Public Library. Collection, 1767-1873.
SC 3060. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1 Hol. box.
Mostly legal materials documenting early governance of the county.

Rockingham Union Lodge No. 27 A.F. & A.M. Collection, 1847-1905.
SC 4052. Rockingham Cty., VA; 1 Flat box.
Consists of photocopies and digital images of materials removed from the cornerstone of Rockingham Union Lodge No. 27 located at 114 South Main Street, Harrisonburg, on November 28, 2006.

*JMU Alum Papers* V. Inez Graybeal Roop Collection, 1913-2005.
SC 5005.  Harrisonburg, VA; James Madison University, 4 Holl boxes.
Correspondence, programs, photos, & other materials documenting the services that Mrs. Roop, a 1935 alumna, has performed for JMU.

*JMU Alum Papers* Iris Alina Ruiz Collection, 1939-1942.

SC 5051. Harrisonburg, VA; James Madison University; 1 Holl. box, 1 flat box.

Materials pertainin gto Iris Alina Ruiz during her years as a student at Madison College from 1939-1942.

*JMU Faculty Papers*John A. Sawhill Collection, 1756-1848.
SC 1765.  VA; 1 folder.
Contains seven miscellaneous documents of American and British origin, including VA land grants and commissions; two issues of the London Whitehall Evening Post.

George W.W. Scothern Daybooks, 1905-1909.
SC 3071. Shenandoah County, VA; 2 ledgers.
One ledger is a photographer's account record; second lists general merchandise.

Samuel Shacklett Store Daybooks, 1845-1866. 
SC 4040.  Harrisonburg, VA.
Three daybooks documenting purchases of a wide range of materials.  

Shenandoah County Mill Ledger, 1869-1944. 
SC 4053.  Shenandoah County, VA.
Account ledger documents the business transactions of a Shenandoah County grist or sawmill.  It may be Manor Mill or another mill west of New Market, perhaps near Quicksburg, on the Shenandoah River.  

Shenandoah Local History Collection, 1791-1900.

SC 5055. Shenanddoah Valley; 1 flat box.

This collection contains many different documents pertaining to the local history of the Shenandoah Valley during the nineteenth century. There are photos, land grants, family papers, church meeting minutes, and autograph albums.

Shenandoah Valley Legal Documents, 1751-1965.

SC 4051.  Central Shenandoah Valley; 1/2 Hol. box. 

Legal documents, primarily deeds pertaining to the Riddel Family in Rockingham County.  Also includes Plains District real estate tax receipts.

Shenandoah Valley Miscellaneous Ledgers, Minute Books, and Registers, 1804-1933 (bulk 1820s-1890s).
SC 2005. Central Shenandoah Valley; 41 ledgers; 6 Hol. boxes, 3 oversize manuscript boxes, and 1 flat item; 4.6 linear feet.

The Shenandoah Valley Miscellaneous Ledgers, Minute Books and Registers collection, 1804-1933, is comprised of an assortment of bound record books from various organizations and individuals, documenting a variety of agricultural, social, commercial, and educational endeavors in Harrisonburg and surrounding counties in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar Collection, 1995-2009.
SC 5027. Shenandoah Valley; 7 Hol. boxes, 3 linear feet.

Administrative records and papers by scholars for the monthly presentations of the Shenandoah Valley Regional Studies Seminar.

Henry Smals Papers, 1871-1891.
SC 2059. Bridgewater, VA; 1 1/2 Hol. boxes and 1 Flat box.
18 diaries of small town news and activities. A partial index and a list of highlights provide some access.

*JMU Faculty Papers* Elmer L.  Smith Collection, undated (20th century).
SC 4038.  Shenandoah Valley, VA; undated (20th century). 6 folders.
Contains handwritten and typed notes on folk healing, conjuring, ghosts, superstitions, and other aspects of Shenandoah Valley folklore.

Snell Grocery and Hardware Company Ledger, 1913-1916.
SC 5017.  Harrisonburg, VA.
One 10 3/4" x 16" x 2 1/4" account ledger for Snell Grocery and Hardware Company in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Snyder Ledger Collection, 1853-1865.
SC 5026.  Augusta, VA.
Snyder Ledger Collection consists of two ledgers that document the business transactions of John Snyder, a blacksmith living in the area of Augusta County.

Sons of Confederate Veterans Collection, 1896-1964.
SC 3040. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 Hol. box.
Misc. items from national and state headquarters; membership and other records from D.H. Lee Martz Camp 10 in Harrisonburg; membership applications; annual reports of other camps in VA.

Sons of Temperance of North America, Virginia, Marshall Division, No. 3 Minute Book, 1844-1848.
SC 2004 (formerly HV 5314.H377 S63). Harrisonburg, VA;  1 bound volume.
The collection consists of one minute book of the Sons of Temperance of the State of Virginia, Marshall Division No. 3, including the division's constitution, meeting minutes, and brief financial reports.

Charles Spitzer Letters, 1833-1886.
SC 3065. New Market, VA; 1 folder.
Mostly letters among members of Spitzer family, dealing with day to day matters; two deal with gunsmith business.

Spotswood Garden Club. Papers, 1926-1995.
SC 3090. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 records box.
Minutes and history of the club, which promoted conservation of and beautification through flowers and trees.

Staunton Academy Collection, 1808-1828.
SC 1758. Staunton, VA; 1 folder; 10 items.
The collection consists primarily of minutes from the board of trustees' meeting of the Staunton Academy as well as correspondence and issues addressed at said meetings.

*JMU Faculty Papers* John G. Stewart Collection, 1761-2002.
SC 4016. Rockingham Cty. VA and Pendleton Cty, VA; 5 Hol. boxes; 2.09 linear feet.
Research materials and topical files, in English and German, pertaining to Shenandoah Valley folk culture, including recipes, cures for ailments, folklore stories, images, and other traditions gathered and documented by John G. Stewart and Elmer Smith, former professors at Madison College during the 1960s.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Strickler Collection, 1816-1903.
SC 3025. Rockingham Cty. VA; 5 1/2 Hol. boxes and 1 Flat box.
Daybooks and ledgers from the Zigler's family tannery, pottery, saw mill and other businesses in Timberville. Business interests changed over time, with later entries suggesting blacksmithing and farm supplies. Some entries identify African-Americans.

JMU Student Government Association Records, 1915-2015.
UA 0007. Harrisonburg, VA; 29 Hollinger boxes, 2 half-Hollinger boxes, 3 Oversize flat boxes.
The JMU Student Government Association Records consist of 18.03 linear feet of material relating to the activities of the James Madison University's Student Government Association (SGA) from its establishment as the Student Association of the State Normal School for Women at Harrisonburg in 1915 until 2015.

*JMU Alum Papers* Audie Scott Tilghman Papers, 1925-1930.
SC 0011.  Harrisonburg, VA:  James Madison University; 6 folders.
This collection primarily consists of letters from 1927 sent from Audie to her family in Norfolk during her first year at the State Teachers College in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Also contains bills, a student handbook, and various ephemera from 1925-1930.

Leri M. Thomas Papers, 1935-1995 (bulk 1988-1992).
SC 4015. Central Shenandoah Valley; 1 Hol. box.
Varied documents reflecting relationship between Shenandoah National Park and residents of surrounding counties.

*JMU Faculty Papers* William W. Thomas Papers, 1971-2008.

SC 5058. Harrisonburg, VA; 13 Hol. boxes.

Dr. Thomas’ personal papers extracted from his estate after his death in 2008.

Mary A. Thompson Papers, 1893-1974.
SC 3097. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 Hol. box.
Household finances and small amt. of family, local and church records.

Timberville Farmers Exchange Minute Book, 1919-1929.
SC 5018. 1919-1929. Timberville, VA.
One 8 3/4" x 14" x 1 1/4" minute book and one folder of loose recorded minutes and other insserts, 1919-1929.

Trio Beauty Salon Collection, 1935-2007.
SC 5029. 1935-2007. Harrisonburg, VA; 4 Hol. boxes. Contains various records and mementos related to the Trio Beauty Salon of Harrisonburg, VA including legal and financial documents, record books, and personal documents of the operators of the salon.

United Confederate Veterans. Collection, 1893-1938.
SC 3045. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 Hol. box.
Misc. items from national and state headquarters, and membership and other records from S.B. Gibbons Camp 438, incl. roll of Woodson's Co., McNiell's Partisan Rangers.

United Daughters of the Confederacy. Southern Cross of Honor Documents.
SC 2060. Shenandoah Valley; 1905-1941. 1/2 Hol. box and 1 Oversize folder.
Records and applications of Shenandoah Valley residents who received the Southern Cross of Honor and the Cross of Military Service from the UDC.

United Daughters of the Confederacy. Turner Ashby Chapter. Records, 1896-1991.
SC 3010. Central Shenandoah Valley; 1 Hol. box and 2 Flat boxes.
Mostly membership applications; also charters, programs, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and interviews on Valley history.

U.S. Forest Service. George Washington National Forest. Lost River and Massanutten, 1912-1940.
SC 2086. Frederick, Rockingham, Page, and Shenandoah counties, VA; Hampshire and Hardy counties, WV; 1 folder.
Four reports, on Massanutten and Lost River Working Circles, giving condition and history of portions of the northern part of what is now George Washington National Forest.

U.S. Forest Service. George Washington National Forest. Dry River District, 1917-1994.
SC 3014. Rockingham & Augusta Cties, VA; 1 Hol. box and 12 maps.
Most materials concern fire suppression; also some recreational and historical information.

Valley of Virginia Pen Women Records, 1950-2013.
SC 0025. Shenandoah Valley, VA; 3 Hollinger boxes, 1 half-Hollinger box, 3 oversize Hollinger boxes, 2 flat oversize boxes; 4.1 cubic feet.
Administrative and organization records and scrapbooks of the Valley of Virginia Branch of the National League of American Pen Women.

Varner Family Papers, 1807-1933.
SC 3035. Page Cty. VA; 1 Hol. box.
Personal letters, incl. a few concerning the Civil War; tax receipts and other legal and financial documents; and a small body of papers dealing with the Varner distillery, 1869-1893.

*JMU Alum Papers* Audrey Hatcher Vaughan Papers, 1942-1944.
SC 5021. Harrisonburg, VA; 3 folders, 66 items.

Contains memorabilia and ephemera from Madison College including registration materials, exams, correspondence with WWII servicemen and fellow schoolmates, newspaper clippings, and a silk scarf.

Virginia Craftsmen Ledgers, 1938-1955.

SC 5061. Harrisonburg, VA; 9 Hollinger Boxes; 3.75 linear feet.

The collection consists of the business Ledgers of the Virginia Craftsmen of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Virginia Theatre & New Virginia Theatre. Playbills, 1914-1924.
SC 3011. Harrisonburg, VA; 1 folder.
Nine playbills giving program titles, actors, producers, and local advertisers.

Virginia Wilderness Committee, 1969-2009.

SC 5032. Shenandoah Valley; 5 storage boxes and 56 maps.

The Virginia Wilderness Committee Collection, 1969-2009, is comprised of 2.09 linear feet of documents pertaining to the organization's people, finances, meetings, newsletters, and projects, which include wilderness legislation, preservation, and protection in Virginia's National Forests and other wild areas.

Walton and Walton Collection, 1859-1900.
SC 1755. Woodstock, VA; 1 folder, 47 items.
Consists primarily of client correspondence, notes, summaries of legal cases (including Walton vs. Williams, Allen vs. Walton), and the settlement of the Jacob Dinges Estate of Woodstock, VA. Several documents in this collection involve John Edwin Roller, 1845-1918, lawyer, soldier, lecturer, and antiquarian of Rockingham County.

Wampler Business records, 1918-1972.
SC 5024. Rockingham Cty., VA; 32 boxes.
This collection contains correspondence, reports, photographs, business documents, financial statements, and other documents that relate to the businesses of Charles Wampler Sr. (Wampler Feed and Seed Company) and son, Charles Wampler Jr. (Wampler Food Incorporated).  The collection spans 1918 to 1972 with the majority of the material dated between 1940-1960.

Charles W. Wample, Jr. Collection, 1798-1962.
SC 3095. Rockingham Cty., VA; 5 folders.
Tax and financial receipts, deeds, and letters related to Wampler family; some agricultural notes, especially on poultry raising.

Warden Ledger Collection, 1806-1880.
SC 5023. Hardy County., VA (now West Virginia).
This collection consists of three digital documents; one ledger and two estate appraisal documents from the antebellum and gilded periods of American history.  The ledger documents significant commerce in early antebellum Hardy County, then Virginia (now West Virginia).  The two estate documents are from homes of individuals who lived in Augusta County Virginia.

Margaret Grattan Weaver Collection, 1753-1992.
SC 2030. Rockingham Cty. VA; 1 Hol. box and 1 Oversize folders; 1.76 linear ft.
Materials relevant to local and religious history collected by lawyer and antiquarian John E. Roller, incl. speeches, misc. Civil War documents, notes on catechisms; and genealogy of Roller and Grattan families.

Elizabeth A. Wenger Collection, 1884-1951.
SC 4034.  Dayton, VA.  4 folders.
Letters and postcards to E.A. Wenger from relatives and friends, concerning daily life.  

West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company Logging Photographs, 1927-1931. 
SC 3037.   VA, NC and Unknown locations.  1 folder. of 36 photos.
Photographs of loggers (including African-American and child workers) cutting trees and peeling bark for pulpwood. 

Wise Family Collection, 1787-2012.

SC 0004. Rockingham County; 1/2 Hollinger Box; .21 linear feet.

The Wise Family Collection consists of genealogical records related to the Wise family of Rockingham County, Virginia and information about the Wise family home in Bridgewater, Virginia.

Bettie Hiter Willis Letters, 1864-1942.

SC 5053. Shenandoah Valley, VA; 166 digital scans.

Diaries and letters from a young girl during the Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley along with family members of her descendants.

John W. Wilson Collection, 1766-1963.
SC 3012. Rockingham Cty. VA and nearby counties; 1/2 Hol. box & 1 Oversize folder.
A variety of documents (receipts, deeds, accounts, letters) relating mostly to Jacob Bear, Benjamin Graves, Jacob Sipe, and the Dean (Deane, Deen) and Harnsberger (Hansberger) families.

Wittig Store Ledger, 1886-1889.

SC 5043. Rockingham Cty. VA; 1/2 Hollinger Box & 1 folder of 1 ledger.

This collection contains one ledger with a client list and daily transactions. There are copies made of missing pages and badly discolored pages from the beginning pages.

WLR Foods Digital Records, 1948-2002 (bulk 1984-2000).
SC 2003. Rockingham County. VA; 645 items.
This digital collection contains over 5,000 scanned images representing 645 documents that pertain to the business endeavors, acquisitions, and publications of WLR Foods Incorporated.

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