Virtual Talk from 2020 JMU Libraries Madison Scholar, Yasmeen Shorish

Posted on: June 21, 2021

Yasmeen Shorish was nominated by colleagues for the 2020 JMU Madison Scholar Award from the JMU Division of Academic Affairs. The award recognizes excellence and scholarly achievement in the faculty member’s discipline, and Yasmeen’s nominators described her this way:

“Yasmeen Shorish is a person you want to have in the room….She is a powerhouse who has had a huge impact on my career.” – Nominator

“Yasmeen is one of the most consistent contributors to our field….I cannot say enough good things about Yasmeen and her impact on data practitioners.” – Nominator

“Ms. Shorish also provides a strong, thoughtful voice on many issues in our profession that intersect with equity, inclusion and social justice.” – Nominator

“I have learned a tremendous amount from her, and I continue to seek her opinion and counsel. I value her intelligence, experience, empathy, passion and perspective. She always adds value to conversations and intentionally makes room for all voices.” – Nominator

Each winner of the Madison Scholar Award presents a lecture on their area of expertise during the academic year. This spring, Yasmeen Shorish, Head of Scholarly Communications Strategies at JMU Libraries, presented on how privacy and data rights relate to equity and inclusion. 

You can watch her presentation on the JMU Research & Scholarship website.

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