Need to Chill Out?

Posted on: November 16, 2021

Need to chill out? Gather together—or turn off your video—and practice virtual meditation & mindfulness with De-Stress for Success.

Mindfulness techniques may be helpful in this unique stressful year. Studies have shown that mindfulness correlates with reduced emotional exhaustion and stress and increased executive function and self-regulation.

Offered by the JMU Libraries and the JMU Initiative for Contemplative Study and Practice, these short, virtual mindfulness sessions will help you through the end of the semester:

Breathing Your Way to a Better Place

Come get some ideas of how to take a truly good breath, slow down your breathing, and calm or energize yourself. Leave more clear headed, ready to face your tasks at hand.
Sign up for December 2, 4-4:30pm

Zen Meditation for Beginners

Learn a bit about Zen and experiment with a few short practices, which are inclusive of people of diverse religions, or no religion.
Sign up for December 9, 3-3:50pm

Guided Meditation

Be guided through a simple meditation session. Offered in partnership with the JMU School of Music.
Sign up for December 10, 4-5pm

All JMU students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate. Can’t make any of these? Check our De-Stress Resource Guide for resources you can use on your own!

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