High Five! Title IX Camtasia Training

Posted on: July 31, 2017

Innovation Services is working with the Title IX Office again, but this time they are working with Camtasia.

Amy Sirocky-Meck, Title IX Coordinator, reached out to JMU Libraries in June to learn more about Camtasia and how the program could help with Title IX training for JMU employees. From sexual harassment to discrimination, Sirocky-Meck stressed the need for new training modules for incoming and existing employees.

After an initial consultation and instruction with Ivan Guadarrama, an Educational Technology Instructor within IDT (Instructional Design & Technology), Sirocky-Meck decided Camtasia, a video-based screen capturing and editing software program, would help her with her training needs.

“She asked if our department could help her along the way, and I assured her we could,” Guadarrama said. “Whether it be shooting, editing and producing training videos, or empowering her and her team to tackle the task themselves. Amy has decided to do a combination of both.”

The Title IX office will take advantage of the facilities within Innovation Services, including the TLT computer lab and the video studio. After the Title IX office team has gained experience using Camtasia, microphones and other recording devices, they will be able to produce and update future content in their own offices.

Guadarrama also added that he gave Sirocky-Meck and her team advice on message delivery, dividing her training into sections, building her PowerPoints and writing her scripts.

After a few weeks of script writing and conceptualizing, the Title IX office has reached out once again to start production of training videos.

To learn more about Title IX you can go to www.jmu.edu/titleIX. Contact innovation@jmu.edu for more instruction from our IDT team on creating videos using Camtasia in your course or department.

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