JMU Libraries Conduct Policy

This policy defines appropriate use of JMU Libraries spaces in order to maintain a safe, pleasant and productive environment for students, faculty, staff and the general public. Those who fail to comply with these policies may be asked to modify their conduct or leave the building. Campus security may be contacted if necessary.

Appropriate Use of Public Workstations

Priority use of the workstations in the JMU Libraries is given to users engaged in research and academic activities. Community researchers are welcome to use designated workstations but may be subject to time limits and availability.

Users are expected to follow the University’s Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (Policy 1207). Criminal use is expressly forbidden.

Food and Drink Policy

Food and drinks in covered containers are permitted in the libraries. Please take care when consuming food and drinks in library spaces, because food and drinks can pose a risk to library collections, equipment and furnishings. Library users may not have food delivered inside the libraries; delivery drivers must be met outside of the building. We value our relationship with housekeeping staff. Please help us keep the libraries clean by reporting spills to the nearest service desk, depositing recyclables in appropriate receptacles, and disposing of trash.

Noise Policy

JMU Libraries provides a range of study and work environments. There are quiet areas for individual study as well as spaces appropriate for group work. Quiet zones are designated in each building. Please refer to posted signage. In all library spaces, please keep conversations at a moderate volume and be considerate of those around you.

Soliciting in the Libraries

Library facilities may not be used for solicitation of faculty, staff, or students by private enterprise for-profit organizations, except for solicitations for instructional materials as permitted by the Student Handbook. This includes solicitation by individual contact, free advertising on campus through flyers, posters, or similar materials, and profit/non-profit-oriented activities not officially sanctioned by the university. This policy conforms to JMU Policy 3104 (6.3).

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy

The libraries are alcohol-free and tobacco-free facilities. This prohibits the use of alcohol, cigarettes, vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and juuls in the library or on our front patio. Individuals suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be permitted access.


Please visit a service desk or our Ask the Library page.