Gift Policy for Donors

Thank you for your interest in donating to JMU Libraries.  

We greatly appreciate donations of materials that will enrich existing collections and support the instructional and research mission of the university. It is in part through such generosity that the Libraries can add depth to the academic resources available to our community. The following guidelines are offered to assist donors. Based upon these criteria, JMU Libraries retains the right to accept or decline all potential gifts. If you would like to make a financial gift to the JMU Libraries, please visit our Giving to JMU Libraries page.

The donor information outlined below applies to materials donated to the general collection. For donations of rare and unique material, please refer to the Special Collections guidelines

General Guidelines 

Because of the high cost of managing the gift process, acceptance of donations is limited.  

According to JMU Libraries’ Collection Management Policy, the Libraries may decline to accept items that:  

  • Are not within the scope of our collections.  
  • Do not support the instructional and research programs of the university.  
  • Duplicate existing holdings.  
  • Entail donor restrictions.  

In addition, JMU Libraries does not accept the following materials:  

  • Magazines and journals  
  • Textbooks 
  • Analog recordings (vinyl LPs, 78 rpm discs, cassettes, videocassettes, etc.)  

Our goal in accepting gifts is to acquire only materials which are highly relevant to the university’s needs. All potential gifts will be evaluated by librarians with subject expertise in accordance with the Collection Management policy.  

If you have items for donation that do not fit within JMU Libraries’ acceptance parameters, please consider donating directly to Booksavers

Process for Accepting Gifts 

  • Donors are required to complete the Donation Intake Form before sending or dropping off any donation. Donations sent without prior contact will not be accepted. Donors are required to submit an itemized list for gifts of 10 or more items prior to the Libraries accepting these materials for consideration. A spreadsheet template for this list will be shared once the Donation Intake Form is complete. 
  • A member of the Libraries’ Collection Administration team will contact the donor to discuss scope and size of gift.  
  • Subject experts will review the suggested donation and determine acceptance based on the Libraries’ Collection Management policy. 
  • Libraries staff will coordinate receipt of materials with the donor. 
  • Libraries staff will add selected materials to the general collection and make them available through Library Search. Turnaround time for this step is dependent on staff capacity and may not be immediate.  
  • Once materials are accepted into the collection, gifts become the exclusive property of the university. The Libraries retains the right to determine gift book retention, use, and location. 

Disposition of Gift Materials 

All gifts added to the general collection will be cataloged and listed in the Libraries’ online public catalog. Other unaccessioned gifts will be donated to charitable organizations. Only in special circumstances, and if arranged in advance, may items be returned to donor. 


JMU Libraries staff cannot appraise the value of gift materials, nor can the library pay for or arrange for appraisals. Donors may have independent professional appraisals performed for especially valuable gifts. 

If you would like to make a financial gift to the JMU Libraries, please visit our Giving to JMU Libraries page. 

Last updated September 25, 2023